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The Lost Lands of Lumania

lumaniansLumania is an ancient mythological civilization, similar to Lemuria, Atlantis, Mu, Pan, Mar, Thule and Muror.

Lumania was first referred to in a book titled, Seth Speaks, published in 1972. Seth is a multidimensional being who channelled through writer Jane Roberts, in Elmira New York, from 1963 until her death in 1984. Her husband, painter Robert Butts, kept extensive written notes during these sessions, some of which have been published in book form by New World Library. Seths writings have influenced the work of numerous new age authors, notably such luminaries as Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay. Seth mentions the Lumanians in Seth Speaks, The Eternal Validity Of The Soul, on pages 222-224, 352 & 378. They are referred to as the middle of three technologically advanced civilizations that predated Atlantis. Apparently, as a race, they had evolved into a highly sensitive, peace loving people with an astounding affinity for sound. Their language, art and modes of propulsion all utilized advanced knowledge of the power of sound. They were highly telepathic as a result, often resorting to communication with eyes closed; sending evocative images to each other via brain waves. Their art was far more advanced than present day works because of its ability to transmit data at many different levels of perception. Using sound technology they also bore deep into the earth where they built their cities. They were as proud of their achievement at exploration of the earths "below surface" world as our modern civilization is about our ability to explore "outer" space. Eventually, this highly evolved race "cycled on" to higher dimensions, although many still reincarnate on the earth plane for "personal" reasons.

A book written in the language of India, which includes two ancient maps showing the lost continent of LUMANIA, was sent to Dr. Ronald P. Anjard, by an Indian ancient historian, astronomer and author named Sampeth Lyengar. In addition, an ancient stone carved into the theorized shape of Lumania, was sent to Dr. Anjard by Ms. Enid M. Irwin, and this information was sent to Mind International headquarters on Maui. Anjard wrote about the Maskara continent (where the civilization of Lumania reportedly existed) in what is now the Indian Ocean... with parts stretching into Australia.

Indonesian islands are said to be the remaining mountain peaks of this sunken continent that existed even before Atlantis. In 1974, a United Nations diplomat investigating lost continents, Farida Iskiovet, told Mind International directors in Hawaii that she found out about a mysterious ruined pyramid in Indonesia from a prehistoric culture.

In 1977, a Mind International agent from Australia, Colin Amery, reported the discovery of mysterious ruins in the remote Australian wastelands: ´My research in recent months suggests that in caves in the desert of Western Australia, machinery and priceless artifacts dating back to the period of Lemuria have been stored. There are stories of temples hidden in rain forests." Amery added that he discovered a small temple over an underground temple, stretching down about 1,000 feet.

During the 1960´s many newspapers and magazines reported the discovery of strange metallic balls found in the Australian desert, of unknown origin. All attempts to open them with machines and weapons failed and the metal composition was unknown. Is there a relation?

Lumania was not the Pacific continent of Lemuria (also known as Mu, Pan, Mar, and Muror). Lumania appears to date earlier.

Lost in time...Lumania has left a lack of ruins scientists have found in the Indian Ocean... perhaps so ancient as to have disintegrated. All we have is Dr. Anjard´s maps and writings from ancient times and a scant few artifacts and the underground temple. Jane Roberts, a medium of the Edgar Cayce ilk, claims E.S.P. data on Lumania that we will describe below, though we have no way of proving what she said:

According to Roberts, ´The Lumanians were scientifically advanced far beyond 20th Century technology in America, and they lived in futuristic style underground cities. They formed energy fields around their cities to protect them from huge terrifying animals that over-ran Earth then (dinosaurs?), as well as savages.´ The Lumanians did not attempt to form an empire like Atlantis later did, but instead concentrated their population on Maskara with only a few underground cities on other continents. The Lumanians had no desire to contact or influence the masses of primitive savages over-running the world then.

The entrances to these underground cities were hidden in the backs of natural caves. The doors were translucent to allow people to see out yet nobody outside could see in. Underground tunnels connected the cities with high-speed monorails.

The HOPI INDIANS, the ancient Hawaiians, and the NAACALS of Burma all told of the lost continent. On Maui, hidden deep in the dense rain forests of the upper slope of Eke Crater, is ruins of a temple and sun dial from a lost civilization not in any history book about Hawaii. Numerous other mysterious pre-Hawaiian ruins were found in Maui jungles.

