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Jeshua Speaks About: Preparing For 2018


Beloved one, this year is going to be one of changes. That which has seemed to be static, that which has seemed to be set in concrete or stone of some sort, is going to be moved a bit, because you have looked and ascertained from the heart that truly what you see is not as loving as it could be. It is not as caring as it could be.

You know from your own feelings that you would like others to be more accepting of you. You would like to have more love given to you. You would like to see more love in the world, and you know that truly it is possible, but then when you look out, there is the judgment that comes very quickly and says, “But something is not as good as it could be. Something is missing.”

You know intuitively how it would feel if everyone felt loved, if everything would ride on the wheels of love. And yet when you look out at the world, you see that truly the road is bumpy, that there are some places where the wheels can go easily and there are some places that are very uneven. And you have said, “Why does it have to be that way?”

When you have been raising the small ones, your heart has wanted to love them. You have looked for all of the good qualities that you could praise in the small ones. Sometimes they have grown as the flower in the sunshine, and other times they have gathered in their energy and it seems that they walk around under a cloud. You have wondered why, especially in families where there are more than one of the small ones. You have wondered why they are so different in the way they react to the world and in the way the world reacts to them.

We have spoken of this other times, saying that no one comes in with a perfectly clean slate. No one incarnates with a perfectly blank slate. You come in with past history, with a certain inclination from very deep memories perhaps of how circumstances have been in other incarnations. And the other incarnations, to some extent, can—not always, but can—influence how you see this incarnation.

You have seen this with your friends. Some of them come in quite bouncy. They come into a room and all of a sudden there is sunlight in the room. All of a sudden, there they are, and all of their energy is great. Behind them comes in this very quiet one who does not say anything, and they are not quite sure whether they are going to be accepted or not. You wonder why the difference.

Every one of you is living out that which you have felt was not quite complete. You were not quite complete with whatever the experiences of a relationship would be, how relationships would be, how the body would be. All of you have fashioned for yourself a certain form, similar but not identical, so that you can go in the world. To some extent you can speak with the world, you can hear with the world what is going on. You move in the world, and yet each one has a certain nuance of how they speak, how they see, how they think, how they feel.

So it is, as you would understand, a completion that ones are doing with certain attributes. Sometimes these attributes are easy to be with, and sometimes these attributes are like sandpaper in a relationship. Ones will sandpaper you down until there is a really smooth part of you, or they may sandpaper you to the place that is like ruffling up the feathers. You rise up each time you get the feathers ruffled a bit until a place comes where you say, “I desire peace. Enough already.”

This year you are going to be seeing in more clarity the distinction between peace and non-peace, the distinction between love and not love. You are going to see this in your circle, and it is also going to be for you to see on the wider circle of the world stage. Already you have the players on the world stage, and you are watching to see, “How is this drama working out?” Truly it is a drama, and truly it is for your enjoyment, your edification, and also for your healing.

You look out upon the world and you wonder, “How can all of this be healed?” And, in Truth, you know, at a very deep level, all of it can be healed in an instant. All that has to be is a certain smile and a certain return unto peace, to the place where there is no longer the desire for argumentation, no longer the desire for separation, no longer for the criticism to come up.

It is a place where the value of peace comes to the forefront; not only peace on the world stage, but peace within each individual life. This is truly what, for the most part, you are seeking for yourself. Now, yes, there are times when you want a little bit of the seasoning of excitement in there and you say, “Well, if it were totally peaceful, I don’t know if I would really like that.” And I say to you, “Try it, you might like it.” You might find that the peace has enough of its energy that you will not feel bored, but you will feel happy.

For yourself, as I have instructed some months ago, seek peace. Take the five minutes in the morning. Right now in the time of winter, the weather is not all that great to be out in, unless you put the mind in a certain place and say, “It is okay,” and you go out. If this is not your calling right now to go out of doors for the five minutes, stand at the window and allow yourself to project out to the tree, the bush, the flower—yes, you do still have flowers in this time of year.

Allow yourself to project your energy, your knowing, past the window, which is quite permeable, and feel the Oneness and listen, because truly your plants, your trees, even the small animals that are still around have communication with you and for you.

Allow yourself to breathe deeply. Allow yourself to find the place of peace within, and know how it feels. For when you are out amongst the brothers and sisters and there is much of activity going on and perhaps some of the energy that is not peaceful is coming to the forefront, you will know the place of peace to return to quite quickly. Practice.

Practice how it feels to be at peace, to not be in judgment of self or of the color of the sky or the color of the tree or the color of the grass; not to be in judgment of anything, but just to breathe and to be in peace.

