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The Aura and Psychic Centers


For all mysticism, occultism and yogic philosophy, the starting point when examining the mind is the aura. This is seen as the source of all mental and emotional functions within the individual. The aura contains a multitude of different energies of a psychic nature, which, as one develops psychically, one can begin to see clairvoyantly. These energies are received through the psychic centres and travel throughout the aura in an intermingling network of psychic channels which were known in Hindu scripts as the nadis. In fact the early scripts, known as the Upanishads , stated that there are seventy-two thousand of these nadis running throughout the aura in a complex matrix of interconnecting channels which produce a balanced flow of energies in the aura, providing we perform certain simple, purifying exercises. Especially recommended for this purpose was the practice of Pranayama, the science of correct breathing.

Among the many psychic centres in the aura, there are seven major ones: base of the spine (muladhara ),sex (svadhisthana ), solar plexus (manipura ), heart (anahata ), throat (viskudda ), the Christ centre or third eye, positioned where the eyebrows meet (ajna ), and the Crown centre, positioned just above the head (sahasrara ). I have included the Sanskrit names in brackets for each of these centres (or chakras, as they were known) because so many writings on this subject refer to them under these names. These centres are in the aura and not in the physical body. They are a few inches in front of the body, depending on the individual, and not necessarily positioned exactly opposite the respective physical organ - the heart centre, for example, is in the centre and not the left-hand side. Books abound on this subject, but the illustrations above and below give you an idea of the human aura and the location of the seven major psychic centres.

These psychic centres have a practical effect on our daily and nightly lives, whether or not we are aware of their function. The constant interchange of energies which takes place among the psychic centres and interconnecting channels within the aura directly affects our psychic development. Any blockages in this flow of psychic energy will tend to block our psychic perception. Any blockage in the reception or discharge of energies into and out of the aura will also tend to prevent the free flow of intuitive thought.

It is not necessary to have a detailed understanding of just how these psychic centres function and it is probable that very few of those who have written about this subject fully understand it themselves. It is believed by some mystics that those who really know about this do not share their knowledge with others too freely because the information, if misused accidentally or on purpose, could be extremely damaging.

Those books that do attempt to describe this interchange of energies within the chakras and the nadis are very often in coded form for the purpose of secrecy which was common in ancient texts. The most notable of theme is probably the classic occult treatise, The Serpent Power, written in the early part of the twentieth century by Sir John Woodroffe, which was based on a hitherto untranslated Sanskrit text It is a highly complex and somewhat technical but highly informative work for those who can decipher its inner meanings.

In addition to the internal transfer of energies, there is a psychic relationship with the outside environment in which we live. The reason we feel very uplifted in certain country locations is not just the beauty of the scenery and the fresh smell in the air, but also the flee-flowing natural energies, or pranas as they are termed in Sanskrit, which can rejuvenate our whole being by charging up die psychic centres in our aura. We may not be consciously aware of this process going on, but we will still feel the natural elation caused by it. On the other hand, a ride on an underground train in London or some other busy metropolis is not only stuffy dirty and imbued with unpleasant noises and smells, but there is also an interaction of energies going on between the passengers, many of whom may be frustrated, tired, irritated or just looking forward to getting off the train. This interchange takes place within the psychic centres and channels within the aura and tends to bring as a result a depleted state of mood and feeling.

If you are in the company of a very dynamic and vibrant person, even if you do not speak to each other, you will start to feel uplifted by his or her presence. If you are in the company of a depressed and pessimistic person and again nothing is said, almost immediately you may start to feel negative and melancholy yourself. This is a result of the interchange of psychic energies and illustrates the vital importance of this process to our general well-being, as well as our overall psychic development.

Great scientific discoveries and inventions which have taken place while the scientist was in a state of elation, and great works of art which have been produced while the artist was in a highly uplifted state of being, were caused by a positive interaction of psychic energy. This energy, which was attracted to them by, the vibration of their aura, affected their psychic centres. Each of these psychic centers controls different aspects of mind and produces an intelligent thought process, which in an exceptional case would be termed genius.

In ancient writings there is usually a tendency to concentrate very heavily on the higher psychic centres, particularly the Christ centre ('third eye' ) and the Crown centre ('Brahma Chakra' ). Sometimes an implication runs through these ancient writings that the lower centres should almost be regarded as evils to be avoided as much as possible. More recent writings do not advocate this type of exclusivity of emphasizing only the higher centres. A more balanced attitude is generally found nowadays, which is very important to the developing psychic who should strive to use all his psychic attributes in a positive, but always controlled fashion.

All the psychic centres have a vital function to perform. In certain ways this concentration upon the higher centres in traditional writings is understandable. Material things, which are so valued today, are said to be governed by the lower centres, and sex probably dominates modern cultures as much as it did in imperial Rome and some of the other eras an man's history which can only be regarded as decadent Advertising, pop music, magazines and youth culture are becoming increasingly obsessed with erotic images, as though the greatest pleasures on earth are found through activating the sex centre. But the elated states brought on by higher centres, activated in the correct manner, can bring greater states of ecstasy and, according to advanced exponents of mysticism, it is only when the Christ centre and ultimately the Crown centre are activated that true, lasting bliss can be experienced.

We should neither reject the lower centres nor ignore the importance of the higher centres, which will give us access to psychic ability and intuition, the more we use them in a careful, balanced manner. When we start to see mind as an interaction of energies creating a thought process through our psychic centres in the aura, we shall have a much clearer idea of how to enhance our psychic awareness.

It is interesting to note that research into the minutiae of atomic particles has shown that the mind of the physicist performing the experiments has, according to some, had a direct effect upon the results. This is one of the reasons why certain physicists are rejecting traditional definitions of proof as being an event which is repeatable under identical physical conditions. They are starting to realize that mind is beyond the purely physical environment and can actually affect the physical outcome of their experiments. Mind over matter, which was hotly disputed by physicists at one time as an impossibility, is now accepted in some form by an increasing number of modern scientists.

For many of us, academic proof of the power of mind over matter is not necessary. Our common sense tells us, for example, that if we are sick and being visited by friends or relatives certain people will cheer us up far more than others. This is not necessarily because we like them more than others, nor because of their conversation, which may be the last thing we feel like at such a time. But there are certain people who radiate a vibration before any words are uttered, which is at once uplifting and healing. These vibrations are psychic energies channelled through the psychic centers of the visitor outwards and received by us into our own aura. This process can cause us to feel better, and is in fact a natural form of healing.

Extract from 'Unlock Your Psychic Powers' by Dr. Richard Lawrence

Published by Souvenir Press ©1993

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