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The Annular Solar Eclipse of December 2019 at 5 Capricorn Pt. 2

The Annular Solar Eclipse of December 2019 at 5 Capricorn Pt. 2

-What’s Happening in January (and through mid-2025!)-

This Solar Eclipse ushers in a period of tremendous reorganization for everyone on every level, from individuals to corporations to nations! Finish up leftovers from the past, since future adventures beckon.

In recent months we’ve seen the results of our previous visualizations, gone through deep magnetic waters to know more about our “Mystery of Being,” learned that sometimes we have to destroy to rebuild, and come to wisdom while “getting in shape” for major initiatives now upon us! This Eclipse will take away all which would prevent us from mobilizing in something related to our group or pubic self. We will be clear about how well we’ve trained since last April, as Saturn is again on that stationary retrograde degree, but this time in direct motion taking us on its path to its rendezvous with Pluto in just a few weeks!

This Eclipse will affect both the coming month as a New Moon, and 5+ years to come as a Solar Eclipse. In the near term, January completes one adventure and opens another due to the Sun and Mercury both conjuncting Saturn and Pluto. The Superior Conjunction between Mercury and the Sun is at 21 Capricorn, the same degree of Saturn in this Eclipse, reinforcing the themes of its RX station. That is immediately followed by both conjuncting Saturn and Pluto at their exact conjunction at 23 Capricorn! This is extraordinarily rare, and sets many “rewards and recompenses” in motion for those who have shown “bravery in battle” in 2019.

An Overview of the New Moon

This Lunation marks the entrance to the occupied zone between Jupiter and Uranus. This begins shutting down many old Capricorn patterns as new ones require our attention. Since the Summer of 2019 we’ve been awakening to a “new quality of Being rendering the old patterns obsolete,” and the coming period will take away all which would block our ability to move into that new life.

Many doors of perception which opened in 2019 can now be seen in a broader context of renewed dedication to a larger cause or effort. Still, because the Capricorn stellium is bookended by Mercury in Sag and Venus in Aquarius, this is still a very future-oriented, “before the beginning” period. Many future patterns will be seen in the coming weeks, even as everything mobilizes to bring forth the future wherever we have late Sag through early Aquarius in our charts.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse will jumpstart Capricorn energy wherever it falls in our chart, and because it is conjunct Jupiter, it is a great time for “organized expansion,” where even small opportunities can be turned to great advantage over the long run. In fact, a lot of what is removed in 2020 will yield excellent results by January 2021! Many patterns revealed through Venus this next month and year will result in some extraordinarily favorable karmic results throughout 2021.

We’re now at the time of the year when all the inner planets are closing in on the span occupied by the outer planets. September through December has been a mini-era dominated by themes related to the early September Virgo conjunctions trine Saturn which created Mutable T-squares with Jupiter and Neptune. The future promised by the Virgo conjunctions trine Saturn are coming into clearer focus through the many Capricorn conjunctions between December and March! Those with a spiritual practice have reintegrated elements of personality and come to a new level of their discipleship and Divine Discrimination, a.k.a.Viveka.

As Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all direct in motion and moving toward their conjunctions, we are in the heart of the next phase of our collective spiritual evolution. And with this Eclipse, the Sun is now moving through the outer planet span for the next 120 days, soon to be joined by Mercury in January and Mars in March. All of the planets are moving toward the Grand Compression in the first 90 days of 2020, setting the stage for the Grand Mutation of late 2020, launching both a new 20 year cycle AND a new 200 year era!

We are completing Mars’ occupancy of Scorpio and Mercury’s transit of Sagittarius as all the inner planets move into the outer planet zone over the next few weeks. This clustering will be a very “crowded house” wherever we have Sagittarius and Capricorn in our chart, with major implications in both the short term and the long term. This Eclipse marks a major turning point between past and future, with Mars finishing its activation of Scorpio and preparing to activate Sagittarius in January.

Because all the inner planets are entering the zone between late Capricorn and early Taurus over the next few months, we will not experience any transit to transit oppositions except those the Moon makes each month. The next transit oppositions will resume next Summer when the inner planets make oppositions to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn.

