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What Spirit Guide Animal is with you?


There are so many ways people start the New Year. You may have created a vision board, or wrote down your "theme" words, or core desired feelings to set your intentions.

These are all very potent ways to direct your energy for a positive year ahead.

I like to do something different. Instead of deciding what I want my year to be like. I ask Spirit to show me. It's the difference between visioning, and envisioning. When you envision, you are RECEIVING your guidance from a higher source, instead of directing your life from your mind.

One ritual I do every January 1st is divining my Spirit Guide Animal for the year. I say a prayer and choose from a animal card oracle deck to show me the animal that will be my guide and protector.

The animal that shows up in the card ALWAYS shows up in other areas in my life.

About a month ago, my husband had a dream about that was specifically for me. He dreamed of an animal who brought me something to put in my heart. (And yes, my husband is psychic too, what else would you expect?). About two weeks prior to that, we had a series of synchronistic events that led us to get a spirit painting from a shamanic artist. We were eagerly awaiting her paintings in the mail, and when mine showed up, it had that same animal in it! Then one of my best friends told me about a dream she had with the same animal in it too! (I don't share what that animal is, because it's sacred to me).

So, you can probably guess what card I pulled for my Animal Spirit Guide this year. Yup, the same one!

Animal Spirit Guide are everywhere and when you start to recognized them, you will find magic and inspiration everywhere.

Every animal has a power, or what is known as "their medicine". Each one has a particular strength and ability, that you can embody when then show up in your life. They are trying to teach you something.

Pay attention to when you see an animal in an unusual place or circumstance, or if they are showing up repeatedly. Most likely, this is a message from your Animal Spirit Guide who is with you.

For instance, if you find a squirrel in your garage, that might be a message from Spirit that you need to steward your resources, just like squirrels store nuts for the winter.

Or if you see a hawk fly right by you, that's a message you need to look at life from a higher perspective and get a bird's-eye view of your circumstances.

Or if you see a turtle on the road, the Universe it trying to tell you to slow down.

Signs from your Animal Spirit Guide:

There are several ways your Animal Spirit Guides are getting messages to you.

  • Synchronicities - if you see this animal referenced several times in your life, they are trying to get your attention
  • Animals in unusual circumstance - if you see a creature that is not typical in that environment, that is a BIG message for you.
  • Dreams and visions - you might have an animal that pops into your mind and you're wondering why you are thinking of that. That's your Animal Spirit Guide communicating with you.

Interpret the animal's energy

This is the fun part! People are always wondering what these animals mean...yet it's so easy to figure out.

Ask yourself some simple questions:

What is this animal good at? If I had to define this animal's energy in one word, what would it be? What are their special powers?

There’s so much more to you than you ever imagined. We’ve only just begun www.karisamuels.com/

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