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Archangel Gabriel: Hero of God


Julie Lomas

Archangel Gabriel’s name means “Hero of God” or “God is my strength. Gabriel’s gifts to you are hope, love and angelic guidance. He is the archangel for dissolving fear and guiding us through change. His is associated with the colour white and carries a trumpet to awaken your inner angel and bring good news; he can also help to interpret your dreams and visions.

His energy is very bright, lively and joyful and bubbly I like to think of him as the Lord of the Dance. His temple of light is in the etheric realm over Mount Shasta in California.


It is said that the early Catholic Church changed Gabrielle into the male angel, Gabriel, when everything was patriarchalized. Even God, who was referred to both “Mother” and “Father” in early versions of the bible, was later referred to as male. But then again who is to say if Angels are Male or Female, perhaps they are both or neither, we don’t really know.


When Gabriel sounds his call, you will hear it. It will awaken your ‘Inner Angel’ this will transform your life forever. Ask for Archangel Gabriel’s assistance to intervene in any area of your life where it seems stuck. He’ll “breathe new life” into stale relationships and businesses. Ask for his to help you bring about creative ideas and opportunities to get you moving again. When asked for his assistance, he brings joy and grace, clarity, and order into your life. He teaches us to take the time to appreciate all the experiences and joys in our daily lives.


Gabriel serves as the announcer and harbinger of good news and information He gives us news of forthcoming events, changes on the horizon and opportunities that lie ahead for us. In her role as communicator, Gabriele is known as the great communicator for the Divine. Work with Gabriel to heighten your psychic abilities.


Intuition is an ability that can’t be measured by physical sensitivity or lateral understanding. Intuition is also called "straight knowledge" because it’s direct insight into higher levels of awareness. Those that liberate their intuition are able to pass through the mundane human ego self and bring truths of future, past and present into their awareness.

Shifting perception to a point where someone is able to perceive beyond the illusion of reality is easily attainable but many people are too encumbered by fear to be open. All of us have the capacity to find all the answers to all questions; all you need to do is rely on the truth that is inside all of us.

There are two groups of people, thinkers and feelers. This determines the way they respond to people and life situations. Thinkers operate from the mental centres. They are more logical, rational and analytical. They usually rely only on their five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, to determine whether something “real” or not. Feelers, on the other hand, operate from their emotional centres and are more creative, intuitive and expressive. A feeler will listen to their intuition or “sixth sense” to make decisions and determine the truth.

There is so much more to the universe that can’t be explained by science or rationality. By trusting more than what we just see or hear we become empowered by knowing about others and ourselves. Life just becomes so much easier when we have answers.

Basically developing your intuition goes something like this:

First, formulate a clear question or intention then quiet your mind of chatter (this takes practice, don’t worry if it takes a while, and just do the best you can). Let go of any resistance or judgment. Trust the first impression you receive then focus on that impression for deeper insight.

To really increase your intuition, use meditation. You allow yourself to stop and take a deeper look at situations around you. The more you meditate the better and clearer your intuition will be.



Julie Lomas
Julie is the founder member and Managing Director of Conscious Connections,( www.conscious-connections.com ) a company dedicated to bringing spiritual awareness and holistic practices, including stress management transformation and life coaching to all areas of peoples' personal lives.

Julie holds a Degree in Education, is an Executive Business and Life  Coach,  Award winning Writer, Japanese Reiki Shihan and Reiki Master Teacher, Professional Crystal Therapist and Teacher, Stress Management facilitator,  and an international facilitator in personal development and awareness. She has 18 years of experience in teaching and practicing holistic therapies in the Middle East, Europe, Greece and the USA. She is an expansive thinker with an excellent reputation and record of achievement in these fields. Julie is a leader and is well known in the holistic world across the Middle East Gulf countries, where she has a large following, speaking out and advocating correct learning and high standards of all holistic practices. She appears regularly on several Middle East countries TV and in magazines and journals.


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