That said, keep in mind that anyone with planets in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio will have some VERY long wave oppositions in their charts, with potential for very high awareness and a realization of how to ground a new ideal, a new public function, and a new way of related to their larger spiritual group. The various types of the “Tension of Opposites” involved in those signs will come to the fore as this Eclipse takes away old Capricorn and Aquarian patterns, allowing newer ones to take shape as Jupiter and Saturn occupy those signs.

So What’s Happening?

Today we’ll do an overview of the Lunation and some of its primary qualities. In part 3 we’ll cover Sabian Symbols, aspects, distributions, and patterns.

This responsible, penetrating, disciplined and transformational New Moon Solar Eclipse at 5 Capricorn occurs at 9:13 pm PST on December 25, 5:13 am GMT on December 26, 2019. This will bring us into the Light of becoming more active in some way directly related to our training for new group work since April 2019. We can now see the structural strengths and weaknesses in any situation or argument, but the real focus has to be on our dedication to some group ideal and our willingness to be a “flag bearer” for some noble cause.

This Solar Eclipse New Moon at 5 Capricorn is the seed theme for the coming Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 20 Capricorn/Cancer on January 10. That implies the Solar Eclipse themes of mobilizing to accomplish something within a group context will find fulfillment in the Light of seeing how we’ve practiced to do what we have to do over the past 9 months, and whatever is taken away in the coming months will help us enjoy life more naturally within group contacts. The mobilization for forms of personal power will bring us to our part in a greater public work.

At this point in time, we are at the far end of the long run of the “alternate” Sun/Moon relationships, where the Sun of the New Moon is in the same sign as the Sun of the following Full Moon. Beginning in July 2020, we’ll again enter many months of the New Moon Sun being followed by a Full Moon with the Sun in the next sign. So while this month’s New Moon is at 5 Capricorn and the coming Lunar Eclipse Sun will be at 20 Capricorn, in July we’ll have a New Moon at 29 Cancer with the following Full Moon Sun at 12 Leo.

How The Sun/Moon Sequence Shifts

There are two patterns: one with the Sun in the same sign as the Sun in the following Full Moon (New Moon between 1-15 degrees of a sign), and one with the Sun in a different sign than it’s in at the following Full Moon (New Moon between 16-30 degrees of a sign).

Before the April 2019 New Moon, the last Lunation where we had the New Moon Sun in the same sign as the next Full Moon Sun was the July 2017 New Moon at 1 Leo, which was the fifteenth in that sequence. The next Full Moon had the Sun at 16 Leo, and finished the run of Full Moons with the Sun in the same sign as the preceding New Moon Sun.

The next New Moon was the August 2017 Solar Eclipse at 29 Leo, when we shifted to the second (reverse) pattern, since that New Moon Solar Eclipse was followed by a Full Moon with the Sun at 14 Virgo and Moon at 14 Pisces. We were in this “reversed order” between August 2017 and April 2019. Since April we’ve been back in “the natural order.” This will again shift to the reverse pattern in July 2020. I also explain more about this phenomenon and what it means in the Full Moon articles.

The New Moons and Full Moons are “God’s footprints in time.” Each shows the next in the 12 phases of how things come to be each year. The cycle could be described as follows: Life energy is initiated in Aries, substantiated in Taurus, explored in Gemini, grounded in Cancer, renewed and creatively expressed in Leo, refined and ordered in Virgo, balanced and made pleasing in Libra, purified and focused in Scorpio, expanded in Sagittarius, organized in Capricorn, solidified into a vision in Aquarius, and ended/perpetuated in Pisces.

Jupiter and Saturn

This is the twenty-fifth New Moon of the Saturn in Capricorn era! We approach many new Saturn cycles during the Great Compression coming in January, February, and March. In 2018 Saturn helped us get beyond fear; in 2019 Saturn taught us through some sort of “planned group behavior.” As it’s now moving forward toward its rare and very powerful conjunction with Pluto in March, we see it’s solidly in the second half of Capricorn, putting the focus on “Group Performance” on a degree of institutional protection and power.

This is the first New Moon of the Jupiter in Capricorn era! We can now shift the focus, using the humor and sense of adventure we acquired during Jupiter’s stay in Sagittarius and organize that “Distributive Fire” into forms of group power and effectiveness. Jupiter is at full speed, and urges us to see the greater possibilities of experience, moving from completion of the old to “ever greater fulfillment.” Sharpen your understanding of how to apply your disciplines with greater effectiveness, be thorough, and move into the unknown.

