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About Archangels

contacting_angelsJulie Lomas

The word "angel" is derived from the Greek word angelos meaning messenger. Angels are messengers of our Creator.

They are literally messengers who themselves are the message.

About Archangels

Angels work with our souls, in conjunction with the Universal mind, to help us raise our spirits by reminding us of the love, truth, beauty and goodness that exist in everything.

Angels and Archangels have always been with us since the beginning of time, in every time and in every culture. Ever since the beginning of time there have been records and representations of another race who share the world with us.

Angels and Archangels have been represented in paintings and pictograms, poetry and stories throughout time. Our ancestors down the ages have tried to pass on to us what they knew about these beautiful beings. In the last few hundred years we have come to believe that something is only real if we can see it through the naked eye, telescope or microscope, if we can touch it, explain it, if there is some kind of logic about it etc. But this does not upset the angels one bit, and just because this ear doesn't generally acknowledge their presence doesn't mean they don't exist, for they surely do.

There are seven mighty Archangels who are particularly radiating light onto us and helping us all on Earth now.

In accordance with Spiritual Law we must of course, ask for their help.

Ray 1. Archangel Michael works with the blue ray of protection. He appears with his sword and shield to protect you and will place his deep blue cloak around you to keep you safe, if you ask. He gives you strength and courage and helps you to bring about positive results. He will use the power of his sword to cut away negative cords, which attach you to people, thought forms or objects.

His etheric retreat is in Banff, Canada, which you can access during sleep or meditation. Executives, leaders, military, commanders, policemen, sports people and public servants are often on the deep blue Archangel Michael ray.

Ray 2. Archangel Jophiel works with the yellow ray of wisdom and illumination. He uses his might and power to inspire and light up the mind, so that people become open minded and wise. . His special task is to help all aspects of education and learning and he is particularly available to students and teachers, ambassadors and artistic people. He will help you to be tactful and have foresight in difficult situations. His etheric retreat is south of the Great Wall, China, which you can access in sleep or meditation.

Ray 3. Archangel Chamuel works with the pink ray of love. He expands the flame of love in your heart and helps people to find compassion and forgiveness. Artists and peacemakers, philosophers, metaphysicians and musicians are particularly enfolded in his light.

His etheric retreat is in St Louis, Missouri, which you can access during sleep or meditation to be filled with more love.

Ray 4. Archangel Gabriel works with the white ray of purity. He offers guidance and helps people to find their next step in life or their divine mission. When you invoke him he brings joy and grace, clarity, and order into your life. He opens you up to sympathy, understanding and generosity and will help you purify negative emotions and beliefs, which are locked in your energy system.

His etheric retreat is in Mount Shasta, California and he has a retreat at Findhorn for purification and awakening. Spiritual leaders, spiritual scientists, astronomers, biochemists, physicists and musicians are often enfolded in this ray.

Ray 5. Archangel Raphael works with the emerald green ray of balance, healing and abundance. He helps travelers and healers and stands for vision and truth, so he will enable you to find a sense of justice.

His etheric retreat is at Fatima in Portugal and doctors, surgeons, inventors, mathematicians, chemists, electricians, engineers and researchers work with his ray.

Ray 6. Archangel Uriel works with the purple and gold ray of wisdom and peace. He directs the angels of peace and helps you soothe conflict so that you can find serenity, brother and sisterhood. He breaks your mental and emotional chains and frees you from fears.

Missionaries, priests, ministers, healers, lawyers, social workers, blue-collar workers, farmers and business people tend to be on this ray. His etheric retreat is above the Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Ray 7. Archangel Zadkiel works with the violet ray of transmutation and ceremonial magic He directs the angels of joy and mercy to transmute lower energies and help people to find forgiveness, diplomacy and tolerance. He is associated with St Germain and the Violet Flame.

Visionaries, diplomats, mystics, leaders, royalty, community organizers and high priests and-priestesses often work with this ray.



Julie Lomas
Julie is the founder member and Managing Director of Conscious Connections,( www.conscious-connections.com ) a company dedicated to bringing spiritual awareness and holistic practices, including stress management transformation and life coaching to all areas of peoples' personal lives.

Julie holds a Degree in Education, is an Executive Business and Life  Coach,  Award winning Writer, Japanese Reiki Shihan and Reiki Master Teacher, Professional Crystal Therapist and Teacher, Stress Management facilitator,  and an international facilitator in personal development and awareness. She has 18 years of experience in teaching and practicing holistic therapies in the Middle East, Europe, Greece and the USA. She is an expansive thinker with an excellent reputation and record of achievement in these fields. Julie is a leader and is well known in the holistic world across the Middle East Gulf countries, where she has a large following, speaking out and advocating correct learning and high standards of all holistic practices. She appears regularly on several Middle East countries TV and in magazines and journals.


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