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ECETI News 70: Unveiling Current Events

ECETI News 70: Unveiling Current Events, Power Struggles, Censorship, and Universal Control

I wish I could say this can’t get any crazier.

According to the Q clock Nov 28th was going to be a big day. On the 28th I saw a council meeting with beings I recognized from the Orion Council of Light. Not to be confused with the Orion Alliance a group of negative grays and reptilians. I also had an appearance from Gabriel. I asked, so are you going to step in and kick some serpent, reptilian and dark lord butt. Yes I know sounds unenlightened, if you can’t joke with Masters, Saints and Sages your not ready to sit with them. He said we take care of the nasty of nasties. The real work on Earth is done by the Orion Council of Light, Pleiadean warriors, Sirians and a few other off worlders tied into white hats on Earth. They are extremely busy and yes everything is a go. When the Orion Council of Light meeting ended they all left and took up their positions actively engaging in the planetary liberation, the awakening and healing of Humanity and Earth. I do believe Christmas will come early.

Many ask what is going on in Iceland. The earthquake and volcanic activity is the collapse of some of the oldest tunnels and underground bases used by the cabal since the Phoenicians. Lava is a great filler. You are also going to see the fall of the Khazarian Jews, the Zionists and Mossad. Their deep state assets, the entire network of tyranny will fall. If you want to end war and disease get rid of the war and disease profiteers. It is a simple formula. Follow the money and the eugenicists behind the wars and plagues will be revealed. 

The weaponization and censorship of our government against the American people is being heard in the House, subpoenas have gone out there is undeniable evidence the agencies have been weaponized against conservatives and political opponents of the current administration. Our YouTube account is a classic example as well as to numerous to mention bans and farcebook jail time. Factcheckers are the brute squad for the present administration censoring factual evidence and information about adverse effects of vaccines, political opponents, anything not in alignment with their WEF, NWO, and hostile governments, their sponsors agendas. Big shout out to Jim Jordan holding their feet to the fire.  

Speaking of Zionists Henry Kissinger died on Wednesday. There will be no open casket, they lose the ability to shape shift when dead. Many saw him as a war criminal responsible for the death of millions. He, definitely will not be reincarnating on Earth. Some of his famous quotes were about getting rid of the useless eaters. In his own words he said, “Yes many people will die when the New World Order is established but it will be a much better world.” Another billionaire Charlie Munger died, cofounder Berkshire-Hathaway partners with Warren Buffet no relation to Jimmy. I had a vision last night and it was clarified by Yeshua or Jesus as some refer to him. Some of these billionaires from well-known families that have died are stuck in a very gray area. Their eyes are gray, they wear gray suits similar to the ones they wore living. They have no power, just barely existing. Not a good ending. Time to think about where the lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth is going to take you.  

One of his WEF colleagues, senator Katy Gallagher will be delivering her bill in Australia to introduce the digital ID. A WEF, NWO plan to create a universal ID tied to your bank where they will know and control every aspect of your life. What you buy, where you go, when you fart. Seriously, your phones can already do that now. They monitor your vital signs without your knowledge. It is getting that bad. Canada is following suit. Legislation is already being drafted by hostile foreign nation global elite funded democrats for America. Digital ID = slavery, total control over what you buy, where you go, who you do business with. It is being sold under protection and convenience. Drop it like a hot potato. 

The UK already has its ULEZ mercenaries. Ultra Low Emissions Zones. If you drive a gas-powered vehicle, use any gas-powered machinery you get fined and your vehicle impounded. Can’t call a plumber, electrician, ambulance, zip nada unless they drive an electric powered vehicle. Have a heart attack sorry, ambulance on the charger and there is a brown out. Own a home, have relatives, meet the love of your life and she lives in the zone. You’re not welcome unless your all electric and the ULEZ mercenaries will descend on you like ravenous apes. Maybe a few manure trucks should pay them a visit.     

