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Starseed Series: Alpha Centaurians

Starseed Series: Alpha Centaurians

Starseeds: Alpha Centaurians

This is a series about starseeds, or star traveler souls. After our Higher Selves came out from the Source, some of us incarnated on this Earth right away, some have been to other places before coming to Earth. The latter is called starseeds.

There are many groups of starseeds. Identifying this group, the origination of your Higher Self / soul, your star family, is a big part of my Akashic Record Reading because it defines your basic makeup.

By now, I have read piles of Akashic Records and I think I can write about each group from my perspective and experience. I just reorganized my clients’ files by their origination — of course, I will keep their personal information as confidential, I just want to add insights I learned through my practice to this series. I will be writing about each soul group in the order I feel comfortable with. For example, I’ve had many Alpha Centaurian clients, so this is where I start. Groups like Nihals and Blueprint Changers may get pushed toward the end . . . and this is not a comprehensive listing. There is always a possibility to find new soul groups.

There is no formula to identify the starseeds.

The challenge of finding the origination of a soul is that there is no set formula. In astrology, your date of birth (and place of birth to be accurate) determines your sign. It’s simple. With Akashic Records, there is no such automatic formula. I ask for my clients’ full name, date of birth, and place of birth to locate their Akashic Records. It’s like locating a person’s credit history by their name and social security number. The info doesn’t define the result — it is used to locate the Records.

When you read the description of each starseeds groups, please don’t use it to identify the origination of you or someone you know. I mean, you can make a guess, but a guess is a guess. I don’t know your origination until I read your Akashic Records.

For example, those from Alpha Centauri (called Alpha Centaurians or Alpha Centauris) are good at technical, analytical thinking. It doesn’t mean, however, if someone is good at technical, analytical thinking, they are Alpha Centaurians. There are other groups who are also good at technical stuffs (with different flavors), and Earth souls can be good at technology with good efforts.

And please understand I’m simplifying things to some extent. Not all, say Alpha Centaurians, would perfectly match the description. Not all Alpha Centaurians are like one another, like clones. Soul’s training define your personality further, and there are many other aspects that make an individual unique.

Alpha Centaurians, Earth’s Good Neighbor

Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to our Solar System, only 4.37 light years away. The beings there (the planets in that star system, that is) have much more advanced technology than we do. They could observe the progress of the Earth Experiment.

This Earth is intended to be a fun, creative place where souls incarnate in physical bodies and create in terms of forms, so that we experience love and abundance in tangible ways. There has been a lot of negative influences, however, and this Earth experiment hasn’t been working as well as it was first planned. So, as a good neighbor, Alpha Centaurians decided to come and protect us from the negative forces.

While some Higher Selves / souls traveled the universe in non-physical way (through higher dimensions), Alpha Centaurians (and Hadarians — I will write about Hadarians in the future post) seem to have come here physically. Perhaps this is why many Alpha Centaurians are big sci-fi fans. For Alpha Centaurians, Star Trek and Star Wars are quite real. The stories are fictions in the same meaning that novels are fictions, but the overall idea of star travel ring oddly “real” to them.

Alpha Centaurians’ Ideal

Susann Taylor Shier maintains in her book Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul that Alpha Centaurians are fearless in uncovering the false power sources (negative forces). Well, I’d say that would be their ideal.

The fact is Alpha Centaurians haven’t been all that successful in dealing with the negative forces — the negative forces still manipulate much of human consciousness. I don’t say this to put down Alpha Centaurians — it’s great they are here. I just say this because it’s a fact, and I see much frustration in many Alpha Centaurians because of this. Deep soul level frustration they themselves can’t explain very well.

Alpha Centaurians’ Gifts

Having said this, Alpha Centaurians are indeed great protectors and providers. They make sure their loved ones are “OK”. They are reliable down-to-earth souls.

