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Tarot Tableau: Aries Season (2022)

Tarot Tableau: Aries Season (2022)(Click image to enlarge )
Aries Season Tarot Tableau

Deck Used: “Afro Avatar Tarot” by Nydia (Colored Afros Art)

Happy New Year(Again )

I hope all of you are finding your footing and clear on your goals for this 6 Universal Year as we are now 3 months into the calendar. If you haven’t quite taken your first step (or the second :)), the Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the Sun’s revolution through the signs of the zodiac and denotes a starting point for us too. It’s a great time to begin again! For this year, I will be using the “Tarot Tableau” as the monthly spread. If you interested in a break down of the card positions as they are applied in this and future monthly readings, click here.

Aries Season Tarot Cards

In The Now

Current Situation

The central issue is our Knight of Pentacles this season. Through study and many over clarified readings, I’ve learned that when we show up as a knight, it’s important to remember that knights are at a practicum stage of life.  It is a period where our experience teaches us more about ourselves and how each element is expressed through us.  We’ve graduated from the childhood or page years of life. As pages, we were taught and dictated to, learned to gather information and understand it, observing in stillness and curiosity how or what an element helps us to manifest (in this case, Earth). During knighthood, though, we move into a period of pursuit & maturation. In order to become independent practitioners in the elements we work with, a knight must put into action those lessons, make sense of their observations and take action based on the limited experience youth provides.

Mastery of the elements is often fraught with mistakes and lessons learned via hardship, pursuit & identification of personal interests, shortcomings, and the relationships that inform growth or reflect shadow. An experience as a knight of the Earth element emphasizes the importance of discipline, persistence, self-protection, loyalty, practicality, and of course slowing down. Be the tortoise, whose steady pace builds stamina and ensures success. While we may want to spring forward like the hare or flower quickly, the cards ask us to allow our roots to strengthen their grip and buds to determine just how much force is required for a breakthrough. No energy need be wasted.

Knowns & Unknowns

Additionally, what we know in the current situation (5 of Swords) is that the available information has not being processed accurately, that communications are not being received according to intent. Our and others’ egos and shadows are getting in the way of truthful exchange. Aligning with the night seems the best approach.  Speak slow, move steady. Stay committed to progress regardless. Just beyond our awareness lies the 6 of Cups. This season, it will become increasingly obvious how being focused on the past informs misunderstandings, feeds the reactionary self and affects our ability to balance our emotional bodies. It’ll be especially noticeable when dealing with others. Events and people may also compel us to consider how emotional attachments impact connections and our perspective of what has already taken place in our lives?

Too, the 6 of Pentacles is symbolic of the positive influences we’ve integrated from our past experiences.  It implies we’ve learned to value ourselves to such a degree that we only put effort into what grows us and who mirrors our worth and intent. We are learning to reciprocate in those relationships where our emotional investment is mirrored and to pull back our energy in situations where we are not getting a return that’s equal to our output. The card symbolizes the choice to place our energy and resources in people, places, and projects that have the potential and intent to establish security with us or meet our needs in turn. There is a discernment applied to the lesson learned: we must recognize where in our environment we can have our needs met and simultaneously put benevolent energies in that direction. (King of Swords)

Shadows & Supports

The 9 of Wand in the spread represents our conditioned or ‘problematic behaviors’. Trust issues, trauma responses, and general hypervigilance is indicated here. There’s a battle weariness that comes of protecting oneself from all angles. The story in this card is of a person whose abusive past (and let’s be honest, their own perpetuation of that abuse…) causes them to consider every outside influence a potential threat to their existence or goals. By any means necessary, this character protects himself. But from what, yesterday? It’s time we valiant knights get honest about what we fear and where we guard ourselves to our own disadvantage. How is that hyperbolic self-protection distracting us from building legacy, finding a long-term partner, or just saving money?  In other words, how much time are you protecting yourself and how much do you spend actively pursuing what you wish to manifest, create, or experience in your life, to possess or to become? For those of us whose preservation efforts outweigh the energy we invest into self-actualization, Aries’ season will trigger us to address the imbalance.

Our ability to give efficiently does require that we maintain a reserve. (7 of Pentacles)  Constantly giving without replenishing the loss eventually results in depletion, but it appears the collective has learned to create a symbiosis in work situations, relationships, and in our communications. The 2 of Wands as a distraction suggests that rather than expanding our social pool or seeking new goals to achieve, we’d do better to look more closely at our current environment for opportunities to reinforce the lesson. How can we adjust our plans or reorganize our actions in the current climate to better support our goals and secure our foundations? (2 of Pentacles)