There is a certain energy of peace which is healing, and your world is crying out for healing. Your world, even as you stand at the window, will accept your healing energy of peace. Five minutes, and then you may get to the place where you actually want to do seven or ten. And then I know the world will come screeching in around the edges and will say, “Okay, you have to meet so and so at a certain time, you have to be at a certain place, there are things that you have to prepare.”

Then you will go about the day’s activities in a more peaceful, more open way because you have nurtured self, nurtured self for five minutes or a little longer. You deserve it. You are busy enough the rest of the time during the day. You are busy enough doing what the world will ask. Take five minutes for yourself.

And if you get into a place where it feels so good, allow yourself the five minutes before you lay the head upon the pillow. Remember when as a small one you knelt at the foot of the bed and said your prayers? The routine of that was the same as taking the five minutes and breathing peace. It was the same, except for those of you who ran through the prayer as fast as you could, because you knew it all, and then hopped into bed.

Or you allowed that five minutes to be your gift unto the higher Self of you— God, as it was called. Allow yourself to reconnect with that feeling of peace, of worship. And as I have said to you many times, the true meaning of the word “worship” is worth—w-or- t-h—worth-ship; to know that you are worth taking five minutes out of your busy day to connect with the higher Self of you.

This year is going to bring about much in the way of drama, some on the individual scene; not too bad, because you have been preparing. But on the bigger scene, on the big stage, it is going to be quite interesting to watch. You are going to have opportunity to extend peace.

Now, how do you extend peace? By being it. That is why you take the five minutes every morning to abide in peace, so that when it is called upon for you to give a little bit of peace, you know how it feels. You take a deep breath. You go within, to that quiet space within, and you allow the gossamer blanket of peace to descend upon the forehead, the shoulders, down to the feet, where every part of you has a chance to expand. Every part gets to know healing.

Then when it is called upon during the day, it is like you would push the button and it is right there with you, because you know where to find the button. I have seen some of you searching for the button. “Is it here? Is it there? Is it higher? Is it lower? Where is that magic button?” The magic button is within. It is in the place of the yawn. It is in the place of expansion. It is in the place where you let all of the cares of what you have to do, all of the judgments of whether you are good or not so good, to be let go for five minutes and to bask in the sunshine of your own Light.

You are good enough. You do not have to strive to be better. You are already good enough. You have a saying in your world that our Father does not make junk. It does not. It sends you forward with a clean slate if you will accept it. It sends you forth to create that which is loving and healing. It sends you forth to be all that you can be in a positive way which nurtures.

Now, if you want to be all that you can be in a negative way and get really upset about things, It will not stop you. The energy flow is truly neutral, and the energy flow will flow through you however you direct it. But I suggest to you that you might try feeling peaceful. At least for a few minutes, see how that feels.

So many of the brothers and sisters suffer from what you have experienced in thinking they are not quite good enough, and they have to work to be better. But as long as they are working at it, they are not accepting it. All you have to do is to stop and say, “Okay, for one minute I am good enough. Maybe in the next minute I won’t be, but I’m not going to cross that bridge right now. I am good enough. Oh, you know, that feels really good. I don’t believe it, but it’s really good.”

And the more you practice it, the more it will seem real, because you will be making it real. You are good enough; otherwise, you would not be. Just stop and accept the gift of divinity, the gift that says, “I have made you in My own likeness”; in other words, divine, all-powerful.

Allow yourself to feel the love, because you are love; not only being loved, which you are, but you are love itself on two feet walking forward doing the best that you can and knowing that every step that you take is in Light, because it is. You are good enough.

Now, in the time we have spent together, we have been working mainly with the mind. There are courses of study that work with the mind as the first step to taking you within, and these are good. A lot of the concepts which I have put forward in various writings bring you to the place of the mind, of understanding how good you are, how divine you are, how you have the divine potential to be everything, all things, all love.

The mind is a great tool, and that is why we approach the place of peace through the mind. But now you are ready, you are asking to know, “How does it feel to really know love? Will it blow all of my circuits?” No, it will not. It will turn you on, yes, and you may have the physical sensations of being hot, energized. It may have physical sensations of wanting to extend the arms and feel all that you can feel and take it within, to be all that you can be.

That is the next step of what you want to take and incorporate in the body, to make real in the body: that place of peace, that place of power, that place of love, that which we have been speaking of through words. Words and concepts are great tools, and they will take you right to the doorstep, the threshold of what you truly are seeking to know.

This is what I tried to share with you two thousand years ago, to share with you walking across that threshold into the place of great love; Selfacceptance— Self with a capital “S”— that place that says, “I don’t have to do anything.” Separated ego then runs in and says, “Oh, but there’s this study, there’s that study, there’s this thing you have to do, there are certain postures, you have to go down on the knees, you have to reach up to the heavens, you have to X, Y, and Z in order to know the place of divinity.”

