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New Moon Solar Eclipse, June 10th, 2021 ~Trickster And Magician

New Moon Solar Eclipse, June 10th, 2021 ~Trickster And Magician

This powerful partial Eclipse (annular) and New Moon in Gemini is on Thursday June 10th, 2021 at 7:52 am ADT. The partial Eclipse (ring of fire) starts at 5:36am ADT and ends at 7:35am ADT. For some of you sunrise may not have started yet and or you may not be in the path of the Eclipse to view it.

Although this is a New Moon this is not traditionally like a regular New Moon. When a Solar Eclipse occurs during a New Moon, the energy becomes less stable and is not accessed in the same way.

The mental body potentially may be very activated during this Eclipse, and although this is Mercury Retrograde, there will be some inner dialogue, to either deal with, clear or be aware of.

What is the mind of yours making up and believes in as truth?

What are the stories are you telling yourself that are often held in the shadows? Now aware of?

These shadows, these thoughts present, yet unaware, would serve you well to pay attention to.

That is the flow of this intense Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Gemini, during Mercury Retrograde.

The Shadow and collapse, potentially may be on a larger scale and or, be something you experienced clear and end, as if in a death and rebirth of sorts.

Do not underestimate the power of this SOLAR Eclipse during Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde already requires deeper introspection, as well as moving slowly through all communication situations. THIS includes with yourself.

Be clear on what you are clear about. Notice ALL self talk that is the contrary of what you feel you are clear about and or represents more of the real you. The eternal You. The one you see yourself BEING now.

Mercury (retrograde) will also square Neptune. These mirky waters add to the challenge of the communication AWARENESS required to come out of this above water. Maneuvering through a death and rebirth process, into successfully BEING more of the eternal you, will require GREAT introspection.

Saturn square Uranus and the Solar Eclipse conjunct Mercury, Solar eclipse square Neptune, will all contribute to what is to surface from the deeper recesses of your subconscious mind.

Changes, sudden changes, sudden inner awareness of thought patterns, misunderstandings, delays, dark night of the Soul, all may be part and parcel of this intense energy experience.

Remember all of this will be unique to YOU, to your DNA, your levels of awareness and your exact BLUEPRINT, as well as your life plan for this your incarnation on Planet Earth.

The powerful forces at play in the shadowy energy of all of this is very deep.

Above all allow all to surface, develop greater awareness of your thought patterns and specifically the STORIES YOU repeatedly tell yourself. As you do so (if you do) you will gain some insights and transformations.

Mercury is the trickster, the messenger as well as the magician.

Add to this the pressure of the shadows required to surface.

We either have a confused life experience, dark night of the Soul, or a gateway to greater freedom and awareness.

One in which, the mind and its thoughts, just ever so tweaked in harmonious alignment, bring to light ~ THE MAGICAL process ~ of BEING THE DIVINE, manifested INTO BEING.

Align your heart with every thought. Every thought with the heart.

In this mystical alignment you awaken to being the magician of eternity. The transformed into being the Divine Ascended Master, here literally walking on Earth.

Choose with awareness and eternal DIVINE love and in this we bless you NOW.


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