We are in an extraordinarily important span in Cosmic Time! We recently had Venus conjunct Jupiter in late Sag in close conjunction with the Galactic Center. That set a new cycle of Jupiter into motion, and was the last inner planet conjunction with Jupiter in Sag for 12 years! Now Mercury is in that zone as the Eclipse conjuncts Jupiter in early Capricorn. This gives a blending of inner planet energy as these conjunct Jupiter.

Jupiter in Scorpio (Oct 2017- Nov 2018) was bound, or cocooned in some way. Jupiter in Sagittarius, its natural home of Distributive Fire, opens a sense of life as a grand adventure in consciousness. We’ve now finished a year of “Jupiter unbound,” where as we cultivated a sense of humor, generosity, and an abundant view we relieved a lot of pressure. As Jupiter seeks truth, we’ve had to be honest with ourselves and others and lighten up. Now Jupiter expands its authority within Saturn’s “Ring Pass Not,” and we’ll all see what we have to do and how to do it.

Since Jupiter rules both our Sag and Pisces sectors, we’ve learned a lot about being compassionate and forgiving side, but also the truth that as greater lives open for us, we have to let go of lesser things. As we have blessed and forgiven, we have seen grace made manifest in our lives in distinctively Sagittarius ways. Understanding how Grace and blessings have manifested in Sag areas of our life will naturally yield an understanding of how it will manifest in the Capricorn areas of our lives in the coming years.

So What Rules the Lunation?

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn has Saturn as its worldly ruler, and Uranus in Taurus as its spiritual ruler. As Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn, it is the dispositor of the Lunation, as well as Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto! This month we’re back to having three planets in their home signs. Mars, Saturn, and Neptune are all in the signs they rule, making things very clear and natural in all matters ruled by those planets.

This returns us to an huge imbalance in which planetary rulers dominate the stage. As every planet except Mars and Neptune are ruled by Saturn, it makes Saturn the overwhelming influence behind all planetary affairs except in our Aries and Scorpio sectors and planets. As usual, Neptune continues as a longwave “standalone” dispositor of itself, ruling the fogs and mists of the current collective consciousness.

So Mars, Saturn and Neptune rule all the other planets except for when the Moon is in Cancer. You can find out more about dispositors in general, chains of dispositors, and mutual reception by going to dispositors and Mutual Reception at the link.

Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend

Because Saturn plays such a large part in ruling the stage of Life for many months and even years to come, if you haven’t gotten your copy already, please give yourself the timeless gift of my book, Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. We all need to make friends with our inner Saturn if we would claim our power to fulfill our higher purpose for being alive as Spirits in the material world.

This book shows you the way to take command of your power to steer your life in a conscious way, using Saturn’s strengths and skills to be led to mastering life on our own terms. As Saturn is such a dominant energy at this time, by owning our ability to manifest the best of Saturn's virtues in our world, we take command of our destiny and become the living purpose we were born to make manifest!

It was written for both astrologers and non-astrologers, and will assist your understanding of how your life experiences assisted your Soul growth and power to turn away from unhelpful karmic cause and effect patterns. Each time you re-read any part of it you’re sure to find undiscovered gems of insight helping you throw off attitudes which frustrate your ability to live your higher Purpose on your own terms.

The Grand Irrationality

This extraordinary evolutionary configuration has been a major factor in our lives since the mid-90s, and was set into long term play by the 2011 Solar Eclipse, as well as subsequent Solar Eclipses whose influence continues. These effects are triggered each time any transiting planet occupies any of the 7 zones of the Grand Irrationality. Since then it’s been reinforced and triggered by various Lunations, planetary stations, and transits.

It’s been active in past Solar Eclipses in Pisces (2017) and Leo (2018), with subsequent effects still in play now and for a while to come. It’s why we are in a period of dynamic unstable energies which at times make no sense. This configuration was set into motion by any conjunction with or septile-series aspect to Neptune or Pluto, and is currently activated by any 7th harmonic aspect to Uranus or Pluto.

