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8 Ways to Protect Your Aura

8 Ways to Protect Your Aura

How to protect our aura, this resonant energy envelope that surrounds all people, but also animals and plants? 

Our aura contains sensitive information about who we really are. It contains coded data about our past, present and our future. Our aura vibrates a little differently every day depending on how we think, what our mood is and how healthy we are. Its colors are also changing.

A strong and healthy aura is associated with a strong and healthy psyche and a healthy vital body. One cannot be achieved permanently without the other. By strengthening the body, we also strengthen the aura. By strengthening the aura, we strengthen the body. By strengthening the aura or body, we also strengthen the psyche. 

A strong aura adds more power and impact to our idea. Our visualizations, wishes and rituals are stronger. Our minds are smarter and faster. We also use the aura to communicate with our environment, so that we can gain energy, but we can also lose it.

When our aura is strong, it can also prevent energy attacks. It can ward off physical or emotional illness. Or they heal faster. 
(If you have any health problems, you should always contact your doctor and / or psychologist first.)

How to Protect Your Aura
These 7 ideas will help you achieve greater energy balance and protect your aura. Some are more effective than others and can be combined in various ways.

1. Smudging
Daily burning of fragrant essences such as incense or sage can help you cleanse and protect not only your aura but also your home. Sensitive people can also react to such a trifle as the habit of lighting one or two incense sticks or frantic, for example in the morning when they wake up and then ventilate the house. Fragrant smoke carries away unpleasant energies with it, and a beautiful scent ( such as jasmine ) evokes a good mood and a spiritual atmosphere. This increases energy.

What is smudging? 
Smoking is an ancient technique that cleanses destructive energies and removes parasites away from the aura using fragrant smoke. For this purpose, various sacred herbs or resins are burned. Although smoking is most often associated with white sage, in fact other herbs or resins can be used. You can also use different mixtures. 

You can smoke practically anything that smokes and smells. They can be bundles of herbs, resins and herbs on carbon, fragrant needles, or sticks. Don't be afraid to use an unusual herb or scent. It is important that it smells like you, so that you have a pleasant relaxing experience and a feeling of well-being.

The direct ratio also applies here. If you just want to smell the house lightly as a precaution, just one frantic or a stick. If you are solving an acute problem, put resin on carbon or light a min. 5 francis or sticks to make more smoke. The exact instructions for smudging the house are here.

2. Wearing black - but in moderation! 
When you are under attack, whether mental, energetic or magical, you may feel the urge to dress in black. This is due to your intuitive need to protect yourself. If you feel this need, follow it.

It is no coincidence that people who do not feel well or safe wear black. Subconsciously, he tries to hide from the world. 

The black color works a bit like a cloak of invisibility, which can give you time when you are under attack. However, you should not wear black for a long time, because black absorbs all energy, both good and bad. If your aura is very weak and you have no energy, black clothing can make you even more exhausted, in which case it is not suitable for you. (On the contrary, bright yellow adds a lot of energy to the aura.)

Therefore, we should only use this color temporarily to suppress and repel the attack. Then we return to the color we like. 
We should not dress all black from head to toe (unless we do it intentionally for defense) and we should not wear black directly on the body or underwear so that it does not draw too much energy from us.

3. Crystal
Crystal is the most effective healing stone, the most powerful natural amplifier of constructive energies on our planet. It can absorb, store, release and regulate them and also unblock them perfectly. It deeply purifies the human soul and can bring harmony to interpersonal and partner relationships. It is able to increase mental abilities and vibrations and tune a person to highly constructive energies. It calms the agitated mind, relieves pain. Neutralizes electromagnetic smog and geopathogenic zones. 

Crystal and its effects are also a sign of increasing creativity and inspiration, strengthening memory and other mental functions.

It protects a person from dark forces during waking and sleeping, and promotes clairvoyant abilities during meditation. Crystal is a stone with universal healing effects. It can be used for practically every disease. It constructively affects, strengthens and cleanses every body organ.