When president Trump was asked who is Q he said you will be surprised. Many believe Q is not real a psyop. Can’t wait for that reveal. There are a lot of operations and arrests going on we may never see or know about. Lots of famous actor’s homes are boarded up. The majority of the masses are completely unaware of the multidimensional temporal wars occurring as we speak. How do you explain that to billions of people that think they are a body and a personality with CNN and the lame stream media telling them how to think? It has to become personal, many will look around, see their bank accounts empty, stores closing and empty shelves, a complete loss of freedom before they figure out the very people they believed in, depended on and supported were not their protectors they were their enslavers. Their false divisionary threats spewed on lamestream media were never real. The socialists, corrupt leadership with their false promises are the real threat. 

There are a lot of questions about Trump. When we ask higher dimensional beings he is 100% committed to the planetary liberation. Whether you love or hate him we cannot deny he did a great job running the country. Personally, I love his brash humor and brutal honesty. He and Melania hold very high positions in what some call heavenly realms, what we call higher dimensions, councils, Spiritually and Technologically advanced off world civilizations. As stated, we are all multidimensional beings, this is 5d chess. In truth it goes up to the 13th dimension. Some decisions many of us would disagree with were made yet sometimes you have to sacrifice a pond to get a king. The tyrants and criminals have to do the deed before they can be arrested. There is also a price to pay for denial. Some things have to happen to awaken the masses some of which are comatose as to the truth of the world in which they live. This is dirty business, warfare like we have never seen. This Satanic/Luciferian network has been entrenched for thousands of years. Personally, I would never want to be in his position, nor take on such a responsibility. If it were up to me, I would just beam up anyone with the frequency of tyranny and narcissism. Recycle them. There are rumors a lot of people are disappearing. Wonder if their using my old ship.

The sound of freedom Eduardo Verastegui who is running for President in Mexico just signed an agreement with newly elected Argentinian President Javier Milei to work together to eradicate child sex trafficking. Mel Gibson is sure taking some heat on that one. Pedophiles are coming out of the woodwork with accusations in their usual what see I am I blame others of what you yourselves are doing. I have heard he released the Epstein Island list or a list of Hollywood pedophiles and child traffickers. I am sure they are also on Santa’s naughty list as well.

Unless you use the anagram Satan then they all get gold stars.

Speaking of Christmas do they have a button they push that sets all the stations to Christmas music at 12PM Thanksgiving Day? Whether you believe in Jesus, Santa, Buddha why not just be kind to each other and the planet. Just a month or so try it out. Beats a karmic punch in the face where most people are headed. Karma is being accelerated hitting harder a little dharma wouldn’t hurt. 

Everything is coming up folks, the energies are coming in strong, not everyone is into forgiveness especially when never asked. The Christmas holidays are an excellent time to do a personal responsibility check, apologize to those you have wronged, gain the wisdom from the experience and try to do things better. It is also a good time to set boundaries with people and environments that no longer serve you.    

Stew Peters says Buzz Aldrin is as real as Buzz Lightyear, up and away to infinity, cut.

This is in reference to the faked moon landing filmed by Stanley Kubrick. Did we go to the moon, did they fake it in case it went wrong? I’ve seen the videos, the set where lights fell, flags blew in the wind etc. I have also heard the audio where they say huge ships were already there observing them when they allegedly landed. Some major explaining to do there. 

I can just hear NASA in there Gretta Thunberg voice, how dare you question our brave astronaughties. I say, dare I ask about black NASA, reverse engineered alien technology, those triangular craft that are ours, AREs alien reproduction vehicles. If according to NASA there are no ETS then why are they back engineering their ships. How about Mars located in Canada, lots of filming going on there. Here is a good one. Why does NASA blue look orange on the rovers? Little filtering going on. We outgunned NASA as far as proving aliens exist 40 years ago with a 200-dollar Sony camcorder. We haven’t needed rockets since the 30s in Germany and America has been going back and forth to the moon and mars since the 60’s with anti and counter gravity ships. 