In this chart the Grand Irrationality is still triggered by Saturn’s biseptile to Uranus. It will be triggered again at the January Superior Conjunction, as well as when Venus in Pisces septiles Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. If you’re wondering why some people are being irrational in their responses this past year with another phase coming in the next few weeks it’s likely because they have a planet in one of the 7 zones affected by the configuration. The 2019 Uranus biseptiles to Pluto have forms “revolutionary seeds” which are being released during the time the planets transit Capricorn between late November and March 2020, with Jupiter keeping the tension through November 2020 en route to the Grand Mutation.

The First Grand Irrationality Has Given Way to the Second Grand Irrationality

While the Grand Irrationality involving Neptune and Pluto was active between the mid-90s and 2017, in 2018 it mutated into what I’ve termed “The Grand Irrationality V.2.” Uranus made its first biseptile to Pluto in 2018, and as it moved further into Taurus, it again biseptiled Pluto for the second time at the end of May and beginning of June. Even during the past few months when Uranus was not biseptile Pluto, the nonrationality was still triggered any time a planet makes a 7th harmonic aspect to either Uranus or Pluto, so it’s still in regular play if only in an “offset” way.

This means we can’t relax too much while moving through the “forks in the road of destiny” at this time in history. Both the Grand Irrationality AND the off-set 7th harmonic pulses made as planets aspect Uranus and Pluto get triggered every few weeks by transits, and of course the Moon triggers both of these 7 times each month. Each time there’s a transit to any of the 7 zones made by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto septile series aspects, it profoundly affects those with a planet or angle in any of the 7 “hot zones” defining the phenomenon.

For those who are new to the site, here’s a bit of explanation about this thing called “the Grand Irrationality” associated with why everything continues to be so weird. The Grand Irrationality is a long wave non-rational influence that has put everyone on Earth on the unceasing edge of major choice and change.

Everyone has been confronting inner compulsions, continual choices that seem to have a major impact on our destiny, and occasionally irrational behaviors in others or external conditions. It is why things seem to have an unending hard edge, why so many choices are continually thrown in our faces that require immediate attention, and why reason seems to fail at critical moments of decision.

When the Grand Irrationality is in play, it’s a time when things don’t have to make sense. We’ve been living with it for about 25 years, and it will be active for a couple more years to come, even though we’ve begun to be on the far side of the original Neptune/Pluto relationship that created it. However, effects continue to be felt due to past Solar Eclipses which triggered the configuration.

We are now past the era of Neptune septile Pluto. Because of their orbits, late Autumn through mid-Spring narrows the distance between these two planets, but as we get into late Spring through mid-Autumn, they are closer to a sextile than the previous septile. That means we’ve moving into an era we last experienced between 1942-1995.

The Grand Irrationality V.2.

This phase began in June 2018 when Uranus first biseptiled Pluto. By November it was out of orb, but with Saturn’s transit of mid-Capricorn, the biseptile between that sign and Uranus was activated from January through July 2019. At this time Saturn is not quite biseptile Uranus, but Uranus has definitely returned to the biseptile with Pluto!

Uranus biseptile Pluto symbolizes the irrational revolutionary conditions and upheaval of our times. Uranus is pulled into the configuration as it gets further into Taurus, which will re-activate next Spring and then again in Autumn, so even when Neptune makes a constant sextile to Pluto by next Summer, we’ll still be in the thick of a time of some very wild rides!

The current degree spans that trigger this transformative mass configuration are around 2-6 Taurus, 25-29 Gemini, 16-20 Leo, 7-11 Libra, 28 Scorpio-2 Sag, 20-24 Capricorn, and 11-15 Pisces. If you have a planet or angle in any of these zones, you are making critical choices and decisions that will alter your future in important ways. This event requires that we allow what’s been stuffed down to come up to the surface of our lives, and see how we can allow use the available power wisely.

So we’re in a longer phase of the larger Pluto-driven part of the GI V.2 which is activated by anything near Pluto in biseptile with Uranus. This biseptile has been and will be associated with “extraordinary irrationality” every time it’s triggered. Things may not make sense, but they don’t have to. We just have to learn to navigate with a steady hand and an eye for abrupt changes.

Speaking of Uranus…

Remember that in 2017, 2018, and 2019 Uranus has taught us to listen to our inner voice to find our place in the Cosmic Choir. This awakened in July 2017, and was part of the spiritual training the Grand Fires Trines of that year stimulated in our charts. Awakening to our unique “song to sing” within a greater harmony has resulted in life changes in who we sing with and what songs we sing. We have been learning that in any choir, there are times to sing unisons, times to sing harmonies, times to sing solo, and times not to sing at all. Even when we’re not singing, we’re still part of the choir. What is your part to sing? Be as clear as you can about what you can offer to the harmony of the whole, and keep training to bring it forth!

