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Sananda - Live Like You're In The Fifth Dimension

Sananda - Live Like You're In The Fifth Dimension

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

Once again, being with you is a reason for much joy and complete satisfaction for me. However, I still see some hearts very anxious; anxiety mixed with hope, but at the same time, fear. What we've been passing to you is not to cause fear.

It's to bring truth and to prepare you for what's to come. We can't come here and just say: "Look, it's all going to be wonderful. Everybody will be hugging each other, everybody will be clapping; it will be a moment of ecstasy on the planet." Then when the day comes and you see that it was nothing like that, what would you think of us? You would think that if we deceived you about something that was going to happen, why didn't we always deceive you?

So the idea is never to spread fear; the idea is simply to spread the truth. It won't be beautiful, it won't be easy, but it will be necessary. Every change is never covered by balance. Every change brings anxiety. It brings the new, the work of cleaning up what is no longer suitable and adapting everything you have to for the new thing that's coming. It isn't an easy moment; it isn't simple and tranquil. And I can extend this concept to everything in your world. Any change takes everything out of balance, whatever it is.

So, preparing your hearts for difficult moments is necessary, but it is not for anyone to feel afraid. What have we been saying here? Whoever vibrates above this whole process will feel practically nothing. Whoever participates and absorbs the energy created will be present among them and share in everything. So why be afraid? I can understand anxiety because you don't know what's coming, what's going to happen, how it's going to happen, and when it's going to happen. So, within the human consciousness, it is almost impossible to ask you not to be anxious. But let it also be mild anxiety, not to live for it, not to look up to the sky every second... "So, has it happened yet?" Because that will bring imbalance to your bodies, and that's not what we want either.

What have we been telling you since the beginning? First, everything is being done for everything to happen as smoothly as possible, which is why it's taken so long. We could have done this awakening long ago. Still, we needed a sufficient quantum of energy to do it, and today we have it. And even with the oscillation of this energy, we no longer depend on it for "The Great Day" to happen. Another critical point is that many think this day will be the event when many will go to the Fifth Dimension automatically.

I would say that many may move into the Fifth Dimension, but not because it will be the event. The turning of this planet into the Fifth Dimension still takes time. Many here still need to learn many lessons. You'll still do many activities and learn many things. It isn't the planet's turning yet but the awakening of humanity. Each and every blockage and lack of consciousness will be eliminated. This is the awakening: there will be no more mind manipulation; we will all begin to see things as they are rather than as the Matrix determines.

This program is running out of days, and they know it. So when the awakening happens, there will be no more lying; there will be no more deceiving, seducing, falsifying anything. You'll be able to see that it isn't true. Then their domination will end. And it's at this point that humanity will begin to awaken. Some will choose to live in the Light, to leave the disgusting world you have been accustomed to. I mean the mundane things and the addictions that have taken you off the path. They have taken away so many young people who came here to elevate the planet and have no condition to evolve any further today. They have lost their way.

This is the disgusting world you have been introduced to, and the problem is that many have enjoyed it. And I would add that many will still continue to worship this world in the hidden shadows because this will no longer be the usual. It will be forbidden. But these, if they do so, will be complying with the chaff, and it will be effortless to find each one of them. Those who manage to free themselves of all these vices, these dreadful habits, will plead to be part of the wheat and follow the Ascension Path, learning all that is necessary to evolve. It may be that they give up on the way. Yes, they may; they will be added to the chaff. And many of the chaff may also want to change their path in the middle of the project. Could they? Yes, they can. Everyone has the free choice to change sides whenever they want.

So my sons and daughters, what to expect from the Great Awakening? First is the vision of the truth, of that which you have hidden for so long because it was too ugly, disgusting, and horrifying. For this reason, many won't accept it easily; many will revolt. And about the galactic beings, many won't accept them either because, within their minds, they have been used to believing that there's no one else in the universe. So, what accounts for the sudden appearance of so many different beings on the planet? Is it an invasion? Is it a new war? Many days will have passed until they realize that none of this will happen. And many will have succumbed to this wave of hate and violence that will implant itself on the planet.

No, we can no longer embellish the whole process. The process will be complex and very difficult for all of you. For those in the middle to go through it and those outside to look at it. So, where do you choose to be: in the middle or looking in? I advise that you remain on the outside, living your own catharsis that will also happen. However, do not allow yourself to surrender and fall into that energy loop of imbalance that will settle over the planet.

Now, we must not forget, and I hope you do not forget, that the Light is on the planet and will work in every heart. Those who open their hearts will be enveloped by it and balanced, comforted, and nurtured by all of us. But, on the other hand, those whose hearts are black and closed are the ones who will cause all this wave of imbalance because it will be the last breath of those who will lose everything. They no longer have the power, nor do they have weapons to manipulate. It's over. And they won't accept it easily. And because their hearts are black and closed, the Light won't penetrate.

But I repeat it: the Light will care for those whose hearts possess Love. And these creatures with black hearts will be removed little by little from the planet. Of course, all this won't happen from one day to the next; it will be gradual, but they'll leave the planet. And many who choose wheat may, over time, miss everything they have lived and become bored, if not revolt. It will be their choice; they'll go to the side of the chaff. There's no alternative, there's no wall, there's no middle way. Either you take on the Light fully, with all that is necessary to be lived within the Light, or you aren't ready for it. A small slip throws you into the chaff because there's no way you can accept 10% of the Light and not want to accept the rest. Either you are 100% Light and wholeheartedly agree to live within the rules of the Light, or you are chaff. There's no way around it; there is not a little bit here, a little bit there.