It is also important in that it protects the aura and thus prevents the formation of blocks. It also effectively removes the resulting blocks. It is an effective aid in all types of diseases, but it has the strongest effect on the nervous system. The crystal is great for treating chronic fatigue or depression. In addition to mental problems, neuralgic pain, migraines also alleviate physical problems of psychosomatic origin. It also affects the function of the thyroid gland, heart and circulatory system, digestive system and helps even with fevers. It has a positive effect on nails, hair, skin and mucous membranes. It is a great helper for people who have a problem with poor sleep and falling asleep for a long time. ( more details about crystals, how to use and clean them here )

Specially selected crystals that have strength and are able to effectively remove even a large amount of destructive energy from man. Remember that crystals must have their natural form and must be properly mined so that they do not lose strength. Tumbled pebbles cannot be used for this purpose.

You can carry a smaller crystal with you and grab it in the palm of your hand if necessary, or use a larger crystal for efficient energy purification using running water. Or you can use it to sleep.

4. Grounding
This simple technique can work wonders when our aura is weak or attacked. Grounding is actually a natural connection with Mother Earth, and in this way you can get wonderful results and get a lot of energy. The key is in regularity, length and a suitable place where the energy is strong and where you can focus only on yourself. 
Grounding can act as a powerful "cure" for mental and energy problems.

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The easiest method of grounding is to walk barefoot on the wet grass in the morning, or step on the dirt and water your feet, or water your feet near a tree and hug it. Remember that whether you go to nature dry or wet, you must not be wearing it. Rubber is an insulator.

5. Black coal
A small piece of charcoal in your pocket (wrapped in paper so you don't get dirty) can partially help you neutralize the destructive energy. It acts as an absorbent. 

The ancient witches even had a special procedure on black coal. They put three embers on a white board under the bed on which they slept. Each morning, they washed pieces of coal under running water to rid them of what the coal had accumulated overnight. 

The advantage of this idea is clearly its price.

6. Energy crystal
Energy crystals are emitters of constructive energy, with excellent effects on the human body. Their biggest advantage is compactness and inconspicuousness. They hang on their necks and go with you wherever you go. 

They are very suitable for people living in a stressful and demanding environment, or with increased demands on daily operation and mental concentration. Thanks to the energy crystal, a person is better able to cope with stress, increase their work performance, strengthen the immune system, and improve their ability to concentrate and think clearly. 

The energy emitted by the crystals also improves the body's physical endurance. Mental problems and physical illnesses can be caused by energy problems that crystals can minimize or correct.

Possible uses:

  • The energy crystal can be applied to a specific part of the body during pain. After a few minutes, the pain subsides or disappears completely. (depends on the nature of the pain and the cause of the problem)
  • The energy crystal has the ability to support clairvoyance and the ability to connect with constructive beings. If necessary, the crystal is best placed on the forehead, in the place of the third eye. 
  • The energy crystal can be placed under a pillow at night and slept with it. This improves the quality of sleep. The energy crystal also has an effect on the more frequent occurrence of lucid dreams. It improves the quality of dreams that are more colorful, more vivid and more often remembered.
  • In case of depression, restlessness, sadness, or a feeling of "foreign thoughts", it is necessary to place the crystal on the forehead or on the solar plexus. It brings a person back to energy balance and the mind calms down. 
  • Strengthens the ability of intuition and a deeper understanding of life situations. 
  • When worn daily, it removes astral energy parasites from the owner.

7. Sunshine
Sun symbolism is one way to protect yourself. It works very simply. What we mark with the sun is protected, and anyone who wants to oppose it with bad intentions will hurt themselves. It does not destroy the sun, but itself. If we want to protect our aura, it is a good idea to either wear some jewelry or a pendant with the sun, or have it depicted on your clothes. 

Just make sure that your sun does not contain any other destructive symbolism (if the motif is more complex, look at it carefully) or it is not counterclockwise (rays or a spiral-shaped interior).

8. Egg
Whenever you feel the need, imagine yourself enveloped in white energy that has the shape of a light egg. This egg will bounce away everything bad from you. Visualization is stronger when you have a lot of energy and you can concentrate well on it. It will be significantly strengthened if you enrich this visualization by opening a light channel from the sky, from which you download the white energy that envelops you. This will use additional energy instead of your own body. Don't forget to thank the Universe for its help and protection.

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