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El Morya: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fifth Round

El Morya: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Fifth Round

Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth! I AM EL MORYA!

We begin a new stage, the fifth round of the Forgiveness journey. The objective has already been explained well, but it is always good to recall it. Some rules must be followed.

The journey has a sequence. You must start from the first round for those of you who are at the beginning. Hurrying and despair serve no purpose. You must complete the whole journey; you can neither skip stages nor rounds.

Some are still stuck in the third round. Those people are not seeing what needs to be seen. What happens if you are in school and need to pass the next class, but your grades do not allow it? You will have to commit and repeat the course or, as many would say, "try to convince the teacher to give you higher grades." You will pass the next class without complying with what was required.

There is no bargaining in spirituality. Nothing is making you move forward when there is an obstacle ahead. Therefore, those that continue without understanding why they are not moving past a specific round should look inside. If you are heart-stricken, thinking: "Others are moving forward, and I am right here," you will not move forward. The journey is yours alone and no one else's.

Therefore, if you have to repeat a thousand times until you see something, you must repeat a thousand times because that is a lesson to your consciousness. Many want to speed up the process and become distressed over what might happen. Hence, I may say that each lived feeling of that sort only delays the process even more. Do not turn to others for help; you should ask us for assistance. We are leading the journey. Therefore, do not turn to others asking, "What do I do to move on through the journey?"

Who is leading the round? It is that being that must be called up. It must be an honest conversation, asking, "What is happening to me? What do I need to change to move through this round?" and believing that the answer will come. Otherwise, you will repeat it thousands of times and not move forward. You insist on not asking us. You continue not calling upon us. Therefore, you will remain stuck in the same place. No one has the answer. Why?

Because the answer has no rule, it cannot be the same for everyone. Because if someone answers you: "No, if you have only seen a little light, you may move forward," that will be propagated, and everyone will move forward just by seeing a little light. The journey is personal. What is appropriate for someone is not for someone else. Therefore, if there is any doubt, ask the Master of that round, "what do I need to do?"

You will hear the answer when the question comes from the heart, without exasperation or discontentment. Any other negative feeling will hold you at the same place until you learn to call upon the Master from the heart, with love, with humility. Not the humility that makes you feel lesser or inferior, but admitting that you need help. Is it possible for you to understand now, or will you continue to ask others what to do? Why is it so difficult for you to understand that? Why is it so difficult? Is it fear? Of what?

Of we punishing you, is that it? Of we telling you off, is that it? But, if needed, we will surely tell you off. Indeed, sometimes you need to listen more energetically to understand and get out of the victim seat to the seat of those who know exactly how they are conducting their pathways.

You are not victims of anything. Each one is conducting his pathway in the manner that is thought of as correct. However, what comes as the return is not accepted. Therefore, each one's concern is to examine how this obstacle is perceived. Do you see it with anger? With a feeling of "I can't do it,"? But, I am sure you did not ask us how to move forward because if you had, the answer would be personal. We could just say, "blink your eyes three times, and you will see," and you would see because that would be the solution for you, not others.

Therefore, stop relying on what others have to say. Instead, each one of you must look for the answers. Otherwise, you will remain stuck in the same place. And then, two different things might happen: either you give up, which would be a shame to your soul, or the day comes when you turn to us, "All right, I'll ask," and you will ask us, and you will be answered.

Nothing changes. This fifth round will not be easy for many because you still hold many limiting beliefs. You think that those around you were your relatives once, or that you have contracts or agreements with them, with every one of them. None of them is a new soul; all of them are old souls coming back from some point of your journey to disturb you again. It does not work like that because there would be no soul evolution if it did.

Therefore, it does not matter who is by your side or who came after. It does not matter if it is a soul from the past or a soul that has never been in your past. It does not matter; this moment is what matters and what will be done now. The first step is to break the connection with a soul who is no longer alive, incarnated. Observation is necessary at this point: most of your ancestors are incarnated; they are not loose souls in time, only waiting for you to release them. The great majority of them are incarnated. However, you do not know who they are, but they are part of your past or, let's put it this way, of your genetic lineage.

Thus, that connection still exists. Everything that happens to that soul reverberates downwards and upwards. Therefore, see yourselves as a point. Above you, there are two points: Mother and Father. And there are two points above your Mother and Father, and you move up on that tree. Everything that happens to these souls at each end of this chain reverberates downwards and upwards to the prevailing connections. And what is the greater meaning of this? Is it the pride of your ancestors? Is it the pride of conquering, of power? Those are noted noble feelings.

