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Message from Babaji: Of Schools And Children

Message from Babaji: Of Schools And Children

Children who are degraded to robots that have to spit out knowledge on command lose all creativity and only fulfill what is expected of them. The end of diligence begins, where a child is blocked in his creativity. Maintaining the enthusiasm inherent in the child is the top priority of parents, teachers, mentors and schools.

Alternative schools

JJK: What benefits can children derive from an "alternative school system"? I mean schools where the children decide for themselves when they learn and also what they learn and when. What does this "freedom" do to the children? So-called "free schools" are currently experiencing a boom, as the state school institutions fail miserably. But is that always better?

I experience both school systems – regular school and alternative school – very closely. I have to say that the children need "guidance" and "guidelines" to a certain extent. It is good when teachers encourage and challenge the children. Much of this is not the case in some of these new schools. The children are more or less left to their own devices ... What do such schools do with the children?

BABAJI: I am with you and I am with you, beloved people. Let us shed light on these matters.

From an "alternative school principle", that is, from schools that largely leave the children to themselves and in which little active support emanates from the teachers, children can above all benefit: without dictation, without pressure to find their way of life. It is a search in which personal responsibility is important very early on and the children are encouraged to do so.

Observations as you describe and experience them result from the fact that the children only come into this personal responsibility when they have completely freed themselves from the expectations of the parents and the system. This is often a long way and so it seems that these children are disoriented or listless. But that is not the case. Learning only takes place differently and also later.

Furthermore, a distinction must be made between alternative schools. There are also good and bad schools in this system. This also applies to mainstream schools. What matters in every school, no matter what type, is the teachers and is the climate that prevails in the school.

School grades

JJK: Are grades good or bad?

BABAJI: Again, it's up to the teachers. Anyone who uses grades as an instrument of power misses the mark and children lose the joy of learning. Grades can be an incentive if teachers know how to handle them carefully.

In general, grades increase competition in a class community, which prepares the children well for this matrix, but does not allow them to find their way to themselves. Schools without assessments and with teachers who are really up to the task are the ideal case.

What the current school system lacks in many "developed countries" is the failure to form a heart, the failure to educate spiritual, and the failure to align with divine principle.

In conventional schools, a one-sided transfer of knowledge takes place, so that their graduates are ideally suited for this system. Heart formation is unknown in these schools and so the children develop into egoists who live according to the law of the strongest.

In many "alternative schools" a different intention applies. Anthroposophical schools according to Rudolf Steiner or the schools according to Maria Montessori are to be emphasized here. There are also good schools worldwide, which were founded by masters or highly developed people and in which a holistic knowledge is imparted in a very sensitive and humane way by wonderful teachers.

JJK: What about parents who teach their children themselves, what about children who have never seen a school from the inside?

Home learning and growing up without a computer and mobile phone

BABAJI: Again, it depends on the parents and the children. Some parents overwhelm themselves and their children, because it is not always conflict-free when parents teach their own children. This often results in friction surfaces that are not necessarily beneficial.

JJK: If children learn in nature, grow up far away from computers and mobile phones – is that good? Don't these children become unworldly and do these children later have problems in this world?

BABAJI: It's the mixture, the dose that matters. Keeping children away from the dubious blessings of this world by all means only strengthens their interest in making up for what they have missed at some point.

Those who are never allowed to do certain things are waiting for the right opportunity to try something out or catch up. Here it is important to prevent extremes.

The right thing to do is to strike a middle ground and make things aware. Parents and teachers who point out the dangers and the effect of using mobile phones and computers, but leave the decision to the children after a certain age, go the right way.

JJK: How old should children be that they can decide for themselves whether they use a mobile phone or a computer and how to use them?

BABAJI: The question is how these media are used. In general, it is important to accompany the children and gradually teach them how to deal with them responsibly. As soon as the children know what dangers this poses, they can make their own thoughts about it – which is very beneficial. A strict ban should prevail in infancy.

Children up to the age of 7 should be kept away from all these things. Only then is a very cautious and gradual acquaintance with these media recommended.

"Breeding and order"

JJK: What effect do strict, i.e. authoritarian schools have on children – I mean schools in which "discipline and order" prevail and everything is defined by the grading system?

BABAJI: Competitive thinking, exercising the right of the strongest, fist law, egoism, lack of empathy and orientation towards a struggle for survival. Schools that lack the soul, where teachers act like dictators and perceive children as computers that are supposed to spit out information at will, are a great evil.

JJK: "Bulimia learning" is a term that has prevailed. The children spit out their knowledge during exams and then quickly forget about it ...

BABAJI: Under these circumstances, every school misses its target and school has no meaning. Unless you want to redefine the children into robots – which of course is forced by this matrix.

The Gender Ideology

JJK: And schools that are exactly on the other side of the scale, that level everything and possibly also spread gender ideology?

BABAJI: School systems that are absorbed into gender ideology and propagate gender equality give children a completely distorted view of people and the world. It is very difficult for these children to maintain or build their own identity.

Where one's own sexuality is questioned, uncertainties arise with regard to oneself.

Self-confidence and self-confidence fall by the wayside and a constant search for identity is the result. This "pedagogy" is part of the plan not to let people come into their power in order to be able to control them permanently.

A person who does not have an anchored gender self-image remains a malleable mass and can be manipulated in a certain direction at any time.

The greatest assaults and injuries happen through sexuality and here it is already started with the children, by casting doubt on their innate instincts and twisting them. In general, schools where teachers do not exercise their innate gender identity or natural authority have a detrimental effect on children.

Only very few children can grow and progress without "mission statements", "role models", clear "accompaniment" and wise "leadership" – and the children need female and male energies in the mediation.

