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Liberation From Archons - Message from Master Jesus

Liberation From Archons - Message from Master Jesus

Do not tempt me!

The planet of ascension is completing its last cycle, and the kings of darkness are returning to their true kingdoms.


„Do not tempt me…“

This message contains the truth of these times. People are exposed to huge temptations and facing the today’s devils: avidity and greed; unjustified rage and anger; cruelty and hatred; excesses and cravings; envy, maliciousness and bad habits.

These infernal temptations stand in opposition to the principals of a truthful life: egoless service and and egoless fighting for the greater good; consistent quest for God and for truth.

In that sense, the biggest of all battles today is fought between these inner forces that move humanity: the battle between light and darkness that each human being can only win or lose on their own.

The planet of ascension has started liberating itself from all archons (1), also described as agnostics (those who don’t know God). At the same time, more and more people rise and turn their backs to the valley of tears without ever looking back.

The “fracture”…

…that this earth suffered eons ago is being healed, and this earth returns into the universal order of light. The “fracture” was described as “dark angels” gaining access to the bright earth once upon a time – and ever since then there has been this ongoing fight between light and dark angels, between truth and illusion.

This fight is now entering its crucial phase, and it is taking its last turn for a favorable outcome, meaning that malignity can no longer prevail and unconscious people become conscious.

This great positive perspective is made possible by the ongoing transformational work of individuals.

New “warfare”

Fighting without hatred, loving wherever needed, showing compassion even after the biggest of altercations – this is the way, making a new kind of “warfare” possible now.

The archangels of light, beings from the realms of light and cosmic families form an invincible community that is supporting human beings of flesh and blood.

So we find ourselves united at the forefront, ending the dictate of the kings of darkness, by means of human beings rising and – one after the other – saying out loud:

„Satan, do not tempt me!”

This determination is the reason that:

● for more and more people all impulses of low human nature are lifted up into the light, and as a result the divine higher being can emerge; and
● more and more people settle into the truth, and their longing for peace, harmony and love starts to outshine everything – and what outshines everything will outlast everything as well.

So continue to come to me! Wholeheartedly engage in the next steps towards consciousness. Become aware, sensitive and pure.

Leave the old days behind, by healing what needs to be healed and by forgiving yourself and others. In my light your own beauty is revealed.

Because being human means revealing your inner light to this world and being an example of unconditional love to everyone else.

„Do not tempt me …“, because I receive all gifts from the hands of my Creator. This is the answer to inner or outer conflicts.

Dealing firmly with the devil’s “temptations” means being master in one’s own home.

So return to the field of your soul and farm with care. Remove the weeds consisting of ignorance and blindness, remove mind-parasites – located through the process of growing consciousness – and in any way conceivable, end your dependency on temptations that keep your frequency low.

God’s light fills your heart so that darkness can subside, and it is up do you to allow it into your heart.

Revelations will come to you, knowledge will be conveyed to you, and the truth is your companion in these times.


Until you rise and find your way back into God’s light, I will stay with you.

(1) Archons: In ancient texts dating back almost 2000 years, found in a cave of Nag Hammadi (Egypt) in 1945, Gnostics speak of a non-human species called archons, describing them as the rulers of humanity and at the same time as imposters and deceivers.

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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