The National Defense Authorization Act that just passed the house has an amendment by Republican Tim Burchet which mandates the department of defense to declassify the military’s knowledge of UAPs, their fancy new name for UFOs. Schumer of course is muddying the waters. Can’t let the cat out of the bag about our reptilian overlords can we Chucky. Need to check that guy for a tail. 

Maybe we should send these guys the 818 videos taken in the last three months we just downloaded. The cover-up is a total fail so is the controlled narrative they call disclosure. It’s all Kabuki theater. Top leaders in Ufology are going to have to explain why they are participating in the controlled narrative. Obviously, it is all about money and fame. The evidence is a total embarrassment to them and their handlers.

Speaking of unreal, the installed New York governor Cathy Hochul issued an executive order to create quarantine camps which lost in the courts but was reinstated by the appellate courts. They can shut down your business, pull you out of your home, take you, your children, anyone they deem a threat and lock you into these camps. It is another lockdown attempt on steroids. Sounds a bit draconian Cathy, A WEF dream. Looks like the New York justice system needs an overhaul along with Georgia. California will follow suit if they haven’t already. Hey governor Newsom where did all the street people go? Was China impressed how you made them disappear? 

A US soldier was charged over 3000 dollars for leaving gear in Afghanistan after being ordered to do so. The plane was too heavy so his superior officer said they needed to leave the gear behind. Maybe we should charge the Bidens and his generals for doing the same thing leaving billions of dollars of equipment for the Taliban. They should play by the same rules in an honorable military. 

Russia the most sanctioned country in the world will end 2023 with a profit of 75 billion. The US ends 2023 with a loss of 2 trillion. Let that sink in. Where did all that money go? Argentina had to hit a 140% inflation a loss in their currency before they finally tossed out the globalists and their socialist agendas. Our currency is rapidly declining in value due to extreme mismanagement, Soros backed socialist programs and corruption. I wonder if we are going to wait until it hits 140% decline before we do something?

Make sense out of that, Russia the most sanctioned country in the world, at war with the world shows a 75-billion-dollar profit. Ponder that for a while. While you’re pondering that ponder the fact Zelensky just bought two 75-million-dollar yachts for him and his friends as if his multimillion-dollar mansions spread across the world were not enough. Biden responded, Common man you blowing the lid off our money laundering war profit racket. You need to create shell corporations so it can’t be traced back to you.

Putin also took out a Farmak plant with hypersonic missiles in Kyiv responsible for creating and distributing the deadly tainted COV19 vaccines in Russia and in Europe. Moderna had contracted with Farmak to distribute the deadly vaccines across Eastern Europe. Putin’s operatives inside the plant tested the vials and found a plethora of toxins, carcinogens and snake venom. The factory was completely destroyed along with 150 employees. Sounds like a good start. Lots of weaponized bio labs in Ukraine experienced the same fate. It has been the biggest topic at the UN hear any politicians mention it? Didn’t a vax factory get destroyed in Colorado? They said it was an act of God.   

Occasional Cortex was late for congress. Her excuse was I thought daylight savings was a bank. Claiming to be street smart she was asked, if that street was Sesame Street. Did you know one typical charging station uses the electricity of 1600 homes, add the stations that have multiple chargers multiply 1600 times the number of chargers and you have a brown out. The present administration is long on ideas, short on math.

Think of the children mining the Lithium for the batteries and what we will do with them after their dead speaking of pollution. We are going to see mountains of dead batteries. Maybe that is what the children are mining, batteries from a previous civilization.

Buch of burley men drilling oil doesn’t look so bad now does it. We have the technology to generate the power on demand with electric vehicles. Not only would they not need gas they would not need wheels, the same device produces counter gravity. Now there is some street smarts.  

