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Jeshua Speaks About: Bubbles In Infinity

Jeshua Speaks About: Bubbles In Infinity

Beloved one, I have called you. I have called you by a name which you recognize from a long, long time ago. The name that you are is Christ. You are the Christ—the living, walking, breathing Christ Light.

Now, when ones use terminology like “Christ”, you think, “Well, that has to be way above me. That has to be something out of history, so long ago that I have forgotten what it would be.” You are the Christ; otherwise, you would not be. It is as simple as that. You would not be in a milieu of the others’ Lights. You see and believe in separation into individuality, but in truth, your Light extends as far as you can imagine—and even farther—and blends with the seeming “others”.

People expand as they see one who is giving unconditional love. As you meet one who is loving unconditionally, happy to see you, there is a feeling which resonates, a feeling of joining, and the separation that might be there—and sometimes quite often is, out of habit—dissolves. You become One, for a moment or so, with the one who stands in front of you. And quite often there is the instant hugging of, “Let me feel heart to heart with the hug.”

Now, in several messages recently we have been talking about reality. We have talked about the various realities which you experience and how it feels in the various energy forms. You work within a belief that says, “This is my reality. Some days I seem to be in sync with reality as I am making it. Other days it feels a little more difficult.”

But as you will do what is often told to you—breathe—to take that deep breath and to allow the energy of the body to come to a still-point, the energy then regroups itself and comes out of the eyes and the smile on the face; the energy which says, “No matter if I fall down one thousand times, one thousand and one I will get up again,” and you do.

Do you have help in doing this? Yes, you do. You do not walk the path alone. You do not walk in life all by yourself. You have ones who are in the same resonance with you who are happy to be with you, who uplift you, and often will give you an answer which perhaps you are looking for.

You have a certain resonance which expands as you come up to ones, and you feel the agreement with that one. You see the smile that comes on the face. Even if you feel a bit timid about speaking what you really want to talk about, if you will begin, they will meet you, and they allow you to be yourself—the identity that, first of all, you think you are, and then the identity that you really are; it comes forth.

Now, reality…is there just one reality? No. Each of you has a different reality that you work within, that you live within, that you say, “This is reality for me.” And is it the only reality at all? No, there are many realities beyond this reality. Every reality that you work within is founded upon a certain collection of beliefs, and the collective consciousness says, “This is reality.” This is what you have been taught is reality, and you try to work within the confines of it.

Now, the fun part here is, if you can imagine—and you can—being in a reality that is in a galaxy far, far away, how would that reality feel? You have had the ones who have, because of remembrance, been able to make for you what seems to be fiction: a story, a movie of an alternate type of reality. You have gotten quite caught up in it and said, “Oh, this is fun. I wonder if that could be. Are spaceships a possibility? Well, I guess they are on the wide screen.”

Well, I have news for you. Yes, they are a possibility and a reality. You, as you are sitting in meditation sometime, when you are just allowing the mind to wander, you can be in the spaceship. You can be in what seems to be a bit different reality. You even go there sometimes in your dreams.

You are creating—all of the time— that which you call the reality that you function within. Then you wake up one day and say, “You know, I’m tired of being the person that everybody thinks I am. I’m going to be different today,” and you have made another reality for yourself in that day.

Is it as real as the day before? Sure, because how real is reality—with a lower case “r”? It is all a creation. That is why I say to you often enough that you are the extension of the one creative Principle. You are creative. You are creating this message that we are having together, and I will share with you that not everyone who reads this message experiences the same reality. Each one interprets a slightly different twist to what they read, how they take it in, how it compares with other things they have read, what they have studied, what others have said reality has to be.

You make your own reality. If you do not like the reality that you are living in, stop, breathe, change it. You have done that at some point in this lifetime. You have stopped, you have breathed, and then you have changed it. You said, “No, I’m not going to go to that university. I’m going to go somewhere else. I’m not going to be the scientist. I’m going to be the artist,” or vice versa. You have made choices and changes which have brought you to where you are right now.

Now, with a collective sharing, called a reality, we can liken it to a bubble. It is a collective agreement with ones whom you interact with, but that reality, any reality that you are functioning in, is an agreed upon reality that is finite in its own way, because it is a collective agreement.

At the same time, there are other collections of what someone would say is their reality, and, as you can understand, the realities—plural—are infinite, because you are creating all the time. Being the extension of the one creative Principle, you create each day, you create each interaction that you have with ones, and you do this within a certain timeframe, a certain agreed upon collection of beliefs: the belief that there is gravity that holds you to the ground, a belief that you have to keep breathing to keep the body alive, etc. You could list all of the collective beliefs, all within a sphere of belief.

Now, is there just one reality? No. Within the Allness of Reality—created and uncreated—there is an infinite number of realities—lower case “r”—as many as you want to create. You can have a variety of realities; you can have a lifetime which may be as quick as the butterfly that lives for perhaps a month, or the little gnat that lives for half a day, etc., or the one who lives a thousand years—and you have been known to do that. You have the legends of ones who have lived long, long years.

So beyond what you acknowledge as your history within this collective agreement, there are other bubbles, other spheres that you do not interact with at this time, but you can remember. At a certain depth of being, you can remember that there are other realities which you have known. Sometimes they come through in dreams. Sometimes they come through in meditations. And you say, “Well, where did that belief, that idea, come from? It felt so familiar. I know that I’ve been there, done that. I know that I’ve been on a spaceship. I know that I have fought battles somewhere else. I’m fighting battles, yes, in this reality from time to time, but this is different. I know that I’ve been the warrior. I know that I have been twelve feet tall. I’ve been….”

Fill in the sentence any way you want to because, yes, you have worked within another sphere of reality. Now, if you can imagine—and you can, because that is where it lives, is in imagination— many, many, many, toomany- to-count, bubbles, from one lifetime to another lifetime, to an experience, even an experience in meditation that lasts for two seconds, you have been in another bubble; all within the creative Allness.

It stretches the separated mind to experience and to play in what you would term your imagination; to know just how many facets of you are functioning; how many facets of the one Christ Being. It would be as if we had the whiteboard here and we are writing out the formula for everything. It would take up a multitudinous number of chalkboards, as you have seen in some of your fiction—which is truly not fiction—professors doing this, writing out that reality—lower case “r”—equals…and then it fills up the whiteboard, the chalkboard, as far as you can imagine and even farther.

When you are playing with the soap bubbles, blowing them through the little wand with the hole at the end of it, and they all go out and mingle with each other, some touching each other, some going independently, some going a short distance and some going far, those are your realities; not all in one slice of time. In fact, time is not in all of those bubbles. Some of the bubbles function in what is believed to be process: there is something which happens in the seeming beginning, there is a middle—maybe short, maybe long—and then there is an end of the process. That is a collective belief within quite a few bubbles, but truly not all of them.

So when you put the head upon the pillow in this evening, you will think back to a lot of things which happened in this day. Then right before you go to slumber, imagine yourself to be out there somewhere in another bubble, another reality, and say to the “you” that is in that reality, “Hello. Tell me; tell me what you know.” And if you wake up in the morning and say, “I had the strangest dream last night,” write it down. As quickly as it comes, it probably will leave, so write it down.

Now, beloved one, this is as much as we are going to say about acknowledging— making possible in the belief system—the idea that this is not the only reality you live in, have lived in, will live in. Later, we will go further with it, but this is enough for now. Keep in your mind the visualization of the numerous floating soap bubbles, and realize you are living in and creating as many realities as you can and will imagine—and more.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
November 2018
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