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Master Lanto - What is Happiness?

Master Lanto - What is Happiness?

Always repeating that we are grateful to be here, being able to pass on these teachings, seems repetitive for some. But for a long time, our voices were silenced and now we can bring all this manna of knowledge to each of you.

Today I would like to comment on a feeling that you call Happiness. Many try to find a description of what Happiness is. So I'm going back in time a little bit. There was a time when their souls only vibrated Light; there was no suffering, there was no duality, there was a perfect and balanced world. Could we call that Happiness? Perhaps. Many would call it boredom, calm, because nothing really surprising happened; not in the aspect that you know today, because much has been done.

Every day a new discovery for everyone's balance. Scientists at that time did not stop, the priests were always in contact with the Most High to bring balance to everyone around them. So I could say that there was Happiness, because as many understand, Happiness is a set of things like joy, harmony, abundance, abundance, love. So there was a lot. So we could say that there was Happiness.

And why was this all broken? Why did this planet allow itself to embark on a situation that brought you to where you are today? What was there? I would say that all souls are born perfect, perfect I mean, within the consciousness of Father/Mother God. But each soul is a thinking being and as such, they make their own decisions. We are not beings manipulated by Father/Mother God to just do exactly what he wants. I wouldn't call it free will, as you have. I would call it the ability to choose; what to eat, what to do, where to go. And over time, those choices were poorly made. Some feelings not very adapted to Happiness began to appear.

Then the whole process on this planet began. The opportunity for a great project was brought there, the project of letting each being really have free will; could choose between staying in the light or not, vibrating feelings not consistent with the light, and then the rest of the story you already know. So I ask again: What is Happiness? It's something boring, it's something tedious that over time brought different feelings to those people who reigned here in past times, is that what Happiness brings?

What is Happiness? Is it a moment, is it a set of moments? There is no exact definition of what it actually is. So I'll go back to the beginning again. Each soul is born with the balance of Father/Mother God and needs to go through many adventures, through many processes, for it to evolve, or not. So what is the purpose of each soul? Always evolve towards the Light, towards increasingly higher dimensions.

And at each step in this evolution, what changes? The balance; changes the ability to remain whole, regardless of what comes around, regardless of what needs to be lived. This is evolution, this is being a Being of Light. All of us Ascended Masters, myself included, were human, we live on the surface of the planet and go through all the processes that you go through. And in our journey, each one in his own way, he was looking for Happiness. That joy in the heart, which allowed them to look around and not be shaken, to look around and not live that negative feeling; start to look at everything with love, with awareness, with wisdom, understanding that each movement of the surroundings is a lesson to be learned, accepting this lesson and learning from it and being extremely happy, for in the end to have this awareness.

So what is Happiness? It is to seek this balance, it is to seek this evolution, it is to seek this result. Then many will be able to say: "But I don't have it all and I'm happy sometimes." And I answer you that sometimes, when you feel happy, it's because you started to look at your surroundings with a lot of love, you were contained in a context of pure love, of joy. Your joy was so great that you forgot everything else, you looked at the rest of the world with eyes of love, so you felt extremely happy. And then I ask you: How long does that Happiness last? And many will answer, “It was quick.” Exactly, because it was a moment.

At that moment you managed to raise your vibration of joy, of love, of happiness, to the point of feeling this way, but after a while, when all that disappears, it's as if Happiness left, because it was just a moment. So what is Happiness? Happiness is having something to eat, having a place to live, having a good job, having a perfect family? No, not most of the time, but having a family. But do you feel happy all the time, or will there be those days when you wake up tired of all this, the routine, the sameness necessary for you to have all that I said?

So that you have a full table, a place to live, keep your job, give your family and children living conditions, and then on this day you don't feel happy, you feel tired and often, with to throw everything in the air, and run away, crawl into the hole and stay there quietly, and see if someone forgets about you and you also forget about all the needs you have.