Besides being a part of the Grand Irrationality V.2, (also known as “the Grand Irrationality on steroids,”) Uranus also brings a harder edge than Neptune septile Pluto since it is also off-and-on semisquare Neptune, adding a very frictional "cutting and grinding" quality to the collective field. Add Saturn to the mix and there are some serious lessons in the air for all of humanity!

So TGI V.2 began from May through November 2018, and except for a few weeks in August-September 2019, the Uranus biseptile Pluto has been in full swing between May 2019 and December 2019 and will be again March through June 2020 and Nov 2020 through April 2021. This chapter of global craziness won't be going away anytime soon, so get your navigational skills in shape to ride this storm out!

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Aries

I have offered this segment each month for years to give you a broader perspective on the collective atmosphere, and the long wave changes humanity is going through. Because Neptune has been in Pisces for about 8 years, we’ve been navigating through the threshold of an entirely new era which will not resemble the old Age in any way within just a few decades. We’re already solidly in the Dreamscape, as many old things end as we learn to maneuver the field.

The last half of 2011 helped many break out of their "chrysalis" and transform their lives and relationships. If you want to know what's coming for many years to come, take a look back at the intuitions and sense of belonging to a vaster interrelated whole you were shown in Spring and Summer of 2011. It may help to give a sense of our collective lesson in dissolving our separateness as we finish this transition through "the Winter of the 21st Century" on our way to Spring, beginning in 2025!


In this chart, Chiron is direct at 2 Aries. It went RX at 5, marking a threshold of developing the early Aries “healing into our Higher Self” themes of Chiron in this sign. Chiron first transited 5 Aries in May 2019, and made its first retrograde pass back over that degree in August. This month Chiron is on its stationary direct degree, ready to resume its forward motion into a time of healing into a greater life awareness.

We now finish Chiron’s final occupancy of this degree. The healing we’re doing in this season is leading us to objectivity through humor, and the themes of November will help us be ready to embrace a greater social role by February 2020. In March 2020 Chiron will again transit its 5 Aries SRX degree very close to the time of the Mars-Saturn conjunction at 1 Aquarius in late March.

So the “healing into our higher Self” we’ve done since March will be part of the preliminary push toward the way we’ll BE in 2021 and beyond. Interestingly, this all relates to the Grand Mutation which begins in December 2020 with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction also at 1 Aquarius. Coincidentally, that’s the same month Chiron goes stationary direct at 5 Aries, indicating themes associated with that degree will be evident in the “healing of the world” over the next 20 years!

Chiron was first was in early Aries between April and September 2018, and is now moving deeper into this first sign of the zodiac. This indicates our long term mentoring and/or healing into our Higher Self involves embracing all that is new, realizing we have a unique individual part to play in “the healing of humanity.” Since July 2018, Chiron has now mentored us into “identifying with a larger life” as we became some type of “exemplar” for others, with the next month giving us a new look at what that has meant, and what it could mean in the future.

We had our dress rehearsal for this new Aries era of Chironic healing energies last year, and now get to learn how to use those energies skillfully through 2026, when it enters Taurus and we move into the next Chironic era. With Chiron at the end of Pisces and beginning of Aries in 2018, we were in an important position in space-time where we have had to embrace compassion, forgiveness, and a vast understanding of ourselves as Spirits having human experiences. And to be human is to be flawed. Those flaws provide the spur for us to overcome them by transmuting them into strengths and skills which serve a higher purpose in our lives.

Because it’s now at the beginning of Aries, it’s finished its task at “the end of the end” and now mentors us at “the beginning of the beginning.” In 2018 and early 2019, we’ve been healing into our Higher Self by saying goodbye to some things and saying hello to others. As Jupiter and Uranus transited this span several times in 2010-2011, what was awakened then and since prepared us to be healed and/or mentored into our individuality. The vision or the new truth and future which led to a personal revolution then has been the source of us being mentored, or us mentoring others.

