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August 2020 Monthly Forecast

August 2020 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for August is “Intense Adjustment”

August is a dynamic month of facing change, avoiding conflict, taking care of your own business, making hard choices, practicing protection, releasing old patterns by their roots, and navigating intense adjustments with acceptance, grace, and flexibility.

We have come to the hardest rapid in the river and you can sit in the eddy holding on to your fear or you can go through it proactively with the right set up and determination, turning your fear into the excitement of the thrill. You cannot turn back and sitting in the eddy or going back upriver are not good options.

This is a scary time for many, and the unknown quality of the future can either add to the fear or it can inspire new ideas and possibilities. As the structures we have come to rely on are crumbling before us, it is better to focus on the space being created instead of the form being lost. In that new space, you have the proactive option of inserting your own creativity, intentions, and inspiration.

The energy this month can be harsh, aggressive, and ruthless. A negative way to handle the intensity would be to engage in conflict, stubbornly hold on to your attachments, and get stuck in fear, anxiety, and worry. This is a position of reactivity and will only make you vulnerable instead of powerful. If you are sitting in the eddy, stuck in your own fears, you are vulnerable to being hit by something coming down the river, forcing an adjustment you do not need or are not ready for. This is not the month to be in the wrong place and the wrong time so pay attention, be present, proactive, courageous, and use this energy wisely.

The positive way to handle the month would be to focus on what is true for you, acknowledge what is out of balance, face change with acceptance, adjust what needs it in your own life, and be inspired by the unknown trajectory of the future. We are looking at a blank canvas ready for a new dream of color, pattern, and design. Be creative by thinking outside the box and entertaining new ideas and opportunities.

The important thing this month is to stay in your own lane by taking care of your own business and protecting yourself from unnecessary fallout from the aggression and conflict of others. It is very helpful in the bigger picture to be on the same page as others in your ideals, sense of integrity, ideas regarding social justice, and what you wish to dream for the future. Your daily prayers and practices are crucial this month, not only for your own support to stay grounded during these times but also as a proactive contribution to co-creating a new paradigm. We can all be of service in this way.

Loss can be painful, and a time of mourning as well as honoring a completion can be a necessary closure to an old dream, relationship, livelihood, project, or general way of life. Take the time but don’t wallow in it. Refocus as quickly as you can on the space for something new.

The intense adjustment includes a deeper release, eradicating old patterns by their roots. They are like weeds and will grow back if you don’t dig deep enough. Make sure you are not so distracted by the news that you don’t have the time and space to focus on your own necessary adjustments. It is still a great time to clean, clear, and release.

Intensity is an energy. If used well, it can jump-start something big, wonderful, and exciting in your life. If not used well, it can create havoc, chaos, danger, and result in something less than ideal. Best is to identify what needs adjusting and do it before it does you. Like kinks in a garden hose, if you leave them kinked, you will have a greatly reduced flow and may end up with cracks in your hose. If you unkink and adjust the hose, the water flows again and you can successfully water your plants. This is a metaphor for your own energy. You need it to flow without the kinks of fears, attachments, and stubbornness in order to water your dreams, intentions, and opportunities.

How the month shows up:

The discipline this month will be to stay in your own lane, to do your own work, and to stay out of martyrdom, fear, and blame. There may be personal discomfort as you face and integrate adjustments to your life. The opportunity for great freedom is the benefit of being proactive and determined around releasing what is already on its way out.  It is best not to resist.

The month will definitely come with some confusion and irritation as you determine what is yours and what is not yours to handle. It is a good time to catch up with concrete projects, clearing, filing, organizing, tossing, and completing. We have been so distracted by the uncertainty of the future that much of our regular maintenance has been neglected.

Small tasks bring grounding and normalcy to our routine as larger, more intense energies swirl around us creating opportunities for adjustment and change. Don’t lose sight of your own personal goals and stay out of conflict whenever possible. This month is accident-prone. Accidents happen when you are not present and paying attention making it easier to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Always ask yourself, “Is this mine to engage in, or is it better to stay out of it?”

Your personal spiritual practices will crucial in keeping you grounded and balanced. They will also act as a necessary container to support you during these times. We cannot stress enough the importance of having good, consistent practices at this time. Because of the volatility of the aggressive influences, it is also highly recommended to practice good protection, boundaries, and discernment.

The trickiest thing this month is to discern where and with whom to get involved and where and with whom not to get involved. Loss and completion is another aspect of dealing with relationships this month. This can be intense and even painful as you release some containers that have served you in the past but are no longer there to support you. The adjustment is around this change and reorganization of relationships of all kinds. Distancing has taken a toll on community engagement but it has also given us the space to acknowledge our priorities and the essential people we truly want to be around.

A new appreciation is emerging for supportive authentic relationships of family, intimate partners, friends, and good colleagues. The casual unimportant hookups are fading into the past as we put greater value on where, how, and with whom we spend our time and energy. This is a good month to take inventory of who is in your life, who supports you, who shows up and who does not. Set intentions this month of attracting only those relationships that will serve you the best, and those whom you will be inspired to serve and support as well.

This is a good month to work on and pay attention to your skeletal system as it is the solid structure of your physical container. Get a chiropractic adjustment and set up some good practices to keep your joints loose and flexible. Due to the nature of the energy this month, we could see some broken bones, joint replacements, arthritis flare-ups, dental crises, joint pain and stiffness. Be proactive with exercise, stretching, yoga, bodywork, dental care, and anything else that will support your physical container. Work with circulation, water, and flexibility.

