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Tarot Tableau: Taurus Season (2022)

Tarot Tableau: Taurus Season (2022)PASSING & PAST

Past Situation: The Hierophant
Outgoing Conflict: 6 of Disks
Outgoing Support: Ace of Cups
Past Actions: 7 of Wands
Integrated Shadow: 5 of Wands

We are exited 2021 with a solution oriented outlook. Aries’ season gifted us a sense of collective confidence in the face of conflict, we’ve also learned the value of an opposing perspective. The allowed us to open our minds to the ways in which we can balance our personal authority with that of society at large. In the face of banal traditions and bureaucracy we have maintained our resolve, compassion and integrity.  

Additionally, we’ve garnered the support of others who are prepared to protect peace, while producing progress. The receptivity and depth we’ve experienced lately though is waning, within us and in the environment, signaling a time to practice detaching. Let’s allow our hearts a moment to rest and for the new rules of engagement to be clarified. In Taurus’ season, we may move beyond defense and definition to nurturing new growth. 


Actual: 7 of Disks 5 of Disks, 10 of Swords 

The collective focus is on rebuilding foundations in ways that are safe, inclusive, and expansive in light of recent loss. This is especially true for any passing situation where an imbalance of giving and receiving existed. The impact these endings have on our psyches may be intense but, channeled correctly, we are able apply the lesson of discernment to our current investments. This ensures future fruition is a gross improvement on what is gone. 

Environment:The Empress, King of Cups 

In the periphery, those around us are working toward emotional mastery. We’d do well to observe how taking an active role in the healing process directly affects one’s material world. Too, creative impulses that have the potential to attract wealth will test our maturity. Remember that while feelings are not facts , they are information.  

Equally important, in considering how our finances, health, and sense of self-worth have reflected the emotional state, the value in healing work becomes obvious. In fact, engaging it is likely to strength our confidence. Allow this realization to fortify your determination to go deeply into the self and integrate all pain that cannot be shed.  Expressing experiences creatively is likely to prove lucrative this month. If vulnerability is something you’re working through, try your hand at an artistic project. This is not the time for self-flagellation, though. Practicing self-compassion is as much a part of the work as authenticity. 

Support: 4 of Swords, The High Priestess 

Our ability to actively observe and internally respond keeps us at safe from the potential for more lack. It allows space for collective preparation. So, welcome any time given for stillness and use it to organize and establish peace in your mind. With a keen eye, we may avoid the impact of any instability. In fact, the Empress implies we may benefit materially as others witness the result of our foresight. Rest, receptivity and trust in instincts helps clarify our intent, fortifies faith, and renews our self-belief. 


Distractions: 8 of Wands, 6 of Swords 

It’s important not to let the rapid course corrections and tumultuous departures draw our attention away from our goals. Those around us who would engage us in banal exchanges simply don’t have healthy priorities. However, they do bring one thing into glaring light: our own. We are not matching energy this month. The state of individual endeavors will show us best if ours are in order. Stay focused on consciously directing your energy in a direction chosen by you. Where have you invested resources or time you can’t afford or waste to lose?   

Whatever preoccupies you now should benefit you long-term. Flighty tendencies in us or those around us will show up as glaring signs alerting us to areas where a recalibration of focus is required. When as individuals we experience internal resistance while manifesting, it’s a signal to us. There is fear present that must be addressed. Resisting the urge to detour in the face of difficulty builds courage and momentum. Allowing attachments to those moving away to dissolve also pulls us a yard of weeds with a single grip.  

Ideal: 4 of Wands, 7 of Cups, 3 of Disks 

Predictably, the ideal card positions are a resolution of sorts to the actual situation and any triggers related to it. The 4 of Wands represents a stable, yet joyful home life. In the environment, the 3 of Pentacles reemphasizes actions taken collaboratively to establish foundations and create security. Combined with the 7 Cups, a collective wish to consider multiple paths is clear. Not surprisingly, we’re trying in an especially holistic way, simultaneously striving for safety, pleasure, & communion.  
Delegation well likely become important as our circles become smaller in size but greater in value. Be careful of too many hands in one head. 


Incoming Info: Death 
Incoming Trigger: 2 of Disks 
Incoming Support: Temperance 

For some of us, a transformative loss or ending may close out the season of the Bull. As a major arcana, the Death card is a timeless energy whose effect may impact the period or represent actual events. Consequently, many of us will find ourselves shuffling and shifting in effort to fill empty spaces left behind. Remember this is temporary & allow yourselves grace.  Any resulting imbalances are meant to teach flexibility and clear surroundings so opportunities for greater alignment and resources may emerge.  Coupled with “Death”, we could find ourselves bolstered by our own and others’ efforts to channel turbulent emotions, flowing through difficult changes with patience, creativity, and a potency all our own. 

Advice: Strength, 9 of Swords 
Outcome: 8 of Disks, 2 of Cups 

Sit with your fears and the strongest urges of your shadow self. Note differences but consider with a keen eye the similarities between what triggers you, what attracts, and what gifts or skills present their own set of challenges when engaged. In true Taurean fashion, we use our fear as food, pushing past, over, or even through any blockage to our actualization. This isn’t about domination, of course. Personal power is personal, after all. Use it on you, for you. Here lies “The Work” for us, Kings (& Queens) of the Jungle Internal! 

The result of the energetic interplay and live events this season is positive, overall. It seems our capacity for consistent action increases. Material reward from our focused efforts is also indicated here. Moreover, the dedication we display invites like minds to work alongside us, building friendships and business partnerships that fulfill us.

It’s probable many will also find support for financial and creative endeavors in the same places where emotional support is also strong. Practice receptivity and reciprocity. Wishing you all a bright and abundant springtime! Peace & Protection to all.

I set my intentions prior to each reading and custom spread to provide clear and concise messages of growth and healing for the collective and interpret the cards based on a combination of position in a fixed spread, meanings from early study and my own intuition.

kOri Woo

Author: kOri Woo (AstreauxBytch)

Get to know Kori Woo? If a general reading resonates with you, or you have questions regarding my interpretation of the cards pictured, drop a comment below or Contact Me. Check out the Services & Pricing page to view options or Contact Me to book a personal reading.
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Reprinted with Written Permission from kOri Woo.

© 2022 All rights reserved.

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