Again, they are good at technical, analytical thinking. While some souls like to play with scientific theories, Alpha Centaurians are more practical. They don’t mind rolling up their sleeves and get things done with their technical skills. I think this is how they find great satisfaction — to put their knowledge and skill to work and see how they actually work.

If you are single, I highly encourage looking into Alpha Centaurians. I don’t like making blanket statement, but I think Alpha Centaurians are very unlikely to play the stupid dating game, like intentionally not calling a girl to see her reaction. When Alpha Centaurians don’t call, it probably means they are preoccupied with their project (whether it’s their official work or other projects).

I know I’m writing this from a woman’s perspective. I’m not sure how Alpha Centaurian women act in dating because I never dated one. I guess they would make a very steady date as well.

Alpha Centaurians’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

Alpha Centaurians often find themselves in relationship problems not because they are cold, unloving individual, not because they don’t know how to have healthy boundaries, but because they are not quite in tune with the conventional sociocultural protocol of love. This is very ironical because they care deeply for their partners, family and friends.

For many people, love means endearing words and affections. This, however, doesn’t come so naturally to Alpha Centaurians. For Alpha Centaurians, love means to hold a safe and stable place for their loved ones. And this is so not only to male Alpha Centaurians but also to female Alpha Centaurians.

Once Alpha Centaurians learn what it takes to make their partners happy, be it calling them a certain number of times a week or saying “I love you.” in certain situations, they are happy to do so dutifully. (As long as they remember. . . their strong sense of responsibility sometimes make them preoccupied with other things in their lives.) So I usually advise Alpha Centaurians to do this.

For those of you who are in relationship with Alpha Centaurians — well, this may not sound so romantic. Get over it. Or forget you read this. You’d be happy when you hear the sweet words, right? Don’t worry if their gesture comes naturally from their feelings or from their conscious thinking.

For many people, love also means spending a lot of time together. This is another challenge for Alpha Centaurians because they have a clear need for their own time and space. My advice to Alpha Centaurians is to communicate this need to their loved ones, so that they don’t have to feel neglected. Alpha Centaurians would retreat to their space anyway, so announcing their “me time” is a better approach. And for this need of personal time and space, some Alpha Centaurians may appear to be loners.

I’m not saying Alpha Centaurians’ way of loving is no good. I’m saying it may cause unnecessary frictions with others who don’t understand it. Once you accept the few quirks, however, Alpha Centaurians make reliable partners who are trusting and well-meaning.

Alpha Centaurians’ Challenges in Career and Finance

Alpha Centaurians are committed to provide. This is admirable. And they make great workers with their technical, analytical mind and strong sense of responsibility. (While soul’s origination alone doesn’t lead to job choice, quite many of my Alpha Centaurian clients are engineers, computer programmers, doctors / surgeons / psychotherapists.)

The challenge? They can go a bit too far in this good worker / provider mode. For one, I suspect many Alpha Centaurians are frugal. But that’s not the biggest challenge. The biggest challenge comes when they want to quit their job to start their business.

As you know, I’m an entrepreneur myself. And let me assure you, there is a point (if not many points) when you just have to take the leap of faith. There is no guarantee you will be “OK”. But if you want to make it, you must jump.

This is extremely hard for Alpha Centaurians. As a result, many qualified Alpha Centaurians stay in their paycheck jobs, I think. It might help Alpha Centaurians to think “What’s the best thing that can happen?”, rather than always thinking ways to make sure things will be okay.

Alpha Centaurians Role on Earth

In other words, Alpha Centaurians’ true challenge is to trust the love of God (or Universe). Alpha Centaurians usually think of themselves as the provider and protector, so allowing God take care of their life is like turning around.

I think Alpha Centaurians claim their true glory when they finally do this. After all, they are here to protect the Light in this universe. There is no way they can do this while not trusting the Light 100%.

And in the meantime, loosen up a bit, my dear Alpha Centaurian companions ...

Continue reading here: Starseed Series by akemi: Hadarians


June 21, 2009 by akemi

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