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Starseed Series: Pleiadians

Starseed Series: Pleiadians

Starseeds: Pleiadians

The Pleiades, commonly referred to as the Seven Sisters, represent an open star cluster known as Subaru in Japanese, which inspired the automaker's name.

Similar to the discussions about Sirians, Pleiadians have garnered considerable attention. Known for their communicative nature, whether incarnated or not, non-incarnated Pleiadians have channeled extensive information. This has led to the creation of several books such as 'The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light,' 'The Ascension Guidebook: Pleiadian Guides Reveal the Four Energy Activations that Prepare Earth Beings for Ascension in 2012,' and 'Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution.' These book titles are cited for reference purposes, without direct personal familiarity with their content.

In 'The Reconnection,' authored by Eric Pearl, founder of reconnective healing, there is a mention of his identification as a Pleiadian. While direct access to his Akashic Records hasn't been made, some observations align with typical Pleiadian traits

Pleiadians’ Gusto for Change

Pleiadians possess exceptional vision and adept communication skills, compelling others to embrace their expansive ideas. They draw inspiration from Nike's famous motto, fostering motivation through action.

Living by this motto, Pleiadians swiftly pursue their compelling visions, often employing unconventional or assertive methods to achieve their goals.

Historically, certain influential leaders exhibiting remarkable charisma could potentially have been Pleiadians, driving significant changes. However, it's important to acknowledge that some Pleiadians aligned themselves with darker forces due to their fervor for change and a consequential "ends justify the means" mindset.

For those identifying as Pleiadians, a word of advice—consider observing your surroundings before impulsively leaping into action. Your haste may inadvertently cause harm to yourself and others. Developing patience, embracing the virtues of Divine Light, and aligning with truth are crucial lessons for Pleiadians seeking balance and growth.

The Pleiadian Exodus

The alliance between the Pleiadians and dark energy rendered their home star uninhabitable for an extended period. A resolution to this problem emerged, though the exact timing remains uncertain, likely falling between 1995 and 1999. Consequently, numerous Pleiadians opted to return to their revitalized home.

Prompted by the prospect of returning home, many Pleiadians sprang into action, questioning the rationale for remaining on Earth when the opportunity to return beckoned. The feasibility of traversing this journey swiftly also became a point of consideration.

As a result, a significant number of Pleiadian souls departed, potentially resulting in abrupt and inexplicable deaths. However, this departure saw a transformation in the souls occupying these bodies, with new volunteers stepping forth to continue their lives. This phenomenon signifies a distinct type of soul shift, distinct from what is referred to as an Ascension soul shift.

The Pleiadians who are still on Earth

The Pleiadians currently residing on Earth demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility in completing their life cycles. Upon seeking services such as Akashic Record Readings, distinct energetic issues emerge, notably revolving around karma and etheric implants transmitted by departing Pleiadians. (Refer to the article on Sirians for an overview of etheric implants.)

During transitions, the objective for many Pleiadians was to unburden themselves. Consequently, they transferred their accumulated karma and etheric implants to willing individuals who opted to remain. This transfer often involved intricate persuasion techniques, a trait commonly associated with Pleiadians. Subsequently, Pleiadians - both with primary and secondary Pleiadian affiliations - received these energetic imprints. Some individuals received single implants while others were burdened with multiple karmic loads and implants from numerous Pleiadians.

Consequently, a significant population of Pleiadians now grapples with karmic and implant-related issues that they did not originally bear responsibility for. Furthermore, former Pleiadians exhibit altered behaviors following this process.

