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Aries Full Moon Collective Tarot

Aries Full Moon Collective Tarot

Deck is “The Black Tales Tarot” by Carlos Gee “Ororborus Tarot Spread” from The Complete New Tarot

Shadow Works

We come into October with clear focus & high energy; ready, willing & able are we to co-create with Universe/Source/Spirit/Godself. Sights are set on success, mastery, & maintenance of current resources.  The Chariot is not only a card of fast forward movement, but of successful integration of opposites within or blending more complimentary than identical energies or parts of one’s self.  Some may be taking charge of an unruly group, learning leadership through trial by fire so that we can manifest mutually beneficial outcomes.

However, the clear incompatibility indicated by our only 2 card being reversed suggests our dissatisfaction comes from an underlying tendency to look for sources of healing connection externally that are best recognized after doing the work to manifest intra-personally. That means the emotional availability, vulnerability, and comradery we are looking for requires us to be emotionally honest, vulnerable, and accepting of ourselves  (returning the 9 of Cups to its upright position) so that we can recognize when it is offered to us elsewhere.

The King of Fire as a passing influence suggests our sense of personal power is diminishing as we encounter uncertainty in our environment or our intentions are thwarted by others.  Nevertheless, we have moved beyond rumination over what we fear & loathe, hyper vigilance, & “analysis paralysis”.  Now, we must seek clarity regarding what we wish to fill the space as we release the pain that accompanied our attempts to control people & outcomes.

While considering The Tower’s impact on this reading the phrase that comes to mind is “a transformation that is resistant to chaos”.  Typically this card showing up implies that which is unstable, unruly, or unregulated goes through an unexpected & intense destructive phase, but, reversed an inevitable alteration to the status quo won’t catch us quite by surprise. (The current pandemic is an example of this energy. It is already forcing great change to the way we think and operate within the confines of society and causing us to consider how much power we give away when we are threatened by the unknown & immeasurable power of Mother Nature. Most have realized there is no returning to the pre-Corona life.) While many of us may not be in control of our surroundings or the people in them, our acceptance eases adjustment to a great change already set in motion.

“Times of desperation & inner tension, when recognized, can become the most fruitful growing phases of our lives. […] Just as the extraction of a rotten tooth provides relief for the entire body, the destruction of stagnant situations and relations which hinder growth (2 of Cups rx) begins a healing process for your entire organism.”

Gerd Ziegler on The Tower

Tarot Spread Connections

Tarot Spread Connections

The collective are determined, despite opposition in the periphery to goals aspirations and authentic self expression to bring together and master all parts of the self in the interest of successful & tangible progress. We are called to focus energy on those things and people who are receptive to our level of intensity and direct in emotional expression. 

1-5 & 10-6
Social influence, personal power or energy levels are lessening (as is only natural in this season ), causing many to set our intention to securing what is rather than making attempts to obtain more.  Impending chaos and unclear change, while not unexpected still influences many to pause plans and reconsider initiation and invitation of new energy.

1-6 & 5-10
Our efforts toward conservation rather than control or manifestation allow us to be the eye in a storm. In other words, accepting that change is coming without attempting to exert your will on it or others allows you to avoid the dangers inherent in resisting the inevitable. If we find our confidence or motivation are waning, it’s best not to start anything new but redirect our energy toward protecting what already belongs to us. (And frankly, even that may be changed forever…)

2-4 & 9-7
Our ability to satisfy ourselves materially and emotionally is hindered much by focusing attention on past difficulties and expectations of future threat. Self awareness, creativity, and our desire nature serve to help us reconnect to the world around is after processing painful relations and detaching from them.

2-7 & 4-9
Having survived all dangers and abuses up to this point, our self belief has grow secure despite harsh treatment or traumatic events in the past. Now, our discontent with the staus quo and desire to sate & nurture ourselves may compel some to engage in the reprogramming of the mind  and make new efforts to communicate. Yes!

Overall it seems we’ve transitioned with the rest of nature into a conservative season of observation and regeneration.

Happy Fall, My Loverlies kOri

Author: kOri Woo (AstreauxBytch)

This blog is a reflection of my personal growth journey, creative writing pursuits and general energies I encounter in the day today. I am currently mastering both Tarot and Astrology and you can find my posts regarding those subjects @AstreauxBytch I also post biweekly tarot videos for each month and new moon on my youtube channel http://youtube.com/c/AstreauxBytch
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