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Ashtar: Flowing Lightships Heals The Confusion

Ashtar: The Sacral Moment On Earth

Full Moon: Flowing Lightships & New Dimensions.

The full moon of October 28, 2023 opens a new dimension of peace. Once again a wave of light engulfs the earth. Great solar flairs have been sent to earth from the cosmos, they expand your consciousness again and again. They create higher frequencies and new possibilities.


Every person is now touched in this new wave of transition, these light waves arise again and again and they influence the earth.

It is not only the human mind that is expanded and purified. Everything that emerged from the divine spark responds to this light.


The Divine can touch and illuminate everything, every piece of matter is then animated. The earth was created from this inspiration.

The digital world seems so flat and low in vibration. Yet this virtual world in the

distant future will be embraced by the living light. So that people can use highly advanced techniques for a healthy world.

Before that happens, the lower will try to sustain itself through artificial intelligence. So that these powers can rise and build a new lower world. What they do not know is that everything in the universe originated from the great Divine source and that nothing is spared. Everything is ultimately infused with the Divine Living Light.


Everything becomes animated and those who want to stop this will first build their own artificial dimension, so that they can reside in the inanimate. Every creation realized by man will ultimately be filled with life energy. The living creation will continue to work on this. This is how it works in the Divine Universe.

Ensure that the Divine inspiration remains present in your life by living from passion. Invite joy into your life and find your inner drive. Through the discouragement policy of those in power, they try to crack your inspiration, so that they can influence the mind with fear. Fear is their only way to keep everything low in vibration, remember that duality has two sides. Use the fear as a warning sign so that it works for you and not against you. Stay well connected to your inner light.

Illness and other disturbances are a signal. Try to embrace this signal, because the answer lies in this signal. Be honest with yourself. Crystals can help unmask a disease, listen carefully to what they tell you.


The earth is in transition and it is creating new opportunities to safely take humans through this transition to a different form of life. The earth's magnetism is constantly changing, so that the body can become subtle and ascend to another dimension. The crystalline dimension will be opened from peace and invite man to reside in this layer

Do you want to represent the crystal light?

More and more beautifully and clearly you will feel the crystal light merging with your heart and the passion will lead you to a clear point of unity.


Many experience chronic stress that comes at them from all angles. Turn it around, place yourself in the light of peace and choose the path of compassion. Your crystalline path can now be placed in the base, take small steps and discover this beautiful world from the subconscious layer.

Some are already consciously walking the new crystalline path; they can manifest the light and dispel the dark. Duality will still be present, but Earth is preparing to add a new dimension. The crystalline light expands further and forms an initial basis, creating a new dimension. Manifest the light around you frequently and dispel the negative influence.

Go where the great light is located, feel this with your heart and move towards the light.

When you tune into this message, light flows into your heart, the mind becomes clear and you can now step out of the confusion.


Many confused spirits lose their way, many are picked up and put back on the right path by the light present on earth. The world of light helps to bring back the lost souls in the broadest sense of the word. The inner earth resonates and ascends to your dimension.


Deceased souls who pass on in confusion are received and enter a preliminary stage of their transition. A peaceful platform of light will guide them to a soothing dimension, where they can recover and let go of the chaos.

Some are more sensitive than others and become distant from themselves. Due to incorrect healing processes, the psychological lines can become confused and the emotional layer can be burdened, causing the mental layer to become stressed. If the medication is too strong, the physical body can become even further disrupted. Their stability is being shaken. They become detached from earth and some eventually go all the way to heaven. They are received by a Divine light.


During a light journey, a reset can occur, where the mind can temporarily stay in a clear light and the incorrect wiring that has arisen due to confusion can be converted. The dark lines are healed and disconnected.


The flowing lightships, the floating lightships, in the ether and in the oceans consist of light photons and diamond light.

Vehicles built from Divine elements can move in many different layers.

Those in confusion are literally picked up from the darkness and brought up to rest in the light and regain clarity of mind.

The starlight beings “disconnect” the heavy physical body for a moment and “store” it in a crystalline sphere (trans state, deep sleep), so that the etheric body can be treated. The etheric body is subtle and can be temporarily exposed to a high dose of diamond light without sustaining damage (transfusion). The physical body is not yet fully absorbed into the light and cannot dwell in it. These resets are going to happen at a rapid pace.


These resets are only performed if you wish, free will is respected. These encounters are realized from love and tenderness, this high light dissolves everything and the healing only takes a few seconds.

Reading this can cause a reset, that's how quickly it can take effect. We work from the Divine starlight and have evolved much further than humans, we work together with the Angels of Light and travel faster than light to the past, the future or to you.

We will reach out to you, but if you carry too much fear or do not want this, we will leave very quickly and remain at a distance. We will never impose ourselves or hurt you unnecessarily.


We carry the solution to the energy problems, poverty and ending oppression on earth. Unfortunately, those in power do not want to make this known to humanity on earth yet, because it will change the entire world. Gradually, conferences take place in which they announce this. Unfortunately this doesn't reach the mainstream, but that will come when the time is right. We speak through many channels.

First we will touch many with our light power and appear as unexpected lights in the sky to awaken people to this phenomenon. We have always been there and we will always be there. We are part of the Divine Plan.

This full moon opens the gates of a new dimension, peace will flow into your heart and then you know... this is the new time of the new earth. These seeds of light are planted in your heart and mind in order to evolve further. Invite this pure light of love. Especially if you find it difficult to tolerate the chaos, we can help you.

There are many other beings, that is true. But focus on the light. Connect this light with your light power in the heart. Many explosions of light will occur, prepare for it.

October 27, 2023

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©Arthura Hector All rights reserved.


Ashtar is a consciousness with a very intelligent ability, contactees include George van Tassel, Tuella and many others.
Ashtar is an ethereal light being, a loving intelligence and he consists of pure Light and works with the healing Rainbow colors. From a wave of love I have to meet Ashtar. This revelation of the Light opened my cosmic consciousness. When this happens  then he opens the veils. The true memory who you really are comes to above. Once man was a beautiful being with a lot of Light power and special talents. The memory of an Earthly Paradise is no fantasy and is hidden deep in the heart of everyone. A very intense desire now arises to reunite all of this into wholeness again. ©Arthura

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