Rabid politicians are making fools out of themselves in their extremely aggressive pro-Israel stance trying to look good for their benefactors. Speaking of politicians, the January 6th committee repeatedly lied and deceived the nation. The newly released tapes reveal peaceful demonstrators escorted by capital police through the building. They also reveal an unwarranted attack using flash grenades and pepper spray, elderly women being beaten in what seems an effort to provoke violence. All edited out by the extremely bias bad acting committee. Allegedly according to congressional investigations there were also undercover FBI and Antifa dressed as Trump supporters bussed in. Maybe the real insurrection and treason was the stolen election and those involved in the false flag riot to cover it up?

Fox news seems to be the only one covering this, the lame stream news is making excuses for the wrongful incarcerations and false charges of those evil patriots. Grandmothers, housewives, veterans all being hunted down as terrorists some already in prison. News anchors are acting like rabid dogs with one agenda and that is what their handlers tell them. I want you to sit with this. They took agents away from child trafficking, pedophile cases, even the sky marshals are no longer on the planes to hunt down what is now proven to be innocent protestors to make examples of them.

FBI was just ordered to disclose information on Seth Rich’s laptops, DVDs, and hard drive in 14 days. They can’t seem to find them; they were sitting right next to the Hunter and Wiener laptop. Might want to check Hilary’s trophy room. How much do you want to bet they say this is an ongoing investigation so pound sand. 

We are in a banana republic with a weaponized two-tiered justice system.  The tables will turn, these morally and spiritually challenged tyrants karmically will find the same thing done to them they are doing to others. How ironically stupid to not understand Karma, what goes around comes around. Whistle blowers and those in the system with courage and integrity are coming forward, it’s just a matter of time. Where are the free the jailed January six demonstrations, why does Hamas and Gaza take priority? Why are we marching for Israel totally ignoring people falsely accused and imprisoned here in America? Grandmothers, housewives, innocent men that believe in America demonized by pathological liars. Is this all a major distraction?

The US Liberty is back in the news where it was attacked by the Israeli air force using napalm and machine guns, including attacking the life rafts full of soldiers fleeing the burning ship, a war crime. It was a false flag attempt to get America to destroy the Zionists Muslim enemies. Even president Lyndon Johnson was in on it. He said I want that Goddam ship on the bottom of the ocean. Has anyone heard an apology? How about to the veterans that survived the attack on the Liberty? Any press coverage, now is the time.

This brings into question 911 where Mossad agents were dancing on the roof of their vans cameras in place filming the attack on the Twin Towers that fell in a controlled demolition in its own footprint, justified. Silverstein who had the 99-year lease on the Twin Towers triple insured them right before the event. Those in the club had pre-knowledge of the event and were mysteriously absent from work that day. 

Don’t forget history, expect another Liberty 2.0 false flag, our ships in the gulf have skeleton crews. Most likely they will be attacked by unmarked subs, planes or missiles and the attack will be blamed on Iran. Maybe Russia or China. Then they will get their WW3 the ultimate depopulation and you will pay for new ships.

Lt Col. Jeff Cooper said if violent crime is to be curbed it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, neither the judge nor jury. Therefore, what he must be taught is to fear his victim. My 101-year-old grandmother said a large gaping stomach wound is always a strong deterrent to crime rest her soul. I wouldn’t mess with her nor would advise anyone else too. 

History has proven those who want to take away your guns fall into the same category as any past genocidal dictator. Confiscation of guns always preceded tyrannical governments, the loss of freedom, total enslavement and genocide. Know your history. The second amendment states clearly you have the right to bear arms……….. no if’s and’s or butts. What politicians trying to ban guns are really afraid of is the people finding out who they really are and what they did. Lots of overnight millionaires during plagues, wars and disasters. Ever hear of disaster capitalism. Might want to check into the politicians who want to ban guns, their assets, where they came from and who they are beholding too. Most likely hostile foreign actors. 