Thus, from the moment you, as an incarnated soul, break the first connections, which are your parents, everything else breaks. All of them are broken. It is essential to understand that breaking the connection is not stopping love. That soul will never forget that one day it was your mother or father, but it will remember it with much love, only love. If you are here suffering, you will not be aware of it anymore because the connection was broken. Oh, but you need their support to continue with your suffering. You need their support to help you because you cannot do anything.

Then, I recommend you think a lot because there is no point in completing this round and regretting it afterward. After all, there is no turning back. It is the liberation from the connections, whereby you will be alone with no souls above you; maybe there will be souls below you, maybe on your side, but not above. How will you feel? Despised or unloved, because those who you love so dearly, who were your parents, are not connected to you anymore?

When you think about them with love, they will immediately feel it. They will return the same love to you, without worrying about whether you are here or there, and you, without worrying about how they are. Love never dies; connections only make everyone's journeys lighter. Therefore, understand that you are breaking a vast web. It is not a minor web; it is an enormous web, and it includes not only parents, siblings, and all those withheld upwards in this chain. We are not referring to those downwards and at the sides.

What does it mean downwards and at the sides? Downwards are your descendants, and at the sides reside your living siblings and life companions. It is also important to mention something: what happens if your parents, grandparents, and possibly even more generations are still alive? The last living point will be broken. Is it clear? Thus, if your great-grandmother is still alive, it will be from here on that the connections will be broken. We are not breaking connections between living, incarnated people. We are addressing relationships with other souls which were part of the past.

"Oh, but you said that they were incarnated!" Are they part of your family? No, they are not. So then, they do not need to be connected to you anymore. Only living people will remain connected above. The connections will be broken for all of those who have gone already. Thus, it must be pretty clear that the bonds will be broken above the last living representative you know. Is it clear? No connections will be addressed from that point downwards. I understand that it is a rather complex subject. Still, I will return to the following example: consider a mother whose husband is already deceased and does not yet have the knowledge or the preparation to disconnect from him. In this case, the connection will not be broken. It will be broken above the last living representative on the chain. "Oh, but he doesn't want to disconnect." He will. He will not have an option.

It is a job that you will be doing, and that will benefit all. Therefore, I will try to explain in another way: you - then your parents, the first generation; your grandparents, the second generation; your great-grandparents, the third generation. Suppose you have one or two great-grandparents alive. In that case, all connections from the generation before your great-grandparents will be broken. No, they will have no choice. We are working through layers; the layer of those still living will remain. I hope this is clear.

This is an essential process for your ascension, breaking those connections. And rest assured, you will see the difference. Observe your own relatives; you will see the difference. So, I hope I was clear. Whoever wishes to participate might do it; whoever does not want to might come back at any moment. I will only tell you that liberation is necessary and that the connections with living people will be addressed at the right moment. We will move slowly, we will not hurry, we will move slowly.

Prayer for this round:

I am grateful to all my ancestors, for the courage, for the strength, for the battles that they won, for everything they accomplished, and that allowed me to be here today. I am grateful for everything you have gone through, for you helped my soul evolve and reach the point I am today. Move forward with all my love and all my gratitude.


You can do this meditation sitting or lying down; remember that if you sleep, you must repeat the meditation.

Today we start the fifth round of the Journey of Forgiveness, where we will clean all around you, all connections above your living relatives.

This is the principal objective.

Remember that we are talking about vertical connections. So, we are referring to parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on.

I involve you in a giant bubble of Blue Light and put my right hand on your chest.

Feel the energy I am passing to you.

Breath deeply three times.

That crystal in your chest became a crystal that emanates Blue Light, the Light of my Blue Ray.

Put your hands as in a prayer.

I involve both of your hands.

Repeat with me:

“With the help of my Higher Self, I disconnect myself from all Souls that are part of my ancestors beyond the last living relative.”

Now relax your hands, and you will be inside this Blue bubble for 10 minutes.

It doesn’t matter whether you will see, feel, hear, or not; it doesn’t matter. So, if you see any scene or thing, immediately ask me to delete it from your mind during the process.

Do the same if it happens later.

My Blue Light will act on you until the next ray.

Call me immediately if you feel or see anything or memory. I will delete it from your memory and remove any feeling from your heart.

During this period, be grateful to all your ancestors. Then, do the prayer published, and be sure you will take a big step towards your ascension.

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