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May 4th Newsletter: We are Anchoring and Integrating

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the Next Phase of our 2222 Codes into Earth's & Our Personal Gridwork & StarGate Systems

We are Anchoring and Integration the Next Phase of our 2222 Codes into Earth's & Our Personal Gridwork & StarGate SystemsWe are Anchoring and Integration the Next Phase of our 2222 Codes into Earth's & Our Personal Gridwork & StarGate SystemsAloha Beautiful Gridkeepers and Light Family, A huge thank you and congrats to all who have been working so diligently as Light Keepers to anchor and integrate Unity Love Consciousness within themselves, their own realities and for all of HUmanity and multi-dimensionally, multi-versally, and cosmically too. This is a powerful process that requires our total presence and dedication to anchor these highest dimensional timelines/realities into this/our physical too. 

I shared some photos from May 1st Gateway completion and the opening of infinite others too. This occurs with every huge gateway completion and it's beyond inspiring, exquisite and magical to experience in our actual physical reality, which is why we share for all others ready for NEW EARTH EXPERIENCES in every aspect of their own lives too!

There is so very much going on constantly on a Cosmic/Multi-Dimensional/Energetic Level, where all ORIGINATES FROM... 

The actual CODES for our DNA, our physical realities, our entire existence here... emanate from this. Our unconscious human aspects don't have access, because this existence is VIBRATIONAL and TOTAL NON-LINEAR... the opposite of how our ego/human aspect functions, which is why none of this makes any "logical" sense. It's not supposed to. It takes each learning how to KEEP THEIR HEART WIDE OPEN ALL OF THE TIME and not shutting their heart down, going into survival/just get by mode, self-serving first mode, protection mode... in order to see, feel, access, understand.

The work we do as Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers is important for all of HUmanity here. Every dimension affected, we hold the key-codes within our own body templates, the codes for a much higher consciousness humanity here. This is all of us though, not just those of us that you see fulfilling our highest purposes & roles here by writing on a regular basis to awaken, guide, assist and deliver these codes to each ready for this. This is YOU as you hold yourself to a higher state of consciousness, as YOUR BODY is the Cosmic Portal, your body is the Gateway (Cosmic Heart & Higher Mind), your body is the Gridwork that links you up to Higher Dimensional NEW EARTH. It's also what held the density and programming that kept your body bound to an unconscious dimension (3rd & 4th) before. It's where all is HOUSED/HELD, so each must go INWARD TO ACTIVATE THESE KEYS AND CODES and expand into the UNIFIED FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS where the physical is mastered as a state of consciousness, a Unified Existence from within your SELF.

This is an "EVERY MOMENT my heart must be fully open to receive, fully open to REMEMBER, FULLY OPEN TO BE CONSCIOUS, FULLY OPEN TO AFFECT and MASTER the Physical", instead of wandering unconsciously through realities focused on what "everyone else is doing/saying" and giving your power away to the outside, by believing that's the only reality there is. 

I've written the May's Energy Report and am sharing it below, as well as some recent articles to assist with the vastness of daily upgrades and encoded shifts occurring on a multi-dimensional level as well. These writings are all Light Encoded Activations and my own shared Teachings, working on a Quantum Level for all who take the time to read and integrate fully. They are purposeful and take a lot of work on our part to deliver "in real time" what's always available as each reaches/achieves the vibration within to activate, anchor and tune vibrationally with the encodments delivered as love. ♥

WE are integrating the next level of the 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmanity Codes into the/our physical right now. These are powerful and take every ounce of energy we have to hold the immensity within us, so honor you/your body first and allow for plenty of rest/sleep to integrate, focusing your exquisite energy on that which aligns easily, births more new, anchors those higher dimensional realities in, while inspiring, uplifting, empowering, uniting and touching more as love, kindness and generosity here. 

As all come to realize that "the gridwork" is in the muscles and every part of each's  physical body and that this links up to the dimensional gridwork of the version of Earth's Timeline that you physically exist in, more will realize the importance of HOLDING and INTEGRATING as a priority, instead of a "have to" when the body says "enough". This gridwork links up to your own personal StarGate System (at first your Merkaba for Physical Body Ascension to occur), all an intricate geometric system working together cohesively to allow you to walk multi-dimensionally now. Every atom, cell and molecule of y/our body is a part of this magnificent and intelligent living, breathing eco-system that works in unison and cohesively with ALL, as each BEcomes the entire Universe (and more) here, through REMEMBERING FULLY and coming to EXIST beyond the Veils of Amnesia in order to fulfill Highest Consciousness Cosmic Roles here. 

Keep shining your light, honoring you, listening to your body and BEing your Highest Consciousness YOU too!

Magical blessings from Kauai,

♥ Lisa ♥

p.s. I'm on Kauai, not the Big Island where the Volcano (Gaia) is Speaking and re-aligning to a whole new gridding system right now.

Multi-Dimensional Quantum Cosmic Energy Update: Massive Re-Gridding Process & Diamond Light Code Detox Continues & May Energies Unleashed (Energy Report/Forecast/Overview)

Your Fractaled Realities Represent Your Fractaled Aspects: Divine Flow, Timeline Collapses are Quantum Convergences

We've Been Deeeeeeeeep Within The Gridwork.... Clearing.... Heavy Duty Old Programming Out: Preparing for this Next UpShift, Individually and Collectively as well...

Deep Cellular Cleansings, Current Energies, Shifting Dimensions with Your Whole Body, Oscillating at Different Frequency Bandwidths, New Cosmic DNA Codes...

I was born (walked in at 3) to a human existence as Lisa and my remembered name is Transcendence. I "fell backwards" into this journey of consciousness, awakening, remembering & ascension. It was "long after", when I looked back and started to "connect the dots" and put the puzzle pieces together that I actually understood everything. This IS how it works here, unless we have someone or something to guide us along the way. I used this "new knowledge" to develop courses and teaching tools for others. Little did I know that in all of the time I was listening to "higher guidance", that I, as my future self, was leading me to "this point in time" of becoming a WayShower, Ascension Guide, Light Anchor, Gatekeeper and more, for the 5th Dimensional Realm (and higher). It was by using my own experiences & expansion that I created and shared, every step of the way. It is what brought me here now, to be able to share with you.
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