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Saint Germain - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Sixth Round

Saint Germain - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Sixth Round

Dear brothers and sisters of Planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

My heart is in celebration. We're ending one more round of the Journey of Forgiveness. We don't feel the time; we've just started and will finish in a few moments. But for you, I know it's been a while, but for many, it's like it started yesterday. The end isn't far off.

What is essential on this journey? Don't expect your minds to have done somersaults and have changed from one day to the next. What has changed is your souls—your souls' freedom. The feeding of beliefs, fears, traumas, and no noble feelings is over. Nothing feeds your souls other than the Father/Mother God's love. Of course, this reverberates in your minds, but you're still in the Third Dimension. The environment, customs, and many contradictory things all around you today affect you. Sure they do. Still, not with the same intensity as before because they come only from outside and not from within.

Gradually, your consciousness is going to change. You will begin to feel that you are not so involved in certain things anymore, that the look you had today is different. Everything will change. It's been a long journey for you. More than two months of walking. Then how can you say nothing's changed? Everything changed, and your mind changed. It is up to you to let go of these petty feelings. They made you suffer on the outside and no longer on the inside. There's no longer the source or the wrong and limiting beliefs feeding you.

It's up to you now to begin to remove from your mind concepts, prejudices, and feelings that do not bring any good to you or others. Today we conclude this Sixth Round. It's a journey here of a lot of breaking up, breaking ties with the past, but not with your memories. Your memories remain. But why do we recall memories of sadness, pain, or suffering? Your soul is letting go of them. Your mind has already forgotten many old memories, making sure not to remember anymore. So why are you coming back to them?

Do this exercise from now on. Look for good moments, moments of pure joy. Many of you are so deeply rooted in pain and suffering that you will now say, "I have nothing good to remember." And I would say you do. Never forget the gratitude of being alive; gratitude for having come to this moment on the planet, something that many souls didn't dare to go through and left. You are brave. You're here, as you say, doing whatever it takes to get through this.

If you have nothing good to remember outside of your existence, be grateful for living what you have lived, are living, and will live. Few people will experience that. No one else in the universe has experienced what you have or will experience. Isn't this a good reason to be thankful for the opportunity God Father/Mother gives you? And your life, aren't you grateful for it? Is your life only suffering? Did you decide to dive into this sea of mud and pain for fear of joy and happiness, thinking that you don't deserve to be happy?

Then I say to you, leave this sea, seek your happiness. This is no longer a time to think about others; this is a time to think about yourself. And always live up to the responsibilities you have today to be alive and to be who you are. But the main goal now is to seek happiness, Light, and joy. The time of suffering is over. You are heading to a time of Love, Joy, Happiness, Light, Harmony, and Union in which one is happy with the growth of the other. Neither envy nor anger.

Then why not persevere in the pursuit of this moment? Then I ask the question again: Don't you have anything good in your existence to remember? Even if it's in your childhood moments of playing games with friends? Everyone has at least one moment of joy. Bringing this moment of pleasure with love and happiness kills, eliminates, and extinguishes all the sufferings you insist on carrying in your chest. Let's go! Do this exercise and end this journey with a great smile.

At the end of this journey of meditations, I ask each of you to think about a moment of great joy, of great happiness, and to relive this moment intensely. Laugh, laugh. Feel happy, and the power of my Violet Ray will transmute all the feelings in your heart to help you move forward with much Light and certainty: "I am on a path of joy. I am on a path of complete happiness. No matter what I go through or obstacles I overcome, I will get there. I will reach the fifth dimension." And I will live in pure unconditional love for myself and all my brothers on the planet.

So be it! So it is! And so it will be!

Meditation 7

Do this meditation while sitting or lying down. No matter what position you choose, the important thing is to stay awake. If you fall asleep, repeat this meditation.

Let's begin by breathing a couple of times.

Breathe normally but deeply.

I'll place you inside a large bubble of Violet Light as you breathe.

This bubble will be fed until the beginning of the next round.

Yes, it will last for six days. It's a magical bubble that feeds, and I want to keep you in this state of Joy and Happiness that you'll finish this round.

So now, I'm placing my right hand on your chest and my left on your Crown Chakra, and that crystal on your chest changes color and shape; it's now a totally perfect ball.

See it spinning inside your chest like a Sun emanating rays of Violet Light.

This crystal will help this bubble remain beautiful, perfect, and full of Violet Light all the while.

Now breathe into this Violet Light.

Inhale deeply and, as you exhale, mentally say: "Pain."

Inhale once more and now exhale suffering.

Inhale in once more and now exhale anguish.

Inhale once more, then exhale uncertainty.

Now you are complete, balanced, and happy.

Repeat after me:

I ask my Higher Self to eliminate all energetic connections from the generation before my ancestors in my present generation.

Let our souls stand united only by the feeling of Unconditional Love, moving together towards the Fifth Dimension.

Now you'll remain in this bubble for ten minutes.

Watch the crystal on your chest; it spins and emits violet light. As I said, it's a magic light. It will stay with you for six days. You must live as though you were in the Fifth Dimension, for every counter feeling and negative emotion you might experience eliminates a little bit of this bubble.

The crystal won't stop emanating Violet Light. Still, if you just emanate negative feelings, all the Light it vibrates will be consumed, and that bubble will cease to exist.

This is, therefore, an excellent exercise.

Stay as vibrant and positive as possible in your life.

Of course, I know you won't get 100%. Still, your intent and awareness of the negative feelings keep the bubble from dissipating. For if it's from the heart, the bubble will realize that you grasped you were aware of the feelings you shouldn't have emanated.

Start doing this exercise. It will be vital for what comes next.

Have faith and trust.

You have come this far, and you are already very victorious.

I look forward to round seven, where we will complete this process.

Be ready.

Be ready.

Be ready.

Be with all my Love and my energy.

And don't forget, if it's difficult, call me, and I'll definitely help you out a bit so your bubble doesn't dissipate.

Breathe slowly and gradually return to your awareness.

Stay with all my energy in your heart.

There is no prayer in this meditation.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

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