Do a detox if you can, and most of all, really pay attention to what is happening around you so you can stay away from situations that may be dangerous to your health or accident-prone. It is a good time to strengthen your bones and take care of your immune system. Increasing your physical activity will also help you handle the dynamic energy that can otherwise easily become an irritation.

While it is not necessarily a great time to start something new, it is a good time to complete and cut loose what is no longer working. Cleaning house and restructuring, finishing projects, dissolving partnerships, and ending old ways of doing things will make way for something new in the future. Adjustments can be sudden and you may have to deal with mourning the loss of a container that provided comfort or livelihood. Just remember that energy always looks for a new opportunity and when a vacuum is created, it will always be filled.

Instead of chasing after what is leaving, look at what is left and use it as the foundation for building something new. Everything may feel fluid and chaotic this month in terms of outer stability requiring you to find that inner stability that comes from trusting in your own talents and ability create. It is a good time to engage in positive imagining and to work with the quantum field as a way to project into the best possible future for yourself and the planet.

This month we are likely to experience more intensity in storms, winds, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other earth phenomena. Political environments may also intensify as well as personal home environments, work environments, and community environments. Keep conflicts to a minimum if you can and work with the intensity of natural environments instead of resisting.

Radical adjustments to any environment you control can be a proactive way to work with the energy. What can you change, get rid of, or bring in that will give you a new experience of familiar territory. We are creating a new landscape in the greater sense of the future and you can exemplify this by creating a new landscape in your own personal environment.

The practice of being proactive is to embrace nature in all its power regardless of how it manifests. If you can appreciate in wonder and awe the power of the natural elements and focus on what they create instead of destroy, you will be in better alignment with the natural process and more able to use that power for support.

August 1-7: This week begins with a slight lack of focus, a bit of chaos, a sprinkle of confusion, and a wariness of the unknown and what may be ahead.  There may be decisions you are not able to make and choices that are not clear. This is a balancing act between allowing something unpredictable to guide a final direction and being committed to a plan and intention that is a priority for you.

Pay attention to signs, details, what is leaving, and what is coming in. What is adjusting itself either into your life or out of your life? The best guidance you can have now is the guidance from your own intuition and emotional certainty that come from the intelligence of your heart. “Thinking it through” may not give you the best answer.

We are motivated to act, to get on with it, to push through and force issues. Be patient, aware, smart, safe, and practical.

August 3Full Moon in Aquarius is Monday, August 3 at 9:59 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). We are entering into an intense time of change and unpredictability. Use this full moon time to get your priorities straight and your ducks in a row while practicing great flexibility and willingness to let go of what is adjusting itself out of your life.

Take some time around this full moon to reflect on your personal goals and focus on opportunity instead of restriction. It is a good time to think outside the box and to use the Aquarian energy to invite new ideas and insights into your field. Practice seeing beauty and spirit in everything. “When one door closes another one opens,” is the thought for the week.

Join Jose for a remote shamanic wisdom and healing session Tuesday, August 4 at 7 PM to work with the energies of this moon, bringing in the fields that will support you this month.

August 8-15: We are in the thick of volatile influences where it is important to rely on your practices, your protection, and your support. Stay present and pay attention as there could be challenging adjustments as well as unexpected positive opportunities from those adjustments. Always focus on the space being created instead of what is lost.

This is a supportive time to release something very old, to complete a relationship, task, or project, and to catch up with where you may be behind on mundane tasks. If you feel slightly directionless, focus on those mundane tasks to give you structure and grounding. A lot can get done during this time if you don’t get caught in the energy leak of unnecessary distractions. Keep a focus on beauty and embrace change as a thrilling challenge instead of from a place of fear.

August 16-23: All of us may be asking “Will this ever end?” right about now. Despair is not a good place to be. Take action in some area of your life that you have control over. It does no good to rail against people or situations you have no control over. Lend your voice where it counts and where you can make a difference.

This is an important time for keeping the focus to your own personal issues, health, growth, improvements, change, and adjustments. Protect yourself, do your practices, and get inspired by something creative. Music, dancing, painting, gardening, being out in nature, redesigning your life, imagining an expansive, joyful and abundant future, and practicing gratitude for what you have are all worthwhile and supportive during this time.

August 18: New Moon in Leo is Tuesday, August 18, at 8:41 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). More on this New Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. You can sign up for the mailing list through our website: www.thepowerpath.com.

August 24-31: The theme for this week is rearrangement. You may be surrounded by random pieces of wreckage as well as new bits that have come into your life. Where does everything fit? It will become clear to you as you determine what pieces you still love and what pieces you no longer have any affinity for. And, just because something has come into your life does not mean you have to accept it. But if it persists, there may be a good reason. If you are having trouble rearranging your priorities, emotional needs, or intentions, work with your physical environment first by rearranging something concrete like furniture or art. Use this process to symbolize the more energetic rearrangement.

Reflect carefully and follow your heart and your intuition before making any permanent commitments. It is all systems go and there is a lot of energy for change and moving forward. The space has emerged and the vacuum is ready to be filled. But, be careful what you ask for. Make it good.

Have a great month!


Suggested and super helpful this month:

Monthly support Mp3 to work with the energies of the month including a good practice in protection as well as setting yourself up for a better flow of energy. The Monthly support Mp3 has many useful exercises and guided visualizations and can be listened to and worked with more than once and even once a day if desired. It offers useful processes to help you with understanding and making the most of the energies of the month

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