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Jeshua Speaks About: The Ocean of Being

Jeshua Speaks About: The Ocean of Being

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of the one Source. Child of Light.

That is what we are going to be speaking of in this evening, using the mind to take you to the place of realization of all that you are. And yes, beloved technician, if you come to that place of acknowledging with the mind and with a feeling nature, you are going to blow all of the circuits that have been in separation. You are going to blow them to the place where they connect once again the technology, as you have been seeing; working with it, getting it to turn on in its own way, and that is what this evening is all about—turning in and tuning in.

We are going to have fun. We are going to release all of the separateness of thinking that you are this body, you are this name, this personality. You are allowing all of that to fall away, to crumble before your very eyes, because in truth, this is what you put on as armor—the body, the personality, the mind—in order to go in the world that you have created.

Blessings unto you. You are changing your world. You are expanding it. You are allowing the perimeters that you have felt encasing you for eons of time to be permeable, to be able to see beyond what you have said is reality. “This is my reality,” as you have said, “and it extends this far, maybe a little farther. Well, I can see a ways; therefore, my reality goes out.” If you are standing on the mountain top looking at the sea below and what is on the other shore, you are allowing your reality to expand in that moment of what you visualize with the eyes, the physicalness.

This evening what we are going to do is to expand into the Isness of you. This is something that you knew a long, long time ago. You knew from whence you had come. Now you have said, “Well, it’s out there somewhere, and they—being the authorities, whoever they are—have said that I can tune in to it sometime if I use the right words or if I read the right book or if I listen to the right speaker.”

And this has begun to happen for you, because there have been times when you have been turned on by something that you read, turned on by something that you have felt within you that was beyond the reality that everyone accepts day to day. And you have said, “Oh, that feels good. Imagine…can that really be true?” Yes, it can be and is true.

This is all well and good. It allows you to have discourse back and forth with the brothers and sisters. Even your technology is showing how far you can go now, as you would measure the miles. But you are expanding into the Isness of you as you will allow all of the barriers to come crashing down. And don’t worry, they will be there. You can pick them up again later, so you won’t be lost somewhere.

I have heard ones say, “But Yeshua, if I’m into a really deep meditation and I feel like all of the barriers of what has been are melting away, will I get lost? Will I lose myself?” No, you will always be able to recapture the self that you feel to be you. And yet even at that moment you are going to know that there is more to you.

This is something that you have known deep within the soul of you as the small one, even the babe in arms, before you were taught that the world is a harsh place and you’d better follow the rules. If not, you’re going to get a whack. And it’s like, “Oh, that hurt. I guess I won’t do that again.”

And little by little you have been molded and shaped by the world, by the  parents, by the ones who were looking after you and feeding you what you needed for the physicality. But at the same time, there has been a knowing deep within you that there is more.

“I have come from more than what I see right now. Can’t quite define it, can’t quite explain it, but I know that there is more.” This is what you have said to yourself, and then you have said it out loud to perhaps the mother/father/siblings and they have said, “Ah, you’re daydreaming. This is all there is. You get to play with what there is here, and you’d better behave. There are certain rules in this house, and you had better behave accordingly.” You’ve heard that a few times.

So you have learned to put yourself into the mold where you would not stand out too brightly because that might get the slap, and you didn’t want that; or the slap on the rear, and you didn’t want that. So you have learned to encase  yourself in what other ones have told you is reality. It is not your total reality.  It is only a slice of what you are making up in order to go rather peaceably—some more peaceably than others—in the world.

So this evening we are going to take some of those limitations off and allow you to begin to claim, to feel once again, the Allness of the holy extension of Isness. I won’t even call you the holy Child, because you are not a child. You are an Isness of Being. And in the times when you have what-is-called the meditation and you say to the world, “I will come back to you…[music from phone starts playing] there is the world at your beck and call. You mention the world, and it comes to you. Okay. Very good.

But you are allowing yourself to know that you are much more than that. But there has always been the question, “Well, I know that there has to be more. I

feel that. I know that. But I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know how to access it.”

You access it by the stillness of what you term meditation; by the breath; by the peace that comes with the deep breath. “Oh, but Jeshua, if I do that…I have all this work to do and I have all of these papers and I’ve got people asking me questions and I have to get back to them. I would love to sit in quietness, but you know, that’s not going to work, and it’s not going to get things done. And if I  don’t attend to what I’ve got already to do, I’m going to have even more on the morrow that I have to do. And what can I do? I have to…”

No, you don’t have to. All of you, moment by moment, make choice as to where you will allow your reality to be and how your reality feels. I am asking of you in this evening, on the morrow set aside five minutes by the clock; not just saying, “Okay, five minutes. Okay, I’m sure it’s been two minutes now. Maybe three minutes. Ah, now it’s five minutes. Now I can get back to the computer.”

