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Starseed Series: Angelic Realm

Starseed Series: Angelic Realm

Starseeds: Angelic Realm

The fourth installment of the Starseeds series explores the enigmatic beings originating from the angelic realm known as the Mission Realmers.

These individuals often emerge within Akashic Record Readings, revealing their distinct presence and characteristics. Insights gleaned from Spirit Guides Coaching sessions have facilitated a deeper understanding of their subtle and serene nature, prompting a significant emphasis on recognizing and embracing their unique traits to decipher their characteristic essence.

Mission Realmers’ Travel to Earth

Mission Realmer souls, distinct from angels incarnating in human form, remain a focus of interest in Earth's experiment. This article avoids extensive exploration of the angelic realm.

Entities within this dimension exhibit a vested curiosity in Earth's progression within the experiment. As mentioned in a prior article of this series, Earth's original purpose was to provide a creative space for souls to incarnate into physical forms and engage in creative expression, intending to foster joy and creativity. Unfortunately, this vision has been significantly impacted by adverse influences.

Details surrounding the arrival of Mission Realmers on Earth remain unclear. References to potential arrival through wormholes exist but require further investigation. What is evident is their disorganized journey, coinciding with the awareness of malevolent forces who captured them upon arrival on Earth.

Consequently, numerous Mission Realmers bear etheric implants imposed by these negative forces. These implants, previously discussed in a post regarding Sirians, pose among the most detrimental energetic issues. It's important to note that while these issues are concerning, the author addresses and resolves all identified energetic problems, mitigating potential impacts.

Mission Realmers’ Ideal

Mission Realmers operate with a profound sense of purpose, maintaining discreetly held ideals as they navigate their journey in this physical realm. Their commitment revolves around aiding others without seeking attention, rooted in goodwill towards all beings and the nurturing of Mother Earth.

The aspiration to manifest a utopian existence on Earth acts as a significant driving force for Mission Realmers, despite its seemingly clichéd nature. Their approach often embodies gentleness, yet amidst the ongoing Ascension, many are awakening to the necessity of embracing their innate power.

A growing number of Mission Realmers are seeking guidance in Spirit Guide Coaching sessions, potentially driven by their increasing realization of the importance of tapping into their inner strength. While individuals from various soul groups attend, sessions have been notably dominated by Mission Realmers, Hadarians, and Alpha Centaurians. However, this pattern might simply reflect the current trend, and participation from other soul groups could increase in the future.

Mission Realmers’ Gifts

Mission Realmers possess a remarkable level of psychic sensitivity that often goes unnoticed or unacknowledged. Despite their subtle disposition, this unique attribute remains intrinsic to their character. Encouraging recognition of this inherent intuition serves as a catalyst for their progress within the tangible realm.

Observing Mission Realmers engaging in Spirit Guides Coaching reveals their initial enthusiasm to cultivate intuition. Surprisingly, many already possess a strong intuitive sense, requiring refinement rather than initiation. Consequently, the coaching focus shifts to integrating this intuition into their daily lives, presenting a significant challenge.

Clearly, Mission Realmers often exhibit qualities akin to natural healers on a profound scale. Their calm and perceptive presence inherently carries a healing quality.

Nevertheless, the endowed gift of intuition and psychic awareness calls for caution. Mission Realmers should practice mindfulness in their social interactions and physical well-being, as these aspects might deviate significantly from conventional norms. Their distinctive standards and aspirations may lead to feelings of isolation, and maintaining their physical health may appear as a challenging task.

Mission Realmers’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

Victimization extends beyond intimate relationships to encompass various interpersonal dynamics, including familial upbringing for Mission Realmers. Remaining in abusive relationships, whether emotionally or physically abusive, appears common for them, often due to a lack of knowing how to navigate such situations.

Individuals hoping for considerate and affectionate companions might find ideal connections with Mission Realmers. While they may not actively pursue others with intense fervor, opting for a more reserved approach in dating, they demonstrate immense capacity for profound and nurturing love.

Mission Realmers’ Challenges in Career and Finance

The individuals identified as Mission Realmers tend to display a lower level of assertiveness in their approach. They often diverge from conventional standards and aren't inclined towards the competitive nature associated with climbing corporate hierarchies. Their performance doesn't emphasize ostentation or showiness.

The primary challenge faced by Mission Realmers revolves around the critical decision of choosing their path. Often influenced by external forces, they may find themselves in professions chosen by parents or friends, leading them astray.

It's surprising to note that some individuals within the Mission Realmer archetype have previously engaged in military service. Although the nature of such roles conflicts with the inherent characteristics of Mission Realmers, some may have succumbed to familial expectations. This instance underscores the conflict between their non-assertive nature and complying with military obedience, a mismatch that's unsettling.

For the benefit of Mission Realmers, it's crucial to make informed choices regarding their professional paths. Opportunities abound for them to excel in fulfilling roles that cater to emotional and spiritual aspects rather than solely focusing on the physical aspects of life. When in doubt, they are encouraged to steer clear of military service, as it often stands in stark contrast to their innate tendencies.

Mission Realmers’ Role on Earth

In recent observations, there appears to be a noticeable awakening among Mission Realmers regarding their inherent power. Historically, this group has been inclined towards embracing guilt and adopting a victim mentality. Their lack of familiarity with the physical body has hindered their progress, often leading to entrapment within the material aspects of life. Effecting change within this dense physical realm has proven to be challenging.

However, a shift seems to be underway as time progresses.

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January 12, 2010

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