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September Monthly Tarot Tableau

September 2021 Overall Themes

As we enter September and settle into Virgo season, the 6 of Swords serves as an anchor of sorts. It is a clear reminder of our right to choose. Our thoughts, feelings, reactions to our environment (The Lovers, 5 of Swords, 2 of Wands) become a part of us. The question now becomes are we choosing consciously or subjecting ourselves to avoidable mental & emotional chaos by engaging energies that do not compel our best self expression? When we are attempting to evolve, we must remember our agency.

This month asks us to cut the fat and cook the meal. We are committing to removing distractions, securing foundations, communicating directly but courteous with self and others. Our self respect is built upon our keen self observation and nurturing. Moving out of turbulent emotional waters into peace depends on it. Releasing perceptions that encourage mirroring of the external environment frees us to focus internally. What new needs have emerged during your healing process and how might you adjust your energy to fulfil them? It’s a time to refine and redefine our “Why”.

The 6 of Wands at the bottom of the deck summarizes our overall picture for the period. Be mindful of your actions because many others certainly will be also. Success depends upon our willingness to balance our efforts; that between input and output, service and self interest, pleasure and practicality. Acknowledgement matters most when it materializes from within. In true Virgo fashion, early in the month we’d do well analyze, organize, and simplify in all areas of our lives and of course first prioritize. (Mercury enters it’s retrograde shadow on the Sept. 6, so best make haste to clarify needs, intentions, responsibilities). Clean house, clean body, clean mind. Later, as the sun moves into Libra diplomacy & grace serve to bring beauty and value toward us as we step out and engage the world. Hopefully, it’s with our personal lives in alignment and our pasts difficulties in proper perspective. Let any conflict that arises be a battle to transcend our own lower selves.

September Tarot Cards

Passing & Past

Past Situation: The Hanged Man
Outgoing Conflict: Temperance
Outgoing Support: 7 of Cups
Past Actions: The Star
Integrated Shadow: 3 of Cups

As we close out August, the collective energies of the past suggest a sense of mental and emotional stagnancy. The Hanged Man reminds us that our willingness to alter our point of view also impacts our experiences. The card itself shows us suspended in blue waters. The waves represent an endless flow of emotion or subconscious awareness. Our passion, creativity and motivation (the red glow below) are submerged even deeper, but still in our grasp.

What’s also noticeable is the lack of clarity regarding who or what holds us up. Is it safe to trust in a support we cannot define? Can adjusting how we see truly affect what’s there? Temperance also asks us to be patient with the our metamorphosis. The fruit of our intentions is not yet ripe. We’re learning to allow time for a process to complete itself; one of healing and of transformation.

As we cross into September, we do well to consider how our emotional and spiritual needs have changed. The Star reminds us of the power of hope and the multifaceted nature of healing. The 3 of cups as integrated energy reminds us we already know how to express our healed selves with others.

Together, these cards bring up important questions. Pose them to yourself. What indulgences or connections are you better for having left behind? In the space that remains, what might you create and who supports you now? Where is your optimism sourced from now, and what distracts you from regularly accessing it? What does healing look like today, and how does it differ from before?

Current Situation

Current Situation: 6 of Swords
Ideal: Ace of Cups*, Knight of Cups, The Fool,
Actual: 5 of Swords, 10 of Wands, Queen of Cups
Environment: The Lovers, 2 of Wands,
Distractions: Wheel of Fortune, Knight of Swords
Support: 4 of Disks, Page of Cups

We come into this month in the midst of tension. Fed up with our and others’ projections and determined to heal, we uncover healthy resistance. Egoic communications, outright lies, and overwhelming responsibilities (5 Swords/10 Wands) are pushing some from all sides. The healing we seek comes by way of our willingness to close out the cycle. Tie up lose ends.

Regarding responsibilities we’ve shirked & conversations avoided, we must make some hard choices about how best to move deeper into the now. Do you know when it’s time to walk away? Are you clear on what needs be carried or left behind?

Many will see examples around us that highlight our goals and signs of manifestation. Pay attention to who shows up when you’re focused on solutions and who seems to be ever present when difficulties emerge. Decisions we make now impact the future we wish to experience and who we’ll evolve into by focusing there. Stick to the plan.

Rather than fixating on all that is changing or any conflict brought on by communicating our truth, we should evaluate other options. Conserve your energy & resources & keep plans on a need to know basis. (4 Disks). Practice self-compassion and forgiveness. Turning our attention toward the healing, intimacy, and authenticity we wish to experience frees us to receive it when it arrives. (Page of Cups)

Incoming Energies

Incoming Info: 9 of Disks
Incoming Trigger: Judgement
Incoming Support: 8 of Cups
Advice: The World, 3 of Disks
Outcome: Knight of Disks, Death

Once we take action to fortify our foundations & recover our self worth, all that is left behind dissipates completely. The reward or consequences of our decisions make the finality of them clear. There is no turning back from Judgement. That’s likely a great thing in this reading that emphasizes a need for closure and travel. Closing out cycles that reflect the innocence/ignorance of youth brings us to the next level of our evolution. Not everyone or thing can come with. We are supported in our effort to embody the 6 of Swords energy by the 8 of Cups. After learning lessons and recognizing the potential for more and better, we get our feet to moving too.

Change begins in the mind, then we can physically separate from habits, circumstances, & connections no longer aligned with the versions of self we are growing into. Some endings may hurt more than expected, triggering a sense that we are no longer in control. They are still necessary. Too, we have a different kind of support coming in. Collaborating with those who resonate with us to build upon new foundations and discover new resources helps us to maintain our forward momentum. Continuous effort to manifest intentions puts the past where it belongs. The growth journey is a long and arduous one.

Our commitment to change is the fuel we burn and the path we walk.

This month, we grant ourselves the wishes we work for. We experience the love we give.

Good luck to you all.
kOri Woo

Author: kOri Woo (AstreauxBytch)

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