Five minutes by the clock; breathing; nothing else. Breathing; remember to breathe. As they say, it does a body good. You’d better keep up the breathing for the body. But allow the rest to be at peace for five minutes. You will find—those of you who have already tried it—that it feels really good. “It feels like more. I would really like to do more.”

Okay, but not in the beginning. Allow yourself to be in that still point for at least the five minutes. You can spare five minutes. Breathe. Relax. Everything that you have to attend to will still be there when you come back. But just breathe. Focus on the breath. Feel yourself immersed in the breath. Feel yourself to be the breath; breathing in, and breathing out. Breathing in, and breathing out, for five minutes by the clock. All that you want to do, all that you have to do will still be waiting for you.

Allow yourself to dissolve into the breath. At first, imagine yourself in the breath. Later you will be the breath. No thoughts; they’ll still be there waiting for you. Just breathing in, and breathing out; breathing in, and breathing out.

“Oh, I just thought of something.” That’s okay. Put it to the side. Come back to it. Breathing in, and breathing out. Breathing in, and breathing out. “Oh, it’s been six minutes already.”

Okay. Later in the day, if you want to repeat, it is okay, but you don’t have to.

You will find that you enjoy being in that peaceful place, so that you will want to go to the place of silence; no thoughts; nothing that you have to do, except stay awake. Allow yourself the joy of being, just being.

I want to say in this evening, congratulations to you, to all of you for having the courage to one more time come and be in the world to do that which you have said you will do. And the fun of it is, that which you have agreed to do is to come

Home, to come to that realization of Who and What you are. That requires no doing, only breathing, only Being, and being awake in it; not to the place where it’s a chore, but to the place where it is peace.

Know yourself to be the One—capital “O”. That from which you have sprung is as the ocean of Being, the ocean of Allness. And if you need a visual aid, think of it as you are the wave on top of the ocean, rising up as the wave. Feel yourself to be the motion of the ocean. Feel yourself to be in the ocean of Being. And all of the ones that you play with, they are as the whitecaps, the waves of the ocean creating that which they see themselves to be. Again, from the ocean of Being.

And when you get tired of what you are doing with a certain physicality, you will still be the essence of the ocean of Being. So you do not have to worry about eating the right foods, prolonging the physical life, knowing or believing that you are going to lose yourself at the end of this life. All you will do is expand.

The friends, the ones you have related to who have laid down the body, they have expanded back into the Being of the ocean, and at any moment, if they want to express themselves to you, they can do that, and sometimes they do. And you say, “Oh, that reminds me of so and so. That was a song, that was a melody that he/she played on the piano. Are you here? I can’t quite hear you, but there’s a knowing, a feeling.” Of course there is, because it is all part of the ocean of Being, and you are all related together as One—capital “O”—of the ocean.

How fortuitous that we use the word “ocean” to express that which you are; the “O” of the ocean, the “O” of the One. If ever you are wondering, “What is this  all about?” think of yourself as the wave that rises up, looks around and says, “Oh; oh, look.” And then after you are tired of looking around, you can fade back into the Allness, or you may have a few little ripples of the wave and you express as a being to other ones if they are calling to you; if you want to.

There are some ones—you have felt them—who come and tug at the heartstrings and say, “I’m here. I’ve gone nowhere away from you.” In truth, they can’t. You are all part of the ocean of Being, and you are all the waves of the ocean as you think for a space of time that you are something to yourself, individualized wave, whitecap, on the ocean.

And you revel in it. You think for a while, and as you watch the brothers and sisters, you can see this happening. “Ah, I am so good. I have made this piece of music, and everyone is playing it. It’s on all of the radio and TV stations. I’ve really come into my own; ah. Or I have written a book. I have done the high jump. I’ve played in the games, and I am really strong. I can do…I.

And after a while, as the waves, it’s okay, but it comes back, falls back, is immersed once again in the Allness of the ocean until there is this feeling, “I’m going to come and express myself as an individuality for a time being.” But never ever are you lost. Never ever are you separate. You are always part of the vast ocean of Being.

So do not fear the laying down of the body. Spread the word to all of your friends/neighbors/ones who will listen that what you do when you release the individuality is to go back into the ocean, as a wave does, and come forward again sometime, whenever the energy is there for it.

Never are you extinguished. You cannot be, as the ocean of Being that from time to time comes forth as the wave and says, “Well, I am Bill, I am Roger, I am Matthew, I am Sa’ed for the time being to enjoy the creativity; to be in joy.