We interviewed Mrs. Hildra James, founder of Mama´s Fish House on Maui, descendant of Hawaiian royalty, about how she and her associates flew over ruins in a helicopter and witnessed same. Also, we interviewed the acclaimed "world´s leading authority" on Hawaiian history, Mrs. Inez Ashdown, who had a photo of Eke Crater ruins; also-Merriil Fankhauser, formerly of Xian International on Maui, explored many other ruins on Maui which he believed were from Lemuria, including some pear Kaupo and Wainapanapa. The Lemurians worshipped the Sun God and named their empire after that concept.

The channeled entity seth talks about how the lumanians could communicate and form matter using sounds and tones.. he also speaks of a race of pure spirit entitys that came before and molded and influenced the lumanians.. and the reason he gave for the lumanians dying off is that they were unable to confront violence..they evolved so perfectly into an ultra-pacifist downfall.. also that cro magons were influenced by the tools the found at entrances to their underground cities in the caves..


Lumanians, excerpts from Seth Speaks

Seth, session 562 & 563, excerpts:

"It seems to you that you have, perhaps, but one chance as a species to solve your problems, or be destroyed by your own aggression, by your own lack of understanding and spirituality. As you are given many lives in which to develop and fulfill your abilities, so has the species in those terms been allotted more than the single line of historical development with which you are presently acquainted.

The reincarnational structure is but one facet in the whole picture of probabilities. In it you have literally as much time as you need, to develop those potentials that you must develop, before leaving the reincarnational existences."

"On your planet...were...three particular civilizations long before the time of Atlantis; when, in fact, your planet itself was in a somewhat different position."

"The strength of this second civilization lay mainly in the areas now known as Africa and Australia, although at that time not only was the climate entirely different, but the land areas."

"This civilization, therefore, left the natives that surrounded them in peace. They did send out members of their own group, however, to live with the natives and intermarry, hoping peacefully to thus alter the physiology of the species.

The energy, often in your time given over to violence, went instead into other pursuits, but began to turn against them. They were not learning to deal with violence or aggression. They were attempting to short-circuit it physically, and this they found had complications."

"The civilization was called Lumania, (spelled out), and the name itself went down in legend and was used again at a later time.

The Lumanians were a very thin, weakly people, physically speaking, but psychically either brilliant or completely ungifted. In some, you see, the built in controls caused so many blockages of energy in all directions that even their naturally high telepathic abilities suffered."

"Large groups, however, simply left their cities, destroyed the force fields that had enclosed them, and joined the many groups of relatively uncivilized peoples, mating with them and bearing children. These Lumanians died quickly, for they could not bear violence nor react to it violently."


While the civilization of the Lumanians was highly concentrated, in that they made no attempt to conquer others or to spread out to any great extent in area, they did set out, over the centuries, outposts from which they could emerge and keep track of the other native peoples.

These outposts were constructed underground. From the original cities and large settlements there were, of course, underground connections, a system of tunnels, highly intricate and beautifully engineered. Since these were an aesthetic people, the walls were lined with paintings and drawings, and sculpture was also displayed along these inner byways.

There were various escalated systems, some conveying people on foot, some conveying goods. It was not practical to construct such tunnels to the many outposts, however, which were fairly small communities and relatively self-supporting; some were a good distance away from the main areas of commerce and activity.

These outposts were situated in may scattered areas, but there were a fairly large number of them in what is now Spain and the Pyrenees. There were several reasons for this, one having to do with the existence of rather giant-sized men in the mountain areas. Because of the timid nature of the [Lumanian] people, they did not enjoy outpost existence, and only the bravest and most confident of them were given such an assignment, which was temporary to begin with.

Sound in Lumania

Sound was utilized far more effectively, not only for healing and in wars, but also to power vehicles of locomotion, and to bring about the movement of physical matter. Sound was a conveyor of weight and mass. ~ Seth

It missed your stage of automobiles completely, and stream-driven vehicles, and concentrated rather early on sound. The sound could not be heard by physical ears. ~ Seth

The caves, again, served as doorways opening outward, and often what seemed to be the back of a cave was instead constructed of a material opaque from the outside but transparent from the inside. The natives of the area, using such caves for natural shelter, could therefore be observed without danger. These people reacted to sounds that are not audible to your ears. Their peculiar fear of violence intensified all of their mechanisms to an amazing degree. They were forever alert and on guard.

