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Saint Germain: Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Second Round

Saint Germain - Meditation and Journey of Forgiveness - Second Round

Dear brothers and sisters of the planet Earth! I AM SAINT GERMAIN!

My heart explodes in joy. We will finish one more round. The feeling is that there's still a long way to go. But as you can see, the path also goes fast. Your time is accelerating, and you will be soon at the end of this journey.

There will be the 3 days to rest or days of recovery for those who have had to start this journey again. So redo it with much love in your heart, with much Light, and be assured, the journey is happening.

Your souls let go of all that brings you to fear, pain, and suffering. Your souls have often been led to believe that only through suffering is their evolution. They will not allow themselves, under any circumstances, to let go of those moments, those memories, of the energy attached to each of those moments. Our role in this journey is to show each soul that they can evolve, yes, even free themselves from all these sufferings and pains experienced over time.

Often it isn't simple or easy for the soul to release. They aren't easy processes. They are painful and difficult processes for your souls. So at these moments, never forget: ask for our help. In the journey, the energy of all our rays causes the release of these moments in your souls. I wouldn't say that they don't have the power to not do it; they can because they still have the free will to not let go of that. But in these cases, the dose increases, and we provoke more of this release.

It's as if the intensity of our ray increases until the soul can no longer hold on to anything. And this is what is happening.

Many souls are highly attached to suffering. They never want to forget what they went through as if it were a prize, a monument to all that suffering, and they can't just walk away. But to evolve, it is necessary to exchange pain for love, to accept that what has happened is over; it will never happen again. You must have confidence in what we are doing and promise you. Evolution towards a pure Age of Love and Peace, Love and Light.

For some, the journey has been very smooth; for others, not so much. So whatever the situation, never forget to ask for our help, and never forget that we are in charge. Do your souls have the will? Yes, they do, but at this moment, we need to make them see what is good for them. And at this moment, there is no longer any way to cling to those feelings.

What there's to be learned is slowly appearing, and you are being allowed to simply look at your shadows and, in the same way, try to understand them and resolve them. You can no longer let it go. You can no longer sweep it under the carpet. It's time to cleanse; it's time to let go of all and any feeling that still causes you to suffer; be it at the level of consciousness or the soul level.

As has already been said here, this journey isn't only for consciousness. I would say it is 75% for the soul. The soul needs to free itself from all of this. And in this very process, you also end up with your own souls interfering, and they begin to let go of many points and let you see them clearly. This is what we promised: the healing of your souls. So this is what we're doing.

And we can say that we have hit the nail on the head. Your evolution process is speeding up because your souls are in control, and we are helping them to be in control. But, up ahead, in the last laps of this great journey, there will be no going over the weight of your consciousness, the 25%. Everything will be so intense, so strong that you will not be able to let go of anything; you'll have to deal with it and change it.

And that will be the point in the journey where you will be very close to evolution and the Fifth Dimension. And I say to each of you, take note, so you don't forget, it is as if you can never go back with each step that you take forward on this journey. It's as if you'd feel so uncomfortable if you did go back that you'd only want to go ahead no matter the obstacle and the lessons you have yet to learn.

My brothers and sisters, this is the moment to move forward with no fear, with confidence. And never forget, you have us by your side, that's for sure.

Meditation 7

You should do this meditation lying down.

Start by relaxing with some deep breaths.

At each breath, inhale Light and exhale everything that you want to throw away, everything you don't want to accumulate in the body.

Continue breathing deeply. Inhale Light and exhale all that disagrees with the Light.

Inhale Light and exhale all low vibration feelings.

Inhale Light and exhale everything you want to remove from your body.

Now that you are relaxed, imagine you are inside a canoe, a comfortable canoe, lying inside it and letting yourself go, taken by small waves.

It doesn't matter whether you are in a river, lake, or sea. You are being cradled by small waves.

Relax within this canoe.

It is moving; it follows the flow of water. If you pay attention, sometimes you go faster, others slower.

You follow the flow, which is precisely like your life. Some moments of calm, peace, and joy but other moments of tension, fear, and discord.

You remain within this canoe going down in a water flow, whatever it is.

I am within this canoe, sat down in the back. Yes, I am here with you, and this canoe is all involved by my energy, the energy of the Violet Ray.

As the canoe goes with water flow, I transmute everything in you that is allowed to transmute ow on your soul. It is as if you were lying down and your soul was sitting in front of me. I orient your soul about feelings and moments that should be removed from and thrown in the waters.

And that is what we are doing.

The canoe follows its flow, and your soul gets undressed from all these feelings. It is not so simple for your soul to get rid of some feelings. They are so deeply rooted that the soul cannot rip them away. That's when I involve the place with my hands and take out all the energy there contained. The soul seemed to breathe relieved, happy for being free from those profound and aching feelings it had inside.

There are cases when the soul claims: "No, not this feeling. It's not time yet, I am not ready!" and I respect it because I know that on the day that point is treated, there will be a tremendous difference in the walk of that soul.

And so we continue going down that water flow.

You will stay in this process with me for fifteen minutes.

Now, I take you from the canoe and place you where this journey began.

You look pretty lighter as if your heart were sweeter, more peaceful.

I place my hand on your chest and activate that crystal that was vibrating Red Light. I change the color and the frequency of Light to Violet.

This is the end of this round but not the end of the Journey.

The Violet Light will stay with you until the next round.

It doesn't matter when you will start the next round. You will have the Violet Light around you, and it will continue unchanged or not, depending on your walk.

Then, if you vibrate Unconditional Love, Peace, Light, and joy, this layer of Violet Light will stay for many days.

Anything contrary to positive frequencies will take a bit of this layer. Maybe when the next round starts, this layer is all perforated or perhaps doesn't exist anymore.

All will depend on what you emanate and create.

When the Violet Light is there with you, it will transmute and help your soul get rid of many things, and your consciousness will also see what must be improved.

However, this is not the end.

I want you to imagine a beautiful Violet flower. It can be any flower: a rose, a daisy, a chrysanthemum. No matter what flower it is since it is of the Violet color.

Now, crystalize that flower and keep it on your mind.

The flower won't be in your heart. But, it will be in your mind.

Remember this flower, and all will be recovered when you note that you did something contrary to the positive frequencies of Violet's energy.

The flower is magic; it contains the strength of my Violet Ray and will be able to transmute all the wounds you provoke in this Violet layer that I left with you.

So, it's up to you to maintain this Violet layer intact.

I hope that's what you will do.

We will wait for you in the next round.

Translation by

Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

© 2022 All rights reserved.

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