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Message from Babaji: Extend Your Love

Message from Babaji: Extend Your Love

Everything becomes possible if you access all possibilities. Everything remains just a dream when you block life energy, since only what you see is true.

The real life takes place behind the visible world. Because the true man is a spiritual being who has qualified and decided for a life on earth out of the spirit. So it is the mind that moves everything, is visible and invisible – everything is created and born out of the mind. That is the message: the true decisions are made on the invisible level and what you invisibly redeem finds its echo in the visible world. Your everyday life changes in no time if you trust the power of love instead of the power of the factual. Now go and welcome the change, grow with the crises and remain stable with GOD!

What are the limits of your love?

The second part of the work of consciousness in the grace of God is about expanding your ability to love on the stable foundation that you have now built.

What are the limits of your love? Please dedicate yourself to this interior view and ask yourself: What are my limits to love? Who do I love and why? Can I love a stranger? Can I love people who bring mischief into the world? Can I imagine loving someone I've hated to this day? Where, beloved person, do you want to draw YOUR limit of love?

Please be very sincere! Dedicate yourself to this inventory in the following minutes so that we can pick up the thread …

Hold inside …

Now ask yourself the question: am I ready to expand my love?

Stop …

If you are ready, then visualize a person you have previously rejected or even hated. Now extend your love over this person and repeat the words inside: <DAY1> I love you, I love you, I love you ... „

Stop …

If you are ready, then visualize a situation that you have so far rejected internally, that has filled you with fears and senselessness. Visualize a situation now that you said you never want to experience again – and now repeat the words inside: „ I accept this situation with love. I accept in love, I accept in love, I accept in love.

Feel how you extend your love about this situation. As a condor spreads its wings to flight, you now spread your wings to rise above your fearful programming. The result is inner peace, outer serenity and mental stability.

In days when the world is going crazy, by expanding love, you create a stable energy field of protection. The condition for this is that you become aware of your previous limits of love and subsequently expand them.


Go step by step, step by step! First extend your love to your loved ones, then extend your love to strangers! Then raise awareness of those people you are hostile to and include in your love those who are filled with hatred.

Explore and expand the limits of your love! That is the exercise.

This work leads to the greatest healings in you and among others. At the same time, the expansion of love is the greatest blessing that man can pass on or draw on himself. This is the key to GNADE GOD'S – the ability of man to love!

Practices this visualization regularly – you can do this anywhere! As soon as a person comes to mind with whom you are unsatisfied, you can go into a healing at the soul level. You can also shape this in advance. If you look forward to an unpleasant encounter or even a dispute, take this remedy for the internal transformation of energies in good time. Align everything with the light and love of GOD! You will experience so many surprises.

JJK: I now remember a situation with my former boss in his restaurant.

At that time, a waiter was about to raise my salary. I wanted to make me work less and earn at least the same amount. My spiritual processes had been fully used and I needed more time for that. My boss at the time, who was otherwise very benevolent to me, behaved towards me – because he felt, that I wanted to talk to him in this direction – dismissively and was almost hostile to me. Of course I was familiar with this popular behavior pattern because it was his firewall, just so that nobody asked him about money. We often smiled and said: „ Our boss has a barbed wire in his pocket again! “ When he was in a good mood, many of my colleagues didn't even go to him because of a question of money. „ Today you don't have to talk to him about what he's like,it will certainly not be ...! “, it said …

Amazing, but this easily transparent trick looked great to unsettled people. But I didn't want to submit to that. I went to the boss and asked for a conversation.

The day before, I visualized this conversation in meditation.

I spoke to my boss, explained everything to him at the soul level, conveyed to him that he would not get poorer by not wanting to take anything away from him, but would like to give something – namely my work performance with even more motivation, etc. And the most important thing was: all the time I enveloped him in love, bathed him in the energy of harmony, so that every argument in advance was doomed to fail.

When I was invited to an interview the next day – my colleagues had their concerns again – the totally unexpected happened: “Yes, you get Jahn! Gladly!” The conversation lasted 2 minutes and I had to work one day less for the same pay! I was particularly surprised by the "GLADLY" because this man probably only used the word in connection with money when the money flowed in his direction...

My colleagues no longer understood the world. This is a simple example of what spiritual groundwork can do—isn't it?

Everything is divine energy

BABAJI: Everything flows, everything is divine energy.

When people meet on a more subtle level, where earthly constraints temporarily rest, anything is possible! Barely aware of this powerful possibility, people stumble from conflict to conflict. Today, here and now it is different. Anyone who has taken their seat and been guided to this transmission of pure divine energy is ready to step into this reality. Now it's time to integrate this reality into everyday life, to work in all fields and also to dive into the invisible reality. The hard facts of a solid world mean everything to the blind man, but are hardly worth mentioning to the awakened man.

Everything becomes possible when you access all possibilities. Everything remains only a dream when one blocks the life energy, since only what one sees is true.

The actual life takes place behind the visible world. Because the true human being is a spiritual being who has qualified and decided for a life on earth out of the spirit. So it is the spirit that moves everything, visible and invisible - everything is created and born of the spirit.

This is the message: the true choices are made on the invisible plane and what you redeem invisibly reverberates on the visible world.

Your everyday life changes in no time if you trust the power of love instead of the power of the factual.

 Now go and welcome the change, grow with the crises and remain stable with GOD!

Because you carry a whole kingdom in your heart - love.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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