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Back to Your Core - Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

Back to Your Core - Yeshua and Mary Magdalene

Greetings Beloveds,

In these changing, tumultuous times, it is important that you not forget your Core, your Life, your abiding Life Force: Divine Love. Please remember to always access the Love within, the connection to your Soul and to your Eternal Life.

Dear ones, we know these times have shaken many of you to your core … but that in itself is the key, for at your core, your Love has not wavered, your reservoir of Love and Connection and Integration with Source Energy has not left – That sweet Love inside, that sustainable Life force from which you are inspired, is still pulsing inside you, Now, in these changing times.

For, this LOVE Force, this LIFE Force, has never wavered, even though your focus may have wavered, temporarily, as you struggle to right yourself from the imbalances occurring now in your outside world.

For this to occur, you know by now that you must return to your Core, the Balance within, the LOVE within, the knowing that you will be, and have always been, safe and secure within the Divine Love that is your core, that which feeds your reality.

Yes, fear may have drawn you off-course a bit, shaken you off your knowing that you are and have always been a Being of Love, from which you can create and Will create a new way of Being within yourself, which Will inform a new way of Being without.

Gather yourselves, now, beloveds, back to your Core, back to your Heart Center, back to your True Divine Self, back to your knowledge of your Soul wanting to inform you of your strengths and abilities and potential and abundance, to forge ahead now from a new stronger place of certainty … yes, Certainty in these times of uncertainty – the Certainty of the ever-constant reservoir of Love and Life force you Are and can always draw from.

It is time to build from within, build Up from within, and reach for those higher frequencies of Love and Light that you may have stopped reaching for, temporarily.

Settle into them now … they have not gone away … just your focus and perspective may have wavered from them at the moment.

We are here to tell you that you have never been stronger, that you have never been more filled with Love and Abundance and Strength … you just may have lost sight of it for the moment.

Come back to your Core, your spark of Divinity that is waiting to ignite deeper and warmer and Stronger and Lighter and with more Abundance and Life Force than ever before….for it takes something like the global crisis that is occurring now to bring everyone back to their core, where there is salvation and creativity and meaning and knowledge of a way to Be from now on.

Rest assured that in the midst of change is so much potential, dear ones … so much Life and Solutions and Intelligence that is waiting to be tapped, waiting to be mined, waiting to be realized.

The purity of your Soul and the Deep Divine Love that is who you Are is what will tap the Solutions and New Life that is under the surface waiting to be revealed. Drawing from that will set you on a course of Wonder and New Life that you haven’t before considered.

Take a moment now to Love yourself Deeply, to accept the feelings you are feeling, to accept what is presenting right now in your Reality. Know there is a purpose there; know there is meaning underneath it.

How can you love yourself more? What do you need to let go of? These are the focuses that will reveal some answers you have been waiting for.

Do you realize that the Core that is you, that the Divine Love that is You, has not diminished? It is waiting to be given permission to grow more. The fear that may have been gripping you lately has just covered up that potential and temporarily blinded you to what has always been there.

Go now to that core, and replenish it…focus energy on it, beloveds, and let it shine forth again and fill to overflowing. Let it build again. See everything now from that place of Love, instead of from fear.

What will you do Now to fill up that Core more with the Divine Love that is never diminished, is ever-flowing, and waiting to be tapped with more gusto and determination???

All our Love to you, Forever and Always,

We Are Yeshua and Mary Magdalene



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