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Raven Medicine

Raven Medicine

If you see a Raven, magic is in the air and something special is about to happen. Pay attention to dreams and visions. Be very clear as to what your intentions are, because whatever they are that is what will manifest. You will observe an increasing number of synchronistic events over the next few days.

Raven presents the opportunity to become the magician and/or enchantress of your life. Raven speaks of messages from the spirit realm that can shapeshift your life dramatically. Raven teaches how to take that which is unformed and give it the form your desire. 

Those who carry Raven Medicine also carry a heavy responsibility to Spirit. Raven is the messenger of magic from the great void where all knowledge waits for us. He is also the symbol of changes in consciousness, of levels of awareness and of perception. He carries the mark of the shape-shifter. He is the carrier of healing energy from distances. 

Those of you who have asked for messages of light and healing and prayer . . . have asked for raven medicine. 

What all of this means to us in the modern-day world is that raven medicine gives you the ability to get inside another's head and heart, and to understand them from the inside out, so to speak. You can "become" that other person because of the depth of your understanding of them, and it is not necessary to be in their physical presence for that to happen. 

Spiritual healers and counselors who are skilled in their abilities are using raven power for they have a depth of understanding and empathy not shared by all. Because of this power, they have the ability to actually alter another's perception and behavior. They are able to work real magic in bringing peace, healing and understanding to others. 

Here is the heavy responsibility, and the dangers, in raven medicine. As with all things, these powers can be used for dark purposes. It enables the carrier to manipulate and coerce others into doing their will to the detriment of the other. 

This medicine can be used for selfish and self-serving purposes for the ego and greed of the carrier. Because of the power of the levels in understanding others, a practitioner of the black arts can use raven for destructive purposes. 

If you carry raven medicine, you must always use it in the light for the highest and best interests of others. You must use it for the good and well being of others, and never for your own selfish motives even though you may be tempted when times are bad. Raven medicine demands that you walk in the light in all things. 

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Raven medicine people often have powerful, life altering visions at key points in their lives. Ravens are said to be fond of crossroads as that is where their energy can be utilized by those who are seeking a new direction for their lives. When facing a new path it is often wise to call upon Raven medicine to show you if that is the true and correct path for you or not. This is not to say that the right path will always be easy, for Ravens in their role of guardian and protector of all they survey are often called upon to help set something right or bring it back into balance.

Ravens also teach us how to journey into the void where all possibility lives. If you look into the eye of a Raven it is the gateway between this world and the next, the place where all of our hopes and dreams live. Raven knows how to carry us there and shows us the proper path to return so that we may manifest that which we have found in the void. Moving into the void and returning to one's reality also brings more awareness of how to deal with the shadows in one's and others lives. Raven people are powerful navigators of the darkness, for their intuitive sense is so strong that they learn to rely on it rather than what is just before their physical eyes. Ravens are very alert. They are constantly on patrol, watching over their territory lest Owl move in and hunt them in the night time. Thus Raven medicine can also teach us, like Crow, how to defend and protect that which we value and cherish.

We can call upon Raven medicine to insure that no predators make a tasty meal out of something we have worked hard to create. When there is an intuitive sense that something is not quite right it is important for those who carry this medicine be especially aware and alert when they get the proverbial red flag. Even thought the Raven person may not understand why they are picking up what they do, nine times out of ten they are spot on and so need to honour their insights intuitive awareness.

Raven Culture

In many cultures the Raven represents positively deep magic, the mystery of the unknown, death and transformation, creation, healing, wisdom, protection, and prophecy. It is a symbol of the sun and moonless night and birth giving light in the centre of our galaxy, and the black hole in the centre of the universe, to which we are all travelling to in our eventual extinction. Raven is the fatal touch of the Calleach in winter, the wisdom of Odin, the vessel of prophecy given to a seer, the mighty protector of the Western Isles, and the healing message of an Indian shaman.

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Ravens vs. Crows

Ravens have wedge shaped tails and long fingers on the ends of their wings. This is how even the novice can tell them apart from their close cousins, crows. Crows have square tails and rounded wingtips. It is important to know one from the other because crows carry aspects of community, civilization, and play. They understand more of what it means to be in society.

Raven Totem

Raven meaning can often be difficult to discern, however there are always subtle clues available to you. If the raven totem announces his presence in a loud and raucous way, he is acting as a messenger. Either you are expected to speak up and express yourself, or you are not listening to the information and guidance that is forthcoming from your guardians. In other words, make sure you listen carefully and if you must, speak up for yourself!

Raven totem is also the keeper of synchronicity. He is a master of bending and folding time and space so that you are exactly in the right moment at the right time. When you see this corvid on the lamp posts and buildings watching you, you can be assured that all things are falling into place for you. Hence, make sure you play close attention to the people you meet for the next few hours. This messenger may be there to help you on your journey, provide insight, knowledge and guidance. There is also an element of reflection with this bird. Consequently, this bird is reminding you that the people around you are reflecting at you the things you most have to learn about yourself.

Furthermore, whenever this totem appears in your life, amazing magic is imminent. This beautiful black totem also brings messages of transition, change and healing because of its ability to cast light into the darkness. When this happens, make sure that you are well grounded and have faith in your journey. Raven magic will guide you through.

If this bird is your totem animal; you are very playful and creative. You also find comfort in solitude and enjoy your own company. Raven totem also seeks stillness and quiet, and often prefers it to the constant onslaught of chatter and noise in their daily lives. People with this totem are wise and often are used as a messenger for others. As a result, the spirit world uses you as a bridge to the physical world to bring forth its messages. Hence, you have no fear of the dark, or the underworld and understand that there is a divine balance between the light and the dark.

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Work Your Magic In The Light -- You Are Raven!

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