Your language, as you bring it forward, contains clues. “I am in joy. I am enjoying this expression of life.” You say that. You wake up in the morning and say, “Oh, my God, another day. I have to go to work. Or I have to work from home. I’m in lockdown. I can’t go anywhere. Oh…”

Yes, you can. Where do you go in your imagination, in your thinking? With your technology, you are never separate. You have devised ways to speak to one on the other side of holy Mother Earth, and in truth, to speak to the space brothers and sisters. Whatever thought you put out there is received. There is no thought that falls into nothingness. It goes out as what you call your radio and TV waves, that source of energy that goes out.

“Oh, I’ve got an idea. Oh, I wish I had somebody to tell this to.” In that moment when you come alive in an idea, it charges, as the electrical energy, the wave that you are, and it is picked up by other waves. There is no separation. If you have a thought for a poem and it comes to your mind and you can see it and you feel the vibration in your heart, as you sit to write it or to type it out on your computer, whatever, it goes out as energy to other ones who have their antennas turned on. They pick up a feeling; maybe not the words, but a feeling of something that you have seen and you want to express. They feel that. If they are into visual, they may even receive a picture of something.

When I say to you, “Hurricane Ridge,” aha, you saw it. The words mean something to you, even a visualization. You have been there, you have done that, you know what it looks like. There is a receptor. It is the same for the different places on holy Mother Earth, depending on where you have been and what you want to put out there. And to ones who are receptive, to say, “Oh, yes, I remember being there. That was fun. I stood there, and you could see for miles. And the feeling  of looking down into the valley and wondering what is down there. I see something.”

It comes back. Every memory you have ever had is kept. No memory is ever lost. You may wonder, “How do I access it?” and sometimes it takes a little longer. But every memory, every place you’ve ever been, every conversation you’ve ever had, every emotion you have ever had is registered somewhere within that whitecap of the wave. Nothing is ever lost.

Yes, sometimes it takes a little longer to bring it up. My beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, says, “I’ve tried to remember her name. I can see her face, but what’s her name? And I know that we met back in Pennsylvania; it must have been some years ago, etc.” And you play this game with yourself. You play detective, and you kind of trace it back clue by clue by clue until finally you say, “Oh, that’s who she was,” and you’re all excited because you made that connection once again.

Nothing is ever lost. It’s in there somewhere. It just depends on the motivation and the time spent searching and whether you feel that it’s worth it or not. I have seen you do this. I have seen you sit and think and remember and get clues, and then the light dawns…or it comes back at another time.

But it’s all there: all the memories from childhood; all the good memories and all the rather painful memories—painful at the time—that you have allowed to be erased, forgotten, neutralized; somewhere.

You are part of the vast…you cannot even in your mind—because the mind is finite—cannot measure. You know it’s in there somewhere. “Jeshua, give me a minute or two. I’ll think of it.” A day goes by. “I’m still thinking; I know.”  Nothing is ever lost to you. It is in there somewhere. If it is needful, it will come. And even if it isn’t needful, it will come.

You are the wave that rises up off of the ocean, the whitecap as you have called it. And sometimes you say, “Ah, yes, Jeshua, I’m getting the whitecap up here.

Yup, getting the whitecap; okay.”

You have a vast amount of storage space, and you never really truly run out of it. Sometimes you are saying, “Oh, but I’ve got so much in here. Yeshua, you know, I am 95 years old as we measure it on the calendar, and I’ve been a lot of places and talked to a lot of people, and I can’t always bring it up to the forefront to remember it.” That’s okay. If it is important and you need it, it will come.

Sometimes it’s just a feeling.

Do you remember your first boyfriend? Do you remember your first girlfriend? Yes, you do. There’s a certain feeling of emotion energy, energy in motion, e- motion; that energy of being, that place where if someone says the name to you, you will say, “Oh, yes, he was really fun. I really liked him. But, well, there were things that he had to do and things that I had to do. I wonder where he is now.”

Have you ever played that game with yourself? Of course, you have. Everyone has. You remember something and somebody, and you wonder, “Did they actually go on to be what they wanted to be? I wonder if they are still activating the body. I wonder if they’re still alive. Now, yes, they are still alive, but are they still activating the body?” Ah, good question.

Sometimes you have ways of activating the historical records, and there are times when you will get the telephone call seemingly out of the blue and someone says, “Do you remember me? We sat next to each other in English class in high school. Would you like to get together for coffee?” It happens. The memory comes back, and you call it a miracle.

All of life is a miracle. Everything that you create—the mountains, the snow, the oatmeal that you cook—everything that you create is a miracle. One moment it isn’t there. In the next few moments you create it. Or someone comes back into your life and you say, “Oh, I remember you. We had the most fun. Remember that day when we went to the park and you rode on the merry-go-round that went up and down?” You can still see it in your mind’s eye, and you can still feel it as it moved around and as you went up and down on the horse or the giraffe or whatever you were riding. You can feel that as I speak of it. There is a memory that comes to you.