Chiron now opens lessons of using imagination to envision a self-transcendence and a new way of expressing our individuality. As it went SRX at 6 Aries, keep opening to which part of “primal selfhood” you are illuminating, remembering any “inner restlessness” shows the way into a new “uncontrolled interest in any given thing.”

During the years Chiron was in Pisces, we were shown how to bless a lot and let it go, including dogmas and beliefs which kept us stuck in ambivalence or suffering. We healed by having compassion for ourselves and the suffering we share with the world. Now in Aries we heal by living in the NOW, embracing our new lives by identifying with a larger Life and collective work.

Chiron in late Pisces heralded what will be “dreamed into collective consciousness” by Neptune these next 7 years. Chiron transits help each of us heal anew through our positioning within collective consciousness. When in Pisces, we were mentored in Piscean ways. When in Aries, we are finding ways to mentor and be mentored in Aries, healing into our higher Self by moving into direct action, securing our initial position in the new Life, leading to a vision of a larger role to play in the future as an inspiration to others.


Neptune shows us how to merge the sacred and the everyday in our lives. We now have received a new inspiration, and begun a long term collective renewal. In this chart, Neptune is now direct at 17 Pisces, the same degree as its retrograde station in June 2018. It was also here in March and October 2019, giving us several views of the theme of social-emotional rebirth and “participation in collective peak experiences.”

Remember too that numerous Solar Eclipses in Pisces are still in effect. We had Eclipses at 30, 19, and 9 Pisces, all of which also had Neptune in Pisces. These have had a profound effect on the field of the collective consciousness, as well as the collective unconscious. Given Neptune is the spiritual ruler of Pisces, it’s also been involved in the eclipses at Virgo 21 and 10 by opposition, creating a “Tension of Opposites” that profoundly impacted the collective spiritual field.

The March 2015 Solar Eclipse at 30 Pisces helped us get very clear about the new “law of life” we yearned for, and sent out the thought form that created the life we’ve led since then. The March 2016 Solar Eclipse at 19 Pisces helped us “take a walk with our wisdom,” beginning the release of all things that would impede our receptivity to that wisdom. The March 2017 Solar Eclipse at 9 Pisces continues to assist us in releasing the last baggage we no longer need over the next few years.

So Neptune is now “dreaming” into collective consciousness the same themes Chiron introduced to us between 2013 and 2015. As you can see, both Neptune and Chiron have been taking us into a far vaster collective healing and mentoring than we’ve known in many decades. Collectively, we’re now solidly in a newer spiritual realm, where our ego mind has been introduced to a deeper and vaster Soul realm and our testing has begun.

Because Neptune already entered the second half of Pisces, where it hasn’t been since 1855-58, it indicates that collective consciousness in 2018-2020 is in a zone filled with turmoil historically. Given Pluto is also in a zone where it last was in 1773-1774, it would seem a “pre-revolution” is in the air!

The North Node

The coming 4 weeks continues to show us the value of seeking “elementary understanding” of life through experience basic realities. For the next month, as well as the years this Eclipse is in effect, we will grow through contacting our primal innocence, and being eager for greater knowledge of life itself.

In November 2018 we left the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius era which began in May 2017, and entered the NN in Cancer and SN in Capricorn era. When the NN is in Cancer, our greatest development is through our ability to be tender, caring, and nurturing of all that we feel close to. This is where we learn through the “Mother principle,” and use “enlightened self-interest” to gather what we need to make our lives more secure. Because the SN is in Capricorn, we will demonstrate these qualities through being mature and responsible, organized and willing to work to demonstrate our personal skills in forms of social power.

The North Node in the first decan of Cancer brings a specific focus to the Cancer qualities of the sign of Cancer. This will bring forth a greater personal interest in things, learning techniques of exploring the emotional and social realms to satisfy our curiosity. This should help us find the basic understanding we need.

These will express through the South Node in the Capricorn decan of Capricorn. This should help us express our emotional growth through demonstrating our “harmony of fulfilled selfhood” through types of “detached and lofty understanding,” enjoying our new found emotional understanding associated with personal power in a social setup.

Summing Up - The Big Picture

We are now closing in on major new cycles in our lives! We have opened to greater freedom based in newer and broader truths and a sense of needing to fulfill new duties and responsibilities. We have been training to use power in a more practical way to fulfill our place in whatever group work we are to do, and now can see the strengths and weaknesses in any argument or plan.