Folks this is pure insanity, pure evil what is unfolding here. The killing of innocent men, women and children on either side to meet the goals of tyrants has to come to an end. Nothing makes sense unless you understand the goals of the tyrants. Population control, land grabs, total control and domination, dividing the people through race, religion, and gender pitting them against each other while they are drinking fine wines, dining lavishly watching the show. What happens when the people wake up? They are and the tyrants are doing everything possible to suppress it. Nothing can stop the awakening

Nelson Mandela said it brilliantly.

“The world is not divided by race, color, gender or religion. Our world is divided into wise people and fools. And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender and religion.”

It is time to stop being governed by and listening to fools. Time to turn off the boob tube, it’s called programming for a reason. Any enlightened or properly educated person knows we all exist in the unified field of consciousness and energy, as a soul we all came from the same source, we are all family. There is no I or me when you are awake. Woke is a different subject altogether. 

One more thing in the news Matt Gaetz is demanding who in the Air Force told airmen not to attend a conservative rally in North Dakota. Wonder if it was the same folks that sponsored Tranny night, woke gender and sensitivity training as mandatory in the military. Paid for by taxpayers. I don’t think flashy nails, bling and pink helmets will work on the battlefield. While engaged in battle are they going to say before I fire Mr. Mrs. Miss, he she nonbinary enemy, what is your pronoun? Could you say that again I just lost two guys one on each side, it’s really noisy. 

On the lighter side Big Foot has been appearing with major sightings documented on game cams, camera phones, and go pros. In the Native American belief when Big Foot appears to you it is saying you have veered too far away from nature. Lost your spirit connection. Can’t argue that one. 

UFOs have been appearing around the world in record numbers with videos much clearer than the fuzzy tic tac the ufo community and controlled narrative is raving about. We just downloaded off our camera 818 videos of UFOs taken in 3 months. It will be available soon. “What,” you haven’t heard of ECETI with over 40 years of documented contact. The knowledge of who is on the ships, their intentions, their origins some our ancient ancestors. Could it be because of the controlled narrative, the posers and shills, morally challenged people in the UFO community are involved in the censorship and coverup. The Rockefeller Initiative gang, and Luciferian money financing the disclosure movements and conferences that have become carnivals? Why would the war and disease profiteers want you to contact spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders who have conquered war, disease, poverty with advanced healing technology, fueless energy, anti and counter gravity. Have you figured out the forces behind the censorship, the controlled narrative. Beware of planned opposition. Those screaming against the government coverup are often on the payroll.    

You do not need a middle man for God or to contact Spiritually and Technologically advanced off worlders. All one has to do is rise to the occasion. Do your own research, stop depending of corrupt institutions that do the opposite of their mandates. Raise your frequency by healing and releasing the past. 

Neither shall they say, See here, or See There, For Behold the Kingdom of God is Within You. Ye are Gods, children of the most high. 

Buddha said the Whole Universe is Within.

Within everyone is the spark that can become the full flame, the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness throughout the multiverses. 

The rest is one gigantic disempowering distraction.

Going within is how you contact the entire Universe. It is the unified field of consciousness and energy within which we all reside. The Ascended Masters and Advanced Off Worlders are accessing and using more of it. Become what you seek.

Latest Update as I am writing this a 5.1 quake just hit Kilauea on the Big Island not too far from us. There have been multiple solar flares and a massive coronal hole streaming energy directly at Earth. Expect mood swings, severe weather and more earthquake and volcanic activity. All part of the great awakening, Buckle up bonzo. 

Be well. 

James Gilliland


James Gilliland is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer and contactee. James is recognized world-wide as the founder of the Gilliland Estate, previously referred to and commonly known as the ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomenon which can be viewed at His weekly As You Wish Talk Radioprogram on draws an audience from around the world who are interested in truth and Higher Consciousness.  © James Gilliland, Self-Mastery Earth Institute & ECETI Enlightened Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

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