And you say, “Yes, that was really special,” and it was. Every moment of your life is special. Now, as you go through life and you are making your scrapbook of memories, allow yourself to be in joy. Be happy about what you are creating, even if it seems to be mud. There is a purpose to mud. Have you ever needed a  mudpack on a part of the body to allow it to heal, to bring warmth to a certain part of the body?

Everything you create has purpose, a good purpose; otherwise, it would not happen. And you say, “Well, you know, Yeshua, there are times when things happen and they don’t seem to be so good. Ones are injured, perhaps, and they have to walk with some aid to get around.”

But look at the creativity that ones make for themselves in having an aid that helps them to walk. Or if they do not do that, look at the creativity of the wheeled chair, so that one does not have to sit in the same place forever, although there is much to be gained from sitting in the same place and allowing the mind to explore. So even for ones who seemed to be without movement, perhaps bed-ridden…riding the bed; ever thought about it that way? Bed- ridden?

Even if the personality is not there, the mind is still free to create. The mind is still free to roam. And oh, the places we go in the mind to experience; not having to drag the body around, but just being free. Have you ever read—and I know that you have—a travel book that talks about a far country? You read it and say, “Oh, I can imagine growing up in a place where there are mountains and mountain goats and the vistas that ones would see.”

Maybe you live in the river delta which is pretty flat, but with lots of energy as the river comes and meets the ocean. So you look at where you are and what you are seeing, and you become alive in what you are creating. Then later on someone says, “Well, why don’t you come and visit me. I am in these mountains, and you want to see mountains. Come.” And at some point you are free and you go to see what the mountains look like.

You go to see what the flat delta looks like. You have been experiencing and creating. Every moment you create, even as you do what the fingers are doing. Every moment. Even in what you call your sleep, you are creating. The body is breathing. The mind may be in a dream somewhere. The breath is doing its thing, either easily or not so easily, but it is doing its thing. You may be miles away, and you have miles to go before you sleep.

You like to adventure. You like to explore. You want to see, “What is there in life that I can still get excited about?” And every day the fact that you wake up in the morning is an adventure, even if you wake up as this one does and says, “Oh, but I’m still so sleepy.” Count it all as blessing, because you know that there are brothers and sisters who say, “Oh, if only I could sleep.” And you are saying, “But it’s so easy.”

It is wondrous. Life experience is wondrous, and that is where you find your joy, because there is such variety. Every day there is variety. You write in your journal at the end of day that thought that has come to you during the day, that experience that has been a little bit different than where you have been on  other days. And you write the sentence that says, “I thought about such and  such or so and so. And I had an Aha! and I realized, you know, every time I talk with her, she’s always bemoaning something, and she goes on and on and on about it.”

That is her music. It may not be the symphony that you enjoy, but it is her music. It is what she is creating. And there are times when you have sat and listened to a symphony that had the low tones to it, was expressing something really heavy and really needing or wanting to come alive. That is what the friend is forever bemoaning, playing her violin about how hard life is or how disappointed she is. But there will come a moment in her symphony where there will be an awakening. She will be with the cymbals, the clang, and there will be an awakening. You may or may not be there to hear it, to see it, to experience it, but it will happen.

So you just smile and say silently to yourself, “I know there’s a really great overture—this is an overture—to a really great symphony that you are playing out. I can’t wait to hear the cymbals.” You don’t say that aloud, but…well, sometimes you do, and then you get to hear a bit more of the energy because, “How dare  you judge what I am going through?”

There is plenty of drama in the world, and there are some of you who play your dramatic bits a lot louder—I won’t say better, but a lot louder than others. Some are more on the quiet side, but oh, how they suffer. You know ones. Each one is playing their own symphony, their theme music, as it were.

But it all comes out of the ocean of Being, the vast ocean, which is why when we speak of, “There is no separation,” you cannot separate one wave from another. Yes, they seem to be as two separate things rising up, but they are joined in the Isness of the composition of the molecules of creativity, the molecules below the foam of the wave and the molecules of the foam.

A wave does not stand still for you. A wave is forever moving, and that is what you are doing. You are expressing, you are moving, you are allowing the life force to go forward. And when you have played it out as far as you want to, then you allow it to relax back into the ocean until the next push, and you say, “I want to try that again. You know, I can do that much better this time. I can be much more of the foam and energy, and I can push that log a little farther along up onto the shore.”

So, okay, you do it. You express. You Be, You create. You enjoy. Remember that part: Be in joy. Every good memory you have of the camping trips that you have taken, every time when the campfire that you were trying to make, the spark lit, and ah, success. Every moment of energy; every moment of your life is energy.

Visualize, feel, express the Being that you are, the energy of Being, the whitecap of the wave. And be in joy. So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates
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