Over the past 6 months we’ve been practicing skills related to new forms of social and group activity and “doing our Dharma” in the world. Given Pluto’s influence the past year, the Law of Economy of Energy was a crucial factor in surrendering to achieve spiritual victory, and as we tend the seeds of moving toward “transcendent security,” we will find Dharma rolls to play throughout this year and 2020.

2017’s Solar Eclipses in Pisces and Leo, and 2018’s Eclipses in Aquarius, Cancer and Leo have quickened us, and we’ve been eliminating a lot of expectancies, considerations, and excess baggage. We continue to dump all kinds of old ghosts and elements of pride that would hinder our hearts from its authentic self-expression, and are getting clear about our priorities and what we should and should not expect of ourselves and others. As a result of the 2018 Eclipses, we’ve hit the end of an old quest, attained some ambition, and now are learning a new freedom and togetherness. The 2019 Eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer have continued to remove old patterns from those sectors of our charts.

Summing Up – The Immediate Picture

This period will help us get it in gear and quicken us to future work to be done. We now have been through a month of understanding the more permanent elements of life and what it takes to endure the storms across time. We are activating our lives in significant ways, having found a detached wisdom and gotten ready to mobilize wherever we have early Capricorn. As I mentioned, this is the last moment of “before the beginning” as we enter a new era of Galactic Center energies in play!

Saturn’s patient, gentle, and wise understanding has prepared us for the group work already on the horizon, and Jupiter has taught us how to laugh, love, and dance with life in 2019, seeing things from a higher, broader, and more abundant spiritual angle. The coming period may be dominated by “serious people saying serious things,” so remember to take some of it with the proverbial “grain of salt,” not giving the illusion more power than it deserves, which is none.

We now have trained to use power efficiently as we shift our allegiances and dedication. All of this serves the “new quality of being rendering the old patterns obsolete” we’ve awakened to since last Summer. Keep gathering allies to do good “bridge building” work. We’ve buried the past, opened to renewal, found signs and signals of our “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” and now see the patterns of the future revealed!

See you soon with part 3, which will cover Sabian Symbols, Jones patterns, element distribution, and a whole lot more!

Part 1 Here

© Copyright 2019 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com
Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2019 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com

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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Blessed Brigid Blessed Brigid, Flame of Delight ,  May the fires of yo... Read more

2021 - Year of the Ox

2021 - Year of the Ox

2021 is the Year of the Metal Ox. Starting on Feb. 12 and lasting to 2022 Luna... Read more

Rest & Cleansing Moon

Rest & Cleansing Moon

Otter – Quaking Aspen – Silver January 20 to February 18 The Rest and Clea... Read more

Amethyst: A Stone for the Age of Aquarius

Amethyst: A Stone for the Age of Aquarius

Amethyst has long been thought of as a "stone of spirituality and contentmen... Read more



The Stone of Mastering Change Amethyst is primarily a stone of the mind; i... Read more

Imbolc and the Promise of Spring

Imbolc and the Promise of Spring

Winter’s medicine is about rest, recovery, and withdrawing inside ourselve... Read more

Imbolc Customs

Imbolc Customs

Imbolc, (pronounced im-bolk) or Candlemass, Imbolg, Bride's Day, Oimelc, and... Read more

Fox Medicine

Fox Medicine

Fox is a master at the art of camouflage. Like all members of the ... Read more



AQUARIUS Jan 20 - Feb 18 Spirit: To spread philosophical thought Ego: Aes... Read more

Stones, Crystals, and Metals Correspondences

Stones, Crystals, and Metals Correspondences

Stones, crystals, and metals correspondences for magick spells and rituals. ... Read more

Imbolc Lore

Imbolc Lore

Imbolc (pronounced "IM-bulk", "IM mol'g" or "EM-bowl/k") is one of the Great... Read more



Imbolc Ritual Celebrated February 2 Imbolc is also known as Candlemas, Imbo... Read more

Imbolc - The Feast of Brighid

Imbolc - The Feast of Brighid

Image source: The Crystal Wind Oracle Myth & Magic Card Deck.Get it here... Read more

Aquarius Mythology

Aquarius Mythology

The Aquarius Myth The Aquarius myth follows the story of Ganymede, a young ... Read more

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