Behind Us…

Who We’ve Left, What We’ve Done

In the past, the collective was working to exert their power in a direction of personal passion, establishing creative authority, business acumen, or a reputation aligned with our self definition. We seem to have mastered the use of the persona to manifest. Through, charisma and fearlessness, we learned to effortlessly create that which personally inspires. (King of Wands) Individual expression of power was the priority. Collectively though it seems, the tendency to identify with the egoic self has been left behind. The conflict in the past was rooted in maintaining a defensive position. Our aggression protected hard-won status against those who would oppose open self-expression or overpower us. (7 of Wands) The issues we face now, and in the future, have more to do with our own decisions and actions in light of our pasts. Who we connect with plays a part, but the focus is decidedly inward. (The Lovers & Judgement)

Passing Tensions

A better use of our creative prowess would be pursuit of mastery in other elements, therefore rendering our presence invaluable in any environment we choose. (The Magician) As representative of all the elements, the magician has mastered the Pentacles or the practical element: how to nurture the physical body, strengthen one’s commitments, and secure the material foundations, taking care of the home, maintaining & growing one’s finances if necessary or desired. Having mastered the swords too, he is an acute strategist and accomplished linguist. Clarity in thought processes, communications, and his or her well timed and directed detachment serves a purpose. (King of Swords) He has also integrated the Cups: emotional awareness, self-healing ability, intuition and the power of receptivity to those outside oneself through reflection and resonance.  (King of Cups) He has the Wands’ creativity, defense training and sexual prowess.

 In the context of the spread, someone from our past else has embodied this energy and channeled it to undermine our power and therefore our confidence in our achievements and future success. Otherwise, our manifestations have fallen short of expectation due to our lack of willingness to master processes and ways of being outside our comfort zone.   By doing this, we limit our reach and confirm our fear.  Having learned this lesson recently, we are now at the perfect place to apply our learning to our ideals…

Ideals & Intentions


The collective ideal and environment suggests we seek to move about our environment free of restriction toward pleasure and novelty without explanations, but from a place of clarity. (Knight of WandsAce & 7 of Swords) While this knight is usually direct, he also prefers a scrimmage or playful competition to an actual battlefield. We must be careful of any intent to wield truth as a weapon against anyone. It is one that cuts both ways. Watch your words. That is, either live by them or withhold them. And do remember that a lie of omission carries the same power as outright deception. A better use of this energy is attention to detail and application of strategy and diplomatic communication.

Because the Knight of Wands can sometimes be seen as unreliable or flighty, I feel it’s important to ask if we’re willing to face and accept the consequences of our actions?  In our determination to stealthily move in the direction of our passions or based on new information, are we clearly communicating our intent if our actions or change in direction is going to impact another?  This is how we responsibly shift timelines (Knight & 2 of Pentacles, 2 of Wands) from a place of receptivity and worthiness. (The Empress)


The actual environment being the Empress and the 2 of Pentacles surrounding what we know (5 of Swords) implies that we’re working to establish of our self-worth, personal values, and our material foundations simultaneously. However, material desires or means are in conflict with those around us who are attempting to establish the same. It’s no wonder we’d prefer to move in silence. Regardless of any impulse to self-protect, growth efforts in this cycle depend on willingness to face issues head on while remaining committed to goals. What we place our attention on is likely to grow and that includes any threats to our security. Wouldn’t we do better to focus on the strength of our foundations and security rather than any opposition to it?

The Lovers shows up negatively impacting our current situation and our desire to connect with others must be tempered by our logic and the emotional maturity we’ve gained through our healing efforts. Everyone we can relate to does not belong on our journey any more than our attachment to our past selves. We must know when something or someone we feel desire for is not in the interest of our growth and act accordingly. (4 of Cups) The King of Cups brings forth a grounded sense of comfort and an example of how to use our hearts in service to our goals. He is supported by the King of Swords, whose direct communication and keen observation help us detach from past-based illusions and unstable attachments. With this support, we face Judgement as our more familiar places of security or our entire community itself (4 of Wands) expands beyond expectation.  This is where we must recall our connection to the Magician energy, observing from every angle, and channeling every part of us into a clear direction. 

Best Advice & Likely Outcome

Showing through our actions that our lessons have been learned, through our energy that our intentions are sincere, and through our stillness we express our certainty of Universal support. (Judgement) The cards’ advice is to persist with our self-expression lest we lose ourselves in the fray, (5 of Wands) but not to hide our confidence or creativity as we initially sought to in the 7 of Swords. We are advised to align ourselves with transformation and growth, placing ourselves in position to be rewarded for our self-belief. Change after all is inevitable. We choose if it propels us forward or backward. (Wheel of Fortune) The outcome of our ‘Judgement Day’ if we persist through tension, lack, or suspicion is clarity, joyful connection, and success. (The Sun) With a deeper and more holistic self-awareness, we move out into the world whole and in the direction of progress and greater mastery. Each internal conflict we reconcile fuels our journey toward the actualized self. (The Chariot)

I set my intentions prior to each reading and custom spread to provide clear and concise messages of growth and healing for the collective and interpret the cards based on a combination of position in a fixed spread, meanings from early study and my own intuition.

kOri Woo

Author: kOri Woo (AstreauxBytch)

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