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Message From Jesus-Sananda: The Kingdom Is Born - Part 2

Message From Jesus-Sananda: The Kingdom Is Born - Part 2

Verily, you are the greatest of all the angels in the whole universe.

Conversation on the 10th Revelation

The step into power

JJK: Beloved Jesus, now I know why I was stunned all morning. With this message, I am not surprised that I was completely switched off?

JESUS SANANDA: Good afternoon, beloved brother, I bless you, I bless every being who now understands my closeness.

Yes, indeed, this revelation is therefore very important so that you can take the next step into your power.

It is very important to know what constitutes a human existence and how it comes about. And who receives the admission from being. Only the greatest angels, that's the way it is.

JJK: So, we were all already logos of many creations, builders of many worlds and even the stars in the sky that we now look at with fascination come from our energy field?

JESUS SANANDA: That's right. Here is the next stage, a new dimension of your omnipresence revealed to you. The other side of multidimensionality and how much everything has emerged from an origin – from yourself.

Whenever it is said that everything came out of God, you are automatically meant too, for everything came out of you when you were still fully aware of your divine power and applied it in accordance with divine principles.

Yes, it is always you, truly, you are the greatest of all angels in the whole universe.

JJK: The "feelings of inferiority" disappear all by themselves. The end of powerlessness, of self-limitation, as a person reads?

JESUS SANANDA: Not quite, Jahn! But the possibilities for this are good, because this information vibrates so high that a person is also lifted into this vibration and gets there again and again, as he remembers.

This is because many people simply cannot believe this. They cannot and do not want to admit it, as the self-restrictions still have a powerful effect.

But for all those who have already been well clarified, this is a message that liberates a great deal at the moment.

JJK: And now it goes back, and everything starts all over again?

JESUS SANANDA: To a certain extent, yes, but only in principle, since the principle of creation, that every evolution takes place step by step, must be complied with. But what you are creating now is new, you have never experienced it before, is absolutely unique.

In creation there are no repetitions, only man is full of them, if he is really on the time and space line of being.

Not only does he repeat his lives, but a single life is full of repetitions. Until that is discarded, because you know how to apply the NOW for yourself.

So you begin to create new worlds, be retrained to form stars, and more.

Yes, the journey back is just as exciting as the journey here on Gaia TERRA XX.

JJK: And apart from BABAJI EA'H SAT NAM', no one in being has yet completed this journey in both directions?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes. Therefore, HE has a sphere of activity that is unique in creation, He is truly GOD HIMSELF.

JJK: I also find the magnitude of this change very impressive.

"War of the Worlds"

The whole universe, the whole creation is affected, because there was this game between light and dark in many places?

JESUS SANANDA: Yes. It was truly a "war of the worlds" that was given to the best, but that is almost over.

Today we conclude the 888th treaty with a society that has so far turned to darkness on the planetary level of creation. And this process goes on and on. Soon all of creation is light. Levels are preserved that continue to create duality, so that the people who still want to live it can do so. But beyond that, this game will be ended. That's right.

The journey back to the origin is therefore an extremely exciting matter and is understood in its true extent from the 5th dimension onwards. And this revelation opens you to it.

JJK: Now I don't have a question, or maybe still:

No matter what kind of person I have in front of me, how "evil" and "deviant" or far from the light he is, he is exactly of this quality, like me, like all of us! So we are all truly one. May I ask you to say something about that?

JESUS SANANDA: Verily, you are one. From this overarching point of view, it is easier to cope with the different stages of development of people.

But it remains quite consciously: It is one thing to know from which origin you all descend and it is the other to know on which part of the path a person is.

Honor every human being, love every being, but distinguish who and what you are dealing with on this level.

JJK: Thank you, Jesus, thank you very much. Now I am light and clear, the "numbness" has given way. The message is given as I feel.

JESUS SANANDA: I now take my light back a little. The message is poured into the Word and will take people further in their introspection than ever before.

This revelation is the fertilizer that now falls into the still ignorant souls of men, so that knowledge may flourish on their soil.

That's right. I am with you forever and am the "tour guide" back to being.

You are always protected in my love,

Translation by

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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