So what is Happiness? It is to seek this balance point, no one is happy 100% of the time. Because even those who have no need, who don't need to work, have everything at hand; there are days when they feel bored, precisely because they have nothing to do. And I would say that many feel more bored than those who have nothing. Because they are empty, they have not built anything.

So what is Happiness? Is it having everything, is it having nothing and not worrying about anything? But then, having nothing means not having the financial means, it means not having food, it means not being able to help the family, no, this is not Happiness. It is having everything and having nothing at the same time, this is not Happiness either. So what are you looking for? You look for all that, but will all that you look for bring Happiness?

Many seek fame, notoriety and lose their freedom. Is this Happiness? Many are looking for love, that ephemeral love, everyday love. Is this Happiness? There are some who find love, but are they happy 100% of the time? Does that other being that is by your side complete you 100% of the time? I would say no. I would say that if that other being completes you 100% of the time, someone is diminished there, someone is without a will of their own, someone is putting himself totally subservient to the other, to please him 100%. Is this Happiness?

Are you being pleased 100% at the expense of the other's individuality? No, that's selfish. So where is Happiness? Realize that there is no answer. There is no golden pot that you will put your hands on and will bring Happiness forever into your lives. So I can tell you, the great wisdom is to seek balance. This word that is so used and so little lived. Because when you are in balance, you have bad times, but you have excellent times that will help you forget about the bad times and you can continue your walk. You will have a companion, who will not be a doll by your side, it will be another being teaching you many things and allowing himself to learn many things that you will teach and vice versa.

Then you will be growing with that other being. This is balance. Ah, but there will be a day when you will fight, when you will not agree on certain matters. That's great, it's a sign that each one continues to have their individuality, that they didn't get carried away by the thoughts and way of thinking of the other. And how to reach a consensus? With balance, each one yielding a little in their opinion, but no one erasing their own opinion, reaching a middle ground. So where is the happiness? It's in balance. Because when you have balance, you are happy, because you can have the wisdom to deal with every problem that appears, with love.

Understanding, as I said, that there is a lesson to be learned and to be aware of. And then you gain an apprenticeship, you become wiser, and later on when the same thing happens, you will say: “No, I don't fall for that anymore, I already learned. In this I fall no more.” Because your wisdom has brought this to you and you will be happy in that moment because you will not allow that problem to live again. So what is Happiness?

It's seeking balance, it's seeking not to be happy alone, it's seeking to be happy with the whole. It doesn't matter what that Whole is. It's trying to bring from every bad thing, a teaching for a great learning later. What is Happiness? It's looking for joy in every little thing, in every little gesture, in every smile of a child, in every hug, in every good day you give or receive. This sounds silly, but it makes many people's day so much better. Emanating joy, emanating love is to change your world, it is to create that wave that spreads around you. And if it finds someone who is vibrating in the same range, another wave forms. How many waves will form? How much joy and happiness did you spread that day?

So to finish I would just say the following: What is Happiness? Happiness is not complaining, not judging, not criticizing the other, not looking at everything with a look of sadness, anger, pity against yourself. It's looking at everything with love, and when you look at everything with love, you become happy, for “n” reasons. For the wisdom that you will be acquiring, for not emanating negative feelings and for helping to propagate an energy of love. So what is Happiness?

It's looking at the sky and being grateful to Father/Mother God for having all this awareness. It's being grateful to be alive. Ah, but you are sick; and what is this disease trying to show you? Have you ever asked yourself this question? There is something extremely important to be learned there. Do you want to learn or not? It depends on your answer why this disease. Be grateful that she is there trying to teach you something. If you can't see the disease in this way, it will never go away, it will continue there, more and more hitting you, because you don't look at it as a lesson, you look at it as a burden and it will become a burden each time. larger.

So what is Happiness? It's looking with the eyes of love, at anything, at everything, at the whole, no matter what it is, everything has to be looked at with love. And then I guarantee you, will you find Happiness? No, that I cannot guarantee. but I can guarantee that you will be in balance. And who knows, this balance is so strong, so powerful, that you won't find Happiness?

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