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A Beginners Guide To Psychic Self Defense

psychic self defense

Psychic self defense is perhaps the most overlooked area of psychic development. Most people are so interested in getting into knowing what the future holds, they tend of overlook there are very specific reasons for learning protection first.

There are of course the obvious reasons in that psychic self-defense can protect you from harm while working on your psychic development tasks, but it goes well beyond this. Most tend to forget that the exercises and techniques learned will also improve all your psychic abilities. This gives a one, two punch because you end up being more powerful and at the same time, there are fewer entities with the ability to overcome your defenses.

As an added benefit, the lessons learned in psychic self defense help to protect you in the mundane world also. They can help to protect you from injury, illness and/or attack from human entities in your everyday world. Everyone should add psychic protection to their daily schedules. There may be those who can get around your defenses, but it prevents the neighborhood kids from walking off you everything you own, just like locking your front door.

So anyone that has decided to walk the path and work on their psychic development, I strongly urge you to start with learning to protect yourself. In the long run your psychic development will grow faster and your everyday life will be safer and more rewarding at the same time.

The first steps

  1. Don’t wait until you need psychic self-defense to begin to develop a plan of action. How do you do things in your real world. Do you go on vacation and leave the front door of your home wide open? Do you leave the keys in your car? Do you leave your purse unattended in the grocery buggy? Of course not. We all do things to protect ourselves on a regular basic simply because it is the smart thing to do.
    It’s not a matter of being paranoid or expecting a demonic entity to take possession of our body at any moment. It’s simply a matter of common sense. Be prepare, be aware and the chances are good that you will rarely if ever need to use them. But just like leaving the keys in your car, you can rest assured you will regret it someday when you come back to find your car missing.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect and it holds true in psychic development and psychic self-defense also. There are exercises you can do in just 5 to 10 minutes that will develop your psychic abilities and strengthen the psychic shield around you. Make a point to spend 5 to 10 minutes a day practicing and you will be richly rewarded.
  3. Learn a variety of psychic self-defense methods. You never know what situation you will end up in during your life and it will always be best to have more knowledge than you need, than to need knowledge you do not have.

Seek out books and articles on the subject and study them. Anyone that works with energy in any way is constantly learning new things and developing new abilities and this is no different. To do so, is only in your best interest.

Psychic Shielding

As I mentioned earlier, it is in your best interest to spend time learning and practicing as many different psychic self-defense techniques as possible, but I am a very good psychic and I know the vast majority of people will not take the time to do this for any one of a number of reasons.

If for any reason, you do not intend to learn a number of different techniques, I STRONGLY suggest you learn psychic shielding and that you practice it on a regular basis. This one technique should be practiced by every person in the world whether they work with energy or not. In the world of psychic development, this technique is as important as taking the keys out of your car.

Only 3 things are needed for this technique.

  1. The time to practice (5 to 10 minutes)
  2. The ability to visualize
  3. The belief that it will work

The first time you do this exercise will probably take a little longer than 10 minutes. But once you learn it, you can do it in just a few minutes to strengthen the shield on a regular basis.

Find a time when you will have some quiet time without interruption. Put the cat out of the room, turn the TV and your phone off and find a comfortable place to sit. If you are stressed, take a few moments to let go of the stress. If you need to do some relaxation exercises, feel free. You goal is to be in a calm state and as comfortable as possible before you start.

When you are ready, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Visualize a beam of brilliant white light coming from the universe and entering into the top of your head. Allow the light to fill your entire head with this wonderful white light.

When your head is filled with the light, allow the light to slowly go down your body filling your neck, let it go down your arms filling all the way down to the tips of your fingers. Allow it to fill your chest, then your stomach, your hips and down into your legs. When your feet have been filled with the light, allow the light to continue to pour into your body.

Visualize your body glowing from within with this brilliant white light and as the light continues to pour into the top of your head, see the light start to seep through your body and the glow reach outward. Allow the grow to slowly build until your body is completely surrounded by a sphere of light.

Allow the sphere to grow until it reaches at least 1 foot around your body and is as solid as you can make it be. When you feel like it is as strong as it can be, visualize the stream of light coming into your head turn off.

Your shield is now complete and you can go about your day knowing you are protected from all the stray negative energies both intentional and unintentional that are sent at you.

Variations: You do not have to stop with just putting a shield around your body. You can allow the shield to grow to include your entire family, home, property, vehicles, your workplace, the children’s schools. Any place that you care enough about to want to protect can be brought under your psychic shield.

If there is a large distance between you and the place you want to protect and you are having a hard time visualizing the shield reaching from you to there, it is fine to visualize one shield around you locally and another around the person or place at a distance.

Notes: You should spend time daily reinforcing your shield. Everyone is constantly bombarded with negative energies and they slowly eat away at your shield. Spending a few minutes each day to reinforce your shield will keep in strong and provide the most protection possible.

Psychic Pyramid Shield

If you find the oval/egg shaped shield a little mild for your tastes, a Pyramid shield may be more to your liking. It is a little more advanced shield. If you are brand new to building a shield around you, I suggest becoming confident with the basic shield listed above before moving on to this one.

Begin by building the basic shield above. When your body is completely filled with energy and the shield reaches at least 1 foot around your entire body you are ready to begin.

With your body filled with energy, point skyward directly above your head. See the energy shooting out of your finger. When the stream of energy is higher than the area you want to protect, move your finger and the energy flow toward one corner of the area. If it is your home, this would probably be the corner of your yard. If it is your room or your office at work, this would probably be the corner of the room.

Repeat this process on all four corners of the area. Each leg moving from the center above you to the corners. Then allow the energy to stream in a line connecting each of the 4 corners to form the base of the pyramid. When it is complete, you should be able to see and feel the energy pyramid surrounding you.

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