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Starseed Series: Hadarians

Starseed Series: Hadarians

Hadar, The Utopia of Love

Hadar, also known as Beta Centauri, was described as a realm of unconditional love, where inhabitants naturally embraced love without expecting anything in return.

Love was an integral part of their existence, akin to the fundamental acts of greeting or breathing for humans.

Reports suggest that Hadarians aimed to impart Earth with this profound love energy, viewing Earth's evolution as a way to expand this essence. However, they observed Earth's developmental course not meeting the anticipated progress. Consequently, in their attempt to assist, they projected love towards Earth.

This act inadvertently drew the attention of a negative soul group towards Hadar, leading to an invasion that resulted in the subjugation of numerous Hadarians. Following this invasion, several Hadarians found themselves drawn to Earth, either as captives influenced by the negative group or as independent arrivals, often via Alpha Centauri.

In contrast to Alpha Centaurians, Hadarians appear to lack recollection of their interstellar travels, possibly due to the passivity and trauma associated with their journey. Nevertheless, the narrative of invasion and enslavement resonates deeply with them, manifesting in their personal lives through patterns of abusive relationships. The harshness of Earth's environment feels unfamiliar and challenging to many Hadarians.

Hadarians’ Ideal

Hadarians are often seen aspiring towards a second utopia centered on love within Earthly realms. The pursuit of this ideal may not follow a direct path, yet the concept resonates deeply within the context of creating a New World, where love stands as a fundamental principle.

In Akashic Record Readings involving Hadarians, discussions about their professional endeavors seldom arise. Individual success does not hold significant importance in the fabric of Hadarian life. Their primary focus remains on fostering loving connections. While work may serve as a means to establish these connections, Hadarians actively seek such bonds beyond professional spheres, engaging in community service, hobbies, and nurturing relationships within their circle of friends and family.

Hadarians’ Gifts

The primary contribution of the Hadarians to this world lies in the pervasive influence of love they bring. Love serves as a binding force that transcends perceived barriers of division, fostering interconnectedness among individuals. Additionally, love serves as a wellspring of creative energy.

Despite the seemingly simplistic nature of love as the core gift attributed to the Hadarians, some may belittle its significance, potentially underestimating the value of the Hadarians themselves. Their inherently warm and uncalculated nature might inadvertently contribute to this undervaluation. However, such assumptions should not undermine the vast potential inherent in the Hadarians.

Notably, the Hadarians possess a unique intelligence characterized by their empathic abilities, often extending to a profound psychic sensitivity enabling them to discern energies emanating from people, objects, and locations.

Moreover, their distinctive capability to manipulate time to their advantage is remarkable. When confronted with the necessity to accomplish tasks within stringent timeframes, Hadarians exhibit the capacity to elongate time. This ability is not a conscious intellectual process but an innate skill they effortlessly employ. It's been suggested that such temporal manipulation might be attainable by all individuals, albeit through learning, yet the Hadarians demonstrate an inherent mastery of this skill.

Hadarians’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

Hadarians encounter challenges within relationships rather than relationship problems per se. When faced with unreciprocated affection, Hadarians tend to persist, believing in the power of providing more love to the other person. This often leads them to remain in unfulfilling or even abusive relationships for extended periods, as it takes time for them to prioritize self-love.

However, even in their interactions with positive individuals, Hadarians experience distinctive social difficulties. Initially reserved or distant, they struggle to forge new friendships due to deep-seated memories of past exploitation, making it challenging for them to open up easily. This dichotomy between their innate loving nature and their wariness defines the Hadarians' social experiences.

Once Hadarians overcome their initial hesitance, they form strong bonds with friends that resemble an extended family. Personal boundaries might seem unfamiliar or unconventional to them, reflecting their open and affectionate nature.

There was a past incident where a Hadarian client contacted me at 6 am, seeking to discuss insights gleaned from reading my report. Despite my dedication to clients, such early morning calls interrupt my own restful moments.

Hadarians’ Challenges in Career and Finance

The quest for fulfilling work defining connections with others drives Hadarians, seeking roles that foster genuine relationships. Entrepreneurship isn't a common pursuit among them; instead, amidst the growing corporate detachment, many seek unconventional means to sustain themselves.

Financial matters aren't extensively discussed concerning Hadarians. While they possess adeptness in harnessing the Law of Attraction through emotions and creative thinking, financial accumulation doesn't appear to be a significant aspiration among them.

Hadarians’ Role on Earth

The true challenge for Hadarians lies in embracing and utilizing their inherent power. Currently, many Hadarians experience disempowerment, often succumbing to victim and slave mentalities as described in an article on power.

Creating a New World necessitates not only embracing love but also actively utilizing power—specifically, the power of free will, not to be mistaken for violent force.

Once Hadarians begin to exercise this form of power, they become integral to shaping the New World, one that harmonizes male and female principles. As their flowing love evolves into a source of empowerment, they naturally assume leadership roles.

Despite their forceful arrival on Earth, Hadarians can find happiness here. The advancement and growth of many Hadarians hold promising prospects.

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July 1, 2009

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