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Are You Truly Ready For Your Entire Matrix Reality To Quantum Shift?


Cosmic Awakenings "Move" to the Forefront...

Aloha Beautiful Soul Star Family and Beautiful Multi-Dimensional Light BEings,

I can't even start to cover everything that's been occurring on a Quantum Cosmic Multi-Dimensional Level... it's just sooooo vast in a multitude of ways. So I won't even try. I'll recap and mention a few here, while sharing/providing more reSOURCES, gifts, opportunities for you to utilize to assist you in your own awakening, ascending, expanding and embodiment processes, passageways and journey here. 

In May, we accomplished so very much (energetically and physically) and entered a whole new phase that will cata-launch all of us into much higher vibrational dimensional timelines/realities, if this is what we seek, desire and focus our own energy on. 

Our focus shows us/all our priorities, which change all along the way as we clear our own human separation/programming and start to truly understand our ROLES here as Awakening HUmans (Soul/StarSeed Embodiers), NEW Earth Light BEings, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Stabilizers, Frequency Holders, Light Keepers, Bridgers/Bridgekeepers, Change Makers, Guardians, Cosmic Citizens and so very much more. This is all of us, not just the visible ones.... as this takes us ALL to contribute, support, create and anchor the immensity of these mega-wattage Cosmic Rays & Light Codes in through our physical bodies and into our entire physical reality too.

We continue to integrate the COSMIC BODY TEMPLATE into our physical and within Gaia/Atmospherically too. These Cosmic Rays re-work and re-code through the magnificence of beautiful new COLORS, as the Cosmic Rainbow Body template has more colors than the original body template did. Our Ascending Body Rainbow Template gets upgraded huge, which appears in our physical reality for us too!

We've entered Cosmic Akash Clearings.... so while expanded and conscious, we can clear any programming that emerges with great ease. We've been in a couple of weeks of "clearing old human programs and timelines", while staying focused on accomplishing, integrating and DOing whatever appropriate for our own reality to anchor, shift and re-align our own realities fully, for easier shifting as we move into this next phase. 

I've written a new article today, which is shared below. The ENTIRE UNIVERSE/COSMOS has been activated to awaken from every living being now. This opens up FEELING  and connecting on a whole new level, while exacerbating/illuminating any distortions to be repetitive/louder/visible for all to choose to collapse those programs/realities consciously and bring the entire reality into a much higher state of consciousness through open, loving, caring communication, sharing and unification together..... 

The entire physical reality is yours to MASTER AS LOVE, as your own Higher Selves/Universal Aspects. It's yours to observe, through full presence and come to understand, how you created that, how you allowed that, what "that" is showing you about you that you could not previously see, where you compromise, don't love/respect you/each other and where there are still dualistic/unconscious/karmic programs playing themselves out..... 

Everyone here has EVERY CAPABILITY available.... yet the ego/human aspect loves to use words like "have to, forced, made me, did this to me", instead of "I'm choosing this, I'm allowing this, I'm the one RESPONSIBLE for SHIFTING this and for how I act, treat myself/others and think".... 

We are in a VIBRATION of POWERful shifts. One theme is each standing in their power fully now. Another is coming together and working together, sharing, uplifting, supporting and THEN RECEIVING... later, whenever, however your Universe (higher version of you), DELIVERS this to you (your human)..... When you stand as your Highest Everything, then your realities are always bringing forth that which supports your higher vibrational realities here.... You are always RECEIVING abundantly, because you are no longer playing in the lack/fear based/survival realities from within. You are stepping up and uniting, your heart is open and kind, you reciprocate, you are beyond generous from the purest place of your own SOUL and you CHOOSE your every moment CONSCIOUSLY...... 

The most beautiful vibrational energies are continual now.... as are the realities we experience too. What you focus your own energy on, this will dictate your actual experiences here. 

I love you! Injoy the NEW QUANTUM LIGHT ACTIVATION and recent Video Discussion (now available on replay) with Todd Medina (Soulogy One Network/SoulSpeaks 5D) too. 

p.s. You have very important roles here. We all start small and work our way UP. Your contribution to HUmanity is through how you show up, how much you truly care about yourself and us all/each other as ONE here. The rest is easy and will "come to you", as you are truly ready to step into SIMPLY fulfilling your own highest SOUL Purposes & Missions AS LOVE here. As you HOLD YOUR OWN LIGHT, you don't "play" small/minimize (or need to inflate your ego) anymore. ♥

Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

I was born (walked in at 3) to a human existence as Lisa and my remembered name is Transcendence. I "fell backwards" into this journey of consciousness, awakening, remembering & ascension. It was "long after", when I looked back and started to "connect the dots" and put the puzzle pieces together that I actually understood everything. This IS how it works here, unless we have someone or something to guide us along the way. I used this "new knowledge" to develop courses and teaching tools for others. Little did I know that in all of the time I was listening to "higher guidance", that I, as my future self, was leading me to "this point in time" of becoming a WayShower, Ascension Guide, Light Anchor, Gatekeeper and more, for the 5th Dimensional Realm (and higher). It was by using my own experiences & expansion that I created and shared, every step of the way. It is what brought me here now, to be able to share with you.
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