But I say unto you, there is no thing that you have to do. Just be. Just accept it. You have opportunity in your world every day—some of you more than others as you interact with the brothers and sisters—to claim that place of peace, to claim the place that says, “Everything truly is okay.” Because there are ones who will come right up in the face and say, “How do you know that’s true?”

You may say whatever comes to your mind that you have read, whatever concept that you want to give forth, but then you stop and say, “It is all right with you, right now,” and you look with the eyes of love. Those eyes of love speak volumes; not in words, but volumes of divine Isness. You look at them with love on the face, and they feel something different, because they are used to a lot of the mental. They may come with chapter and verse in their holy book and say, “Well, this says such and such. How do you explain this?” And you smile and say, “It is already written on your heart.”

You want to know the heart. You want to feel that expansive place of being accepted as the love which you are. No one can do it for you, and no one can take it away from you.

All you have to do is to accept it—and that is no mere thing. But you breathe, and with that breath comes opportunity to abide in love. It is as simple as that. It is so simple that the separated mind says, “But I have to read that in a book somewhere. I have to find chapter and verse where it talks about that.” That is separated mind, and it is a good tool, but it is not love.

You are now ready to make the leap of faith, the leap into the place that says, “I have already found it. I thought it was something really complicated. But, I knew this when I was a little one,” and you did.

And then, because of the way of the world, you got it knocked one side to the other side until you shaped up, according to the world, as to how you had to be. Go back to that little one of you. That little one of you is still alive and well and abiding in love. Yes, it has had some share of the knocks of the world and supposedly has grown a bit wiser in a way of the world, but in the beginning it already knew Who and What you are. It already knew, and it only wanted to flower.

Now you have come to the place where there is acceptance, permission to flower. I expect to see you flowering as the young one at heart, loving self, going forward to give love, because you are love; going forward to be in love, because it is you. To be in the place where you know how to get along in the world, but you do not have to wrap yourself into a twist to be in the world.

You have trained yourself for many years to be as whatever someone expects you to be. But what if for five minutes out of a day you did not have to be that. You could get up out of bed with the hair all messed up and love yourself anyway. Yes, you could look in the mirror…and oh, my goodness, not every hair is in place. Whatever.

Is that what matters? When you come to the very last moment of this incarnation, are you going to care about how the hair looks? Well, there are some of you who have had the incarnations where, yes, that has mattered, but this lifetime it is not going to matter. This lifetime the only thing that will matter, truly, is how loved you feel.

Some of you will smile because, “Thank God, that lifetime is over.” Big smile. Some of you will smile because you know that you have done a good job, and you are going on to meet loved ones, which is true. You have a smile on the face because, “I just feel like smiling.”

So remember that when you come to your very last breath. Say, “Wow! What a lifetime I lived. It was so great. I had many opportunities, and I made the most of them. Even if I got in there and was down in the mud puddle with all of the rest of the friends and maybe throwing the mud up in the air and around and getting covered with it, I had fun. I lived my life. Truly, I lived my life; not just existed, but I truly lived it. I experienced. And I came to the place where if someone was going to want a piece of me, I gave them a piece of me. I gave them my love. If they wanted to crucify me, okay. They could do whatever they wanted to do, and I loved. And they felt it.

Love is the only thing that abides. All of your petty differences, all of the judgments when you have said, “Well, she didn’t make my toast right, she didn’t put the glass back in the cupboard the right way, she didn’t do my laundry the right way, I like my collars starched,” all of those things are as a no thing, nothing. What abides is love. What abides from one lifetime to another lifetime is love.

What you are forever, this lifetime and other lifetimes, forever, is love. The mind will want to dissect it. The mind will want to have definitions of what is love. Love cannot be put into words. Love need not be put into words. Love is a force of peace, a flow, if you will, from inner to outer.

Practice it because it feels good. For no other reason than that, take five minutes. Ask of me in those five minutes, if you want to, ask of me to love you, to come and stand by you and put my arm around your shoulders. Do not jump when you feel my arm. Expect that you will feel it, and you will, because always and forever I love you; not just with words, but with the Beingness that you are. We are One in that love.

Nurture self in that love. Practice it. Like any good thing that you want to know better, practice. It is the same as learning to play the violin. The first few times you draw the bow across the strings, oh, my goodness, yes, you want to put on the earmuffs. But after a while it begins to feel nurturing. It begins to feel like the energy of you is being put forward.

That is what love feels like, when you allow that flow to come out. Everyone that you meet on this next day, on the morrow, smile at them. If they wonder why you are smiling, let them wonder. Smile because you know Who they are. Smile because it is the greatest gift you can give them.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
February 2018
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