This is difficult to explain, but they could mentally pitch a thought along certain frequencies– a highly distinguished art– and then translate the thought at a given destination in any of a number of ways, into form or color, for example, or even into a certain type of image. Their language was extremely discriminating in ways that you could not understand, simply because gradations in pitch, frequency, and spacing were so precise and complicated.

Communication, in fact, was one of their strongest points, and it was developed to such a high degree simply because they feared violence so deeply and were constantly on the alert. They banded together in large family groups, again in need for protection. Contact between children and parents was at a very high level, and children were acutely uncomfortable if out of the sight of their parents for any amount of time.

Lumanian Caves

Their vast technology and their great civilization was largely underground. They were, in those terms, the original cavemen, and they came out from their cities through caves also. Caves were not just places of protection in which unskilled natives squatted. They were often doorways to and from the cities of the Lumanians. Long after the cities were deserted, the following natives, uncivilized, found these caves and the openings.

In the period that you now think of as the Stone Age, the men you think of as your ancestors, the cavemen, often found shelter not in rough naturally-formed caves, but in mechanically-created channels that reached behind them, and in the deserted cities in which once the Lumanians dwelled. Some of the tools fashioned by the cavemen were distorted versions of those they had found. ~ Seth


Cave Paintings and Sound

This has to do with communication as it was applied to their drawings and paintings, and to the highly discriminating channels that their creative communications could take. In many ways their art was highly superior to your own, and not as isolated. The various art forms, for example, were connected in a fashion that is nearly unknown to you, and because you are so unfamiliar with the concept, it will be rather difficult to explain.

Consider, for example, something very simple–– say a drawing of an animal. You would perceive it simply as a visual object, but these people were great synthesizers. A line was not simply a visual line, but according to an almost infinite variety of distinctions and divisions, it would also represent certain sounds that would be automatically translated.

An observer could automatically translate the sounds before he bothered with the visual image, if he wanted to. In what would appear to be a drawing of an animal, then, the entire history or background of the animal might also be given. Curves, angles, lines all represented, beside their obvious objective function in a drawing, a highly complicated series of variations in pitch, tone and value; or if you prefer, invisible words.

Distances between lines were translated as sound pauses, and sometimes also as distances in time. Color was used in terms of language in communication, in drawings and paintings; representing some what as your own color does, emotional gradations. The color however, its value or intensity, served to further refine and define––ro example, either by reinforcing the message already given by the objective value of the lines, angles, and curves, and by the invisible world messages already explained; or by modifying these in any given number of ways. Do you follow me here?

The size of such drawings also spoke its own message. In one way this was a highly stylized art, and yet it allowed for both great preciseness of expression in terms of detail and great freedom in terms of scope. It was obviously highly compressed. This technique was later discovered by the third civilization, and some of the remnants of drawings done in imitation of it still exist. But the keys to interpretation have been completely lost, so all you could see would be a drawing devoid of the multisensual elements that gave it such great variety. It exists, but you could not bring it alive.

I would perhaps mention here that some of the caves, particularly in certain areas of Spain and the Pyrenees, and some earlier ones in Africa, were artificial constructions. Now these people moved mass with sound, and, as I told you earlier, actually conveyed matter through a high mastery of sound. This is how their tunnels were originally formed, and it was also the method used to form some of the caves in areas where originally there were few. Often drawings on the cave walls were highly stylized information, almost like signs in your terms in front of public buildings, portraying the type of animals and beings in a given area.

These drawings later were used as models by your early cavemen in the historical times to which you usually refer.

Their communicative abilities, and therefore creative abilities, were more vital, alive, and responsive than yours are. When you hear a word you may be aware of a corresponding image in your mind. With these people, however, sounds automatically and instantly built-up an amazingly vivid image that was not three-dimensional by any means, being internalized, but was far more vivid than your usual mental images indeed.

Certain sounds, again, were utilized to indicate amazing distinctions in terms of size, shape, direction, and duration both to space and time. Sounds automatically produced brilliant images, in other words. For this reason there was an easy distinction between what was called inner sight and outer sight and it was quite natural for them to close their eyes when seated in conversation in order to communicate more clearly, enjoying the ever-changing and immediate inner images that accompanied any verbal interchange.

They learned quickly, and education was an exciting process, because this multisensuous facility automatically impressed information upon them not simply through one sense channel at a time but utilizing many simultaneously. For all this, however, and the immediacy of their perceptions, there was an inherent weakness. The inability to face up to violence and learn to conquer it meant, of course, that they also severely hampered a certain thrusting-out characteristic. Energy was blocked in these areas so that they actually lacked a forceful quality or sense of power.

~ Seth



Good evening.

("Good evening, Seth.")

Now: We will return to our book tonight and Wednesday, and the following Monday and Wednesday, until it is finished.

Dictation now. I have been speaking about the Lumanians in some detail because they are a part of your psychic heritage. The other two civilizations were in many ways more successful, and yet the strong intent behind the Lumanians' experiment was extremely volatile. While they were not able to solve the problem of violence as they understood it in your reality, their passionate desire to do so still rings throughout your own psychic environment.

Because of the true nature of "time" the Lumanians still exist as they were in your terms. There are often bleed-throughs in the psychic atmosphere. These do not occur by chance, but when some kind of rapport causes effects to leap between systems that otherwise appear quite separated. And so there have been such bleed-throughs between your own civilization and the Lumanians'.

Various old religions picked up the idea of the Lumanians' fierce god figure for example, in whom they managed to project their concepts of force, power, and violence, this god who had meant to protect them when nonviolence would not allow them to protect themselves.

There is a bleed through now in the making, so to speak, in which the Lumanians' multidimensional concepts of art and communication will be glimpsed by your own people, but in a rudimentary form.

Because of the nature of probabilities there is also, of course, a system of reality in which the Lumanians succeeded in their experiment with nonviolence, and in which a completely different type of human being emerged.

All of this may seem very strange to you, simply because your concepts of existence are so specific and limiting. Ideas of probable realities and probable men and gods may strike some of you as quite absurd, and yet as you read this book, you are but one of the probable you's.

Other probable you's would not consider you real, of course, and some might indignantly question your existence. Nevertheless, the probable system of reality is not just a philosophical question. If you are interested in the nature of your own reality, then it becomes a highly personal and pertinent matter.

As the various qualities of the Lumanians are still present in your psychic atmosphere, as their cities still coexist in land areas now called your own, so other probable identities coexist with the identities you now call your own. In the following chapter we will discuss you and your probable selves.

(A note: According to Seth, the Lumanians were the second of a group of three highly technological civilizations that existed on our planet long before the time of Atlantis. In the 563rd session Seth mentioned that he would soon discuss the third of these cultures. This material was never received. It could have been, but because of the long break between the last two sessions on Seth's book, we simply did not remember to ask for it...)

(9:24.) And now we begin the next chapter: "Probable Systems, Men, and Gods."

In your daily life at any given moment of your time, you have a multitudinous choice of actions, some trivial and some of utmost importance. You may, for example, sneeze or not sneeze, cough or not cough, walk to the window or the door, scratch your elbow, save a child from drowning, learn a lesson, commit suicide, harm another, or turn your cheek.

It seems to you that reality is composed of those actions that you choose to take. Those that you choose to deny are ignored. The road not taken then seems to be a non act, yet every thought is actualized and every possibility explored. Physical reality is constructed from what seems to be a series of physical acts. Since this is the usual criterion of reality for you, then nonphysical acts usually escape your notice, discretion, and judgment.

(9:30.) Let us take an example. You are reading this book when the telephone rings. A friend wants you to meet him at five o'clock. You stand considering. In your mind you see yourself (A) saying no and staying home, (B) saying no and going somewhere else instead, or (C) saying yes and keeping the engagement.

Now all of these possible actions have a reality at that point. They are all capable of being actualized in physical terms. Before you make your decision, each of these probable actions are equally valid. You choose one of these, and by your decision you make one event out of the three physical. This event is duly accepted as a portion of those serial happenings that compose your normal existence.

The other probable actions, however, are as valid as they ever were, though you have not chosen to actualize them physically. They are carried out as effectively as the one you chose to accept. If there was a strong emotional charge behind one of the rejected probable actions, it may even have greater validity as an act than the one you chose.

All actions are initially mental acts. This is the nature of reality. That sentence cannot be emphasized too thoroughly. All mental acts therefore are valid. They exist and cannot be negated.

Because you do not accept them all as physical events, you do not perceive their strength or durability. Your lack of perception cannot destroy their validity, however. If you wanted to be a doctor and are now in a different profession, then in some other probable reality you are a doctor. If you have abilities that you are not using here, they are being used elsewhere.

Now, again, these ideas may seem impossibly rich for your mental blood because of your propensity toward serial thought and three dimensional attitudes.

(Humorously): You may take a three dimensional break.

("Thank you." 9:43 to 9:55.)

Now these facts do not deny the validity of the soul, but instead add to it immeasurably.

The soul can be described for that matter, as a multidimensional, infinite act, each minute probability being brought somewhere into actuality and existence; an infinite creative act that creates for itself infinite dimensions in which fulfillment is possible.

The tapestry of your own existence is simply such that the three dimensional intellect cannot behold it. These probable selves, however, are a portion of your identity or soul, and if you are out of contact with them it is only because you focus upon physical events and accept them as the criteria for reality.

(10:01.) From any given point of your existence, however, you can glimpse other probable realities, and sense the reverberations of probable actions beneath those physical decisions that you make. Some people have done this spontaneously, often in the dream state. Here the rigid assumptions of normal waking consciousness often fade, and you can find yourself performing those physically rejected activities, never realizing that you have peered into a probable existence of your own.

If there are individual probable selves, then of course there are probable earths, all taking roads that you have not adopted. Beginning with an act of imagination in the waking state, you can sometimes follow for a short way into the "road not taken."

Go back to our man at the telephone, mentioned earlier. Let us say that he tells his friend he will not go. At the same time, if he imagines that he took another alternative and agreed on the engagement, then he might experience a sudden rift of dimensions. If he is lucky and the circumstances are good, he might suddenly feel the full validity of his acceptance as strongly as if he had chosen it physically. Before he realizes what is happening, he might actually feel himself leave his home and embark upon those probable actions that physically he has chosen not to perform.

(10:12) For the moment, however, the full experience will rush upon him. Imagination will have opened the door and given him the freedom to perceive, but hallucination will not be involved. This is a simple exercise that can be tried in almost any circumstance, although solitude is important.

Such an experiment will not carry you too far, however, and the probable self who has chosen the action that you denied, is in important respects quite different from the self that you know. Each mental act opens up a new dimension of actuality. In a manner of speaking, your slightest thought gives birth to worlds.

This is not a dry metaphysical statement. It should arouse within you the strongest feelings of creativity and speculation. It is impossible for any being to be sterile, for any idea to die, or any ability to go unfulfilled.

(10:19.) Bach probable system of reality of course then creates other such systems, and any one act, realized, brings forth an infinite number of "unrealized" acts that will also find their actualization. Now all systems of reality are open. The divisions between them are arbitrarily decided upon as a matter of convenience, but all exist simultaneously, and each one supports and adds to the other. So what you do is also reflected to some degree in the experience of your probable selves, and vice versa.

To the extent that you are open and receptive, you can benefit greatly by the various experiences of your probable selves, and can gain from their knowledge and abilities. Quite spontaneously, again, you often do this in the dream state, and often what seems to you to be an inspiration is a thought experienced but not actualized on the part of another self. You tune in and actualize it instead, you see.

Ideas that you have entertained and not used may be picked up in this same manner by other probable you's. Each of these probable selves consider themselves the real you, of course, and to any one of them you would be the probable self; but through the inner senses all of you are aware of your part in this gestalt.

Now: The soul is not a finished product.

In fact it is not a product in those terms at all, but a process of becoming. All That Is is not a product, finished or otherwise, either. There are probable gods as there are probable men; but these probable gods are all a part of what you may call the soul of, or the identity of, All That Is; even as your probable selves are all a portion of your soul or entity.

The dimensions of actuality possible to All That Is of course far exceed those presently available to you. In a manner of speaking, you have created many probable gods through your own thoughts and desires. They become quite independent psychic entities, validities in other levels of existence. The one All That Is is aware not only of Its own nature and of the nature of all consciousness, but is also aware of Its infinite probable selves. We go here toward subjects in which words become meaningless.

The nature of All That Is can only be sensed directly through the inner senses, or, in a weaker communication, through inspiration or intuition. The miraculous complexity of such reality cannot be translated verbally.

Now give us a moment. End of dictation.

(Pause at 10:49. Jane's pace had been slower since break. Seth now proceeded to give some material for her regarding her writing.)

("Thank you.")

And we will have book dictation Wednesday, with any personal material at the end.

("All right. Good night, Seth." End at 11:02 P.M.)

This article is a compliation of a variety of source material and websites.  Thanks go to: Jane Roberts and The Seth Material,  Godlike Productions, History Of The Golden Ages . Feel free to share and please linkback.

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