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Tarot for the Full Moon in Scorpio - Transmuting Fear, Surrendering Lack

Tarot for the Full Moon in Scorpio - Transmuting Fear, Surrendering Lack
10 Card Oruboros Tarot Spread from “The New Complete Tarot” using the Afro Avatar Tarot deck by Colored Afros Art


Great Rising & Blessed Mercury Day to the authentically expressive and healing focused. Happy Springtime, Collective  It’s been a minute (more on that later), but I’m back and definitely better. I sincerely hope you all are the same. 

As the intensity of Aries’ Season leaves us & the Venusian vibes of Taurus take hold (like only a fixed sign can), the intensity of a Scorpio lunation brings up issues of emotional honesty, shared resources (both energetic & material), and all that is hidden. Wherever this sign falls in your natal chart, there is likely to be emotional change, upheaval, or epiphany taking place during the period before and after this transit.

What in your life must be uprooted and acknowledged in order to be healed or transformed? This full moon is forcing us to acknowledge where our rumination over past or even present pain is really a distraction from taking responsible action to manifest in the current moment. What’s more, there are opportunities for change, healing, growth, and embodiment of personal power but a preoccupation with what is no longer healthy or simply can’t work makes regression the obvious pitfall we must take care to avoid. Pain can fuel us or it can take us under. The choice is ours and ours alone. What we choose to internalize from our experiences of days gone by determines the quality of the days to come…


The Afro Avatar Tarot pulls for the Scorpio lunation tell a story about how our own fear of change (or repeating the past) limits us and how we might transcend feelings of lack, loss, rejection, and misunderstanding without attempts at controlling those with whom these feelings are triggered. No more heads banging walls! The cards suggest many of us are determined to be more openminded, assertive & forward focused. Despite any lingering emotional reactions to scripts & characters from the past, it’s clear that our environments are shifting in ways outside our conscious control. For many this manifests as a blockage in the entrance to our intended paths (8 wands rx), compelling us to consider new means and courses of action (2 Wands) so that we may manifest our goals according to our original vision (3 Wands). We are being guided energetically to dig into the old emotions and self-definitions that comfort us to the detriment of our evolution (3 Swords). It’s time to consider where fear of change (Wheel rx), the unknown (Fool rx), or our own power & that of others (Strength rx) is hindering our growth and forward movement.  Soon, we will be forced through circumstance,  to courageously act on our intentions. It would certainly do us all well to consider, with ruthless honesty and healing oriented self reflection, just where we wish to go. Hopefully in the direction of that which brings out our best and holistically fulfills us (The Star).

The collective energy shows up as the 3 of Swords within and 8 of Wands reversed environment. Sometimes, I’ve held to negative energy because it is familiar and sometimes because the will of ego has been thwarted and it is difficult to accept. Other times, a situation perpetuates itself, repeatedly triggering an old wound or reaction and I simply did not recognize my means of escaping the loop. The lesson this kind of repetition drives home is this:

No matter how others are perceiving you or behaving around you, & regardless of any past disappointment, any problematic response you have is your responsibility to address. Make the choice… for yourself. Now or Now-er (Knight of Swords). 
Truth or Silence, Movement or Stillness, Peace or Combat, Forward or Backward, Love or Indifference. Freedom or Bondage.
(*Note to kOri: self-care, produce, unplug, repeat until fully healed.)

The best possible use of our energy at this time is to identify what is most valuable to us (The Ideal) and to focus our energy there. Our future progress is dependent upon our willingness to commit to forward focus & the realignment with our sense of internal wealth. (5 of Pentacles rx rooted by the 2 of Wands). Mastering the expression of one’s shadow & one’s light and directing both in the interest of one’s intentions is what the Strength card represents. It is unconditional self acceptance that lends it self to a synthesis of grace & an iron will. It is acting as our best in the face of what we fear that builds true self worth.  In the reverse, the feeling of being defeated by one’s own power or impulses threatens the progress we’ve made.

The 3 of Wands in the past & 2 of Wands in the present suggests a missed opportunity or manifestation under reevaluation. In this case, it’s only natural to feel disappointment. However, the strongest determining factor in success OR failure is our way of seeing things and responding to them. The hurt we feel likely is emerging along side the awareness that we must depart from some bonds & ways of thinking that inhibit building lasting self worth, emotional security, & material balance. (3 of Swords/5 of Pentacles rx). In order to thrive, it’s no longer conducive to look without for the threat. (The Fool rx)

The feeling that the past is threatening to repeat itself or a much needed change is going in a negative direction (Wheel of Fortune reversed) is the bigger trigger & lot to do with our attachment to the stories our emotions have spun for us regarding past situations that may not have fulfilled our needs or met our expectations and the sense that what we’re perceiving now is much of the same. This has caused many of us to question which parts of energetic muck are ours, what is not and the impulses that direct us along the path of autonomy (The Fool rx).  Just who do we want to be or become in a world where our only control is ourselves? And how do we move from resisting this fact and the question it asks into the becoming? With hope. Through active effort to nurture the mind and body simultaneously. By keeping an open heart to what can be with a keen and honest eye on what is. (The Star)

I wish you all healing, clarity, and boundless joy. Check ya laters 
kOri Woo

Author: kOri Woo (AstreauxBytch)

This blog is a reflection of my personal growth journey, creative writing pursuits and general energies I encounter in the day today. I am currently mastering both Tarot and Astrology and you can find my posts regarding those subjects @AstreauxBytch I also post biweekly tarot videos for each month and new moon on my youtube channel
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