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Setting Up An Altar To Hold Your Intention


If the closest thing to an altar that you have in your room is the nightstand that you keep your cell phone on, it may be time to add a little crystal flair to that restful sleep space. Setting up an altar is a way to dictate what energy you draw into your room. It sort of prioritizes your spiritual needs, and brings a calm assuredness into your environment. In this sense, a nightstand that is bare aside from your keys and tech devices places a priority on possessions. Just seeing what is sacred to you before you go to bed and when you wake up, can be an important visual reminder of what you want in life and what energy you need to embody in order to manifest that reality.

An altar doesn’t have to be only made up of crystals. This is a space for items that you have a strong connection to. That can be a pretty shell that you picked up on the beach one day, a feather that reminds you to be free and soar, a trinket that was gifted to you, a singing bowl for relaxation, sage for cleansing, a candle for aromatherapy, or a piece of culture you brought back from one of your travels. The sentimental significance of each of these treasures will bring pleasant memories to mind, and induce a bit of serenity in you when you need it most—in the early morning and late at night. Whether you need to wind down from your day, or set the tone to start it, this crystal altar will be your perfect point of reference.

Healing crystals that are great for altars are often those that promote relaxation. Crystals for stress-relief, crystals for purification and crystals for love are popular staples for sacred alters. These include Rose Quartz for universal love, Amethyst for stress-reducing relaxation, Fluorite for emotional balance, Selenite for charging and cleansing, Rhodonite for compassion, Blue Lace Agate for peace of mind, and Sodalite for soothing, joyful energy. While these are great suggestions, setting up an altar should be an exercise of intuition. Pick stones that you feel called to. Often an altar is an ever shifting, changing thing. What collection of healing stones and trinkets feed you with love at one time, may be totally different at another time.

Create a Mindful Morning Routine by Setting Up an Altar and Connecting With It

Once you’ve finished setting up an altar, you’re ready to begin a mindful morning ritual that solidifies your connection to this sacred space. Devote yourself 5 to 10 minutes in the morning for this practice. You may be asking yourself why getting up from your much needed slumber any earlier than you have to is worth it. Well, just like the altar dictates what energy exists within your room, rituals dictate what energy resides within you. If you rush out of the house, that feeling of panic and haste will stick with you throughout the day. However, if you take time to enter the day peacefully, your spirit will radiate with self-love because you have signified that your mood and spirit are important to you.

  1. Each morning, light a tea light candle on your altar. This is energetically symbolic of your connection and communication with spirit.
  2. Light your favorite incense (we love sandalwood!) to show your dedication to your practice.
  3. Grab your crystals and sit in front of your altar. Take 5 to 10 minutes to meditate, pray or recite your mantras. This simply practice begins your day with a dedication to something larger than yourself.
  4. When you’ve finished, place your crystals back on your altar. If you’re able to, let your candle and incense burn out on its own. If you’re not able to, make sure to waft or snuff it out. Do NOT blow out!

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Credit: energymuse.com

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