Then learn to live within the rules of the Light. Don't go back and forth between one side and the other to get a taste of that which brings you such ephemeral pleasure. Either you choose to be totally Light, or you are in trouble. You can't go back and forth. It's a decision, sometimes even difficult, but you must choose a side. You can't go back and forth. There will come a time when a simple slip will take you off the path. Going to the chaff doesn't mean leaving the planet at the exact moment; of course not. But you will be so wrapped up in that unbalanced mass that it will be very complicated for you to return to the Light. It will take a lot of willpower.

So, try to stay on the path of Light. Begin to live today, now, as if you were already in the Fifth Dimension. This's the secret. "In the Fifth Dimension, I wouldn't do that. So don't do it. Start learning not to do it so that you gradually lose the habit and the will to do it. A single slip-up puts everything at risk. So choose the right side, the learning process. But, of course, nobody will be desperate today if they make one false step. The important thing is to be aware of what you are doing. "I must not repeat this anymore." And don't repeat it.

You will still slip many times, but try to be aware of why you are falling so that you start to eliminate these habits. These are all habits. They aren't needs of your bodies or minds; they're habits and customs you have acquired. And in the same way that you have acquired them, you can lose those habits. All you have to do is be aware of what you are doing. And then, little by little, your mind will learn that you no longer have to repeat this and won't repeat it.

Do not treat time as infinity to learn to live in the Fifth Dimension. Use time as if you were tomorrow and today. You have to be ready. Would you be? Ah, I answered: 99.99% would not be. You would have to go through a long, painful, and complex process of cleansing and transformation to make it to the Fifth Dimension. So, the cleaner you get, the closer you get to all the habits of the Fifth Dimension, the easier it will be for you to pass. Think about it and start changing your habits yesterday, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, because it might be too late.

And to sum up, I want to talk briefly about our meeting on November 12th. I said that little by little, I would tell you what is being planned. So I'll repeat what I said the other day: There's no rule. Each group will get together and do something for the planet. So do not wait to be told what you will do. I want action, I want attitude, I want you to think. It won't be me or anyone here who will say to you, do this. It will be a good action for the planet. So begin to seek out what you are going to do. Don't wait for anything to come out or for us to tell you what you will do.

What did I say? Those with no group will do it alone or call friends or family to do it with them. Don't expect anything to come out of this saying what you will do. Make your own decisions and follow your own path. No groups will be formed apart from those existing today for the meeting. Whoever wants to participate can create their own groups besides the ones that exist today. And each one will take action for the planet. I won't tell you what will be done, and you won't receive this instruction. You should look for what you can do for the planet in your city, neighborhood, and corner.

The event will take place at a location to be defined in the state of Rio de Janeiro. So, the state is already defined, but the site is not yet. The activities that will take place during the day will be announced later, but they won't interfere with the action you'll be doing. You should take your own actions; don't depend on me or anyone else to tell you what you will do. If you can't think of anything, it's complicated, isn't it? There is so much to do for this planet.

So it's explained: each group will do what it wants. How many groups will be formed? It doesn't matter. Those who are alone form their own groups, or if you want to act alone, act alone. There are no rules, and you won't be told what to do. It's an act for the planet. Many ask if caring for animals is an action for the planet. So I ask, "Is caring for humans a measure for the planet? In a way, yes, but this is not the goal. The goal is to take care of the planet. Not to take care of the animals, not to take care of people; it's to take care of the planet, the Earth, Gaia. So don't mix things up.

You've been warned then. The schedule will take place during the day for those who can be at the location to be defined; those who can't receive it live on YouTube. So there's nothing to worry about. The gathering will be in the morning, and from a specific time, we will all be gathered in one energy, one heart. And another point: of course, we will be present and speak. But don't think it will be a debate; we aren't that earthly.

We'll be with you. Who among us? It doesn't matter. We'll have a moment of channeling, messages for you, and a moment of debate between you and us. We haven't reached that point yet. So don't expect you to ask us questions, because this won't happen. You'll have a moment to exchange ideas, get to know each other, and show new ideas and projects. This will be very welcome. Don't think that this will be a debate. We are not political and won't be there to answer questions.

So, it will be a great meeting for those who want and can be present. But everyone will receive our energy, whoever is connected at that moment. So it's defined how the day will be. More details will come later. We will not go too far into the night because of those who come from far away; everything will end at 6 pm at the latest so that everyone can go home calmly and without a rush. We will start early. That's right, we will start very early. What would be early? 7 o'clock in the morning. Is that good for you? Because we will have a morning of action on Gaia. So, we can't start at 8 or 9 or 10, we have to start early.

Therefore, we will start at 7 a.m. By lunchtime, we shall have completed all the action on the planet. And in the afternoon, it will be talking and channeling. This is what the day will be like. The rest of the schedule, you will know on the day. Start planning now. I will work together to set the location up as soon as possible so everyone can plan ahead. Wait, and soon, you'll quickly know where it will be.

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