It is important for teachers to know themselves so that students can get to know themselves.

Only in this way can teachers and students take their places. Humans are one at a higher level. At the level we discuss, it is important to recognize the differences of the people defined by their tasks and to behave accordingly. Schools that lack such teachers very often leave children with an inner disorientation and chaos.

Loving accompaniment and natural authority are the best way to support a child until he or she gains firmness in this world. Add to that wisdom, happiness is perfect for the children.

Children's potential

Basically, no matter what "school system" a child went through, people have an enormous inner potential and are able to take off whatever "straitjacket". A person's consciousness can examine everything and see through everything – and many of today's children are quite capable of recognizing their predicament and correcting it later.

JJK: I also sometimes think to myself that if the pole shift came in the next two years and the world changed completely and people rose, then the children will learn differently, then these questions will be obsolete. So what do my questions and concerns mean when the grade-free, telepathic transfer of knowledge in a loving and appreciative environment is just around the corner?

BABAJI: Focusing on this is not an approach to resolving the current situation. To bet on potentials is not fundamentally wrong, but to remain inactive until then and not to respond to the now is a sin. The here and now demand answers and the developments you mentioned must become "potentially" possible. This is done by people dedicating themselves to their daily tasks and not by fleeing from them.

Accordingly, children should definitely be encouraged to learn and acquire skills.

"Discipline and order" is just as much the wrong way as letting the children grow up "without authority". In both cases, their abilities atrophy. Some become system slaves and others tend to be lazy and sluggish.

What it's all about!

What is the accompaniment of children at the forefront? Appreciation, respect and love – on this foundation everything can be conveyed to the children! The most important criterion is the role model effect of parents and teachers. Anyone who exemplifies to the children what he wants to convey to them is the best teacher, the best mother and the best father.

Everything we discuss here is obsolete when adults say one thing and do the other.

In this way, the children can also be taught the importance of effort and the value of diligence. These two qualities are indispensable on all levels of being, one entity wants to unfold and achieve something. Laziness is a sin. If diligence is conveyed by the example of parents and teachers, then much, very much, has already been gained.

"Without diligence there is no price!"

JJK: "Without diligence no price" is a common saying!

BABAJI: God helps the industrious in all his aspirations. Laziness or diligence is paramount in all endeavors at all times and on all timelines. From this derives the human character, no matter in which world and in which environment.

Effort is required at all levels of being and an awakened mind loves these efforts knowing that it will grow. Schools can train this awareness, keep it awake, so that it does not atrophy and so that man develops a good character. Only then can he unfold his actual "potential".

Diligence has to do with self-respect – and children have this self-respect from birth.

Thus, the diligence of every human being is innate, otherwise no one would walk upright, as he would spare himself the efforts of "learning to walk". These qualities are trained off the children in schools or by wrong "education". If there is still a lack of role models, the frustration is perfect.

Children who are degraded to robots that have to spit out knowledge on command lose all creativity and only fulfill what is expected of them. The end of diligence begins, where a child is blocked in his creativity. Maintaining the enthusiasm inherent in the child is the top priority of parents, teachers, mentors and schools.

JJK: Can schools that more or less leave the children to their own devices or that force gender madness ruin this "system of life"?

BABAJI: Yes, so that the children find a similar living environment outside of school. No, so that the children with people can critically reflect on what they have experienced or leave these schools in time.

Basically, as presented at the beginning of our conversation, a child has the opportunity to discover his "will" in a "school without pressure", since there is no "must" in these schools. It is also important to understand that every child wants to be accompanied and supported in different ways. For many children, the rigid school system with "frontal teaching", grades and exams is ideal, for others it is an impossibility. Here it is important to differentiate.

The best school for all children is the one where teachers treat the children with appreciation, where there is a good climate. The following applies to all schools: If your children like to go, then you know that it is good and many things are right.

JJK: How does a person who has lost his enthusiasm at some point become diligent again? How can enthusiasm return? Is this predisposition or training? Does diligence come from interest, i.e. automatically, when a person finds his vocation and locks it up with employment?

BABAJI: "Automatically" when the value of diligence is conveyed and reflected in this person's living environment. Then even the laziest will become diligent again.

Defiance and puberty

JJK: How to deal with children who go through their phases – from the defiance phase to puberty, parents can face a lot. Is there a basic rule?

BABAJI: To carry out the "conflicts" and to assign the children their place in the family. Consistency and also strictness, that is, setting limits, and presenting this in a loving atmosphere, that is the first key. The second key is not to always make "transgressions" a big deal. Grant, forgive and stick to your line, that is the way.

Children benefit most from loving parents who clearly express their own desires and clearly formulate expectations of their children.

JJK: When can children be overwhelmed?

BABAJI: The children "get out" if the parents do not live what they say and set as a model for the family. When parents confuse consequence with deprivation of love and hardship.

JJK: What makes the difference?

BABAJI: In this context, consistency means that what people in a family or community have agreed on is also adhered to – to persistently go a way, to comply with agreements and to be able to justify them logically.

Children always react to unfounded hardship, that is, hardship that eludes understanding, combined with deprivation of love, by closing themselves off internally. They protect themselves from this cold. Adults also behave similarly in this case, except that in most cases they are more practiced or jaded to deal with it.

After all, most adults have had to develop the ability to navigate a world full of injustices, harshness and lovelessness.

We end this conversation at this point.

I encourage all parents and teachers to be role models for the children themselves. Then the children have the best orientation and they navigate safely through the storms of this time – on a daily changing earth.

I am with you and with all the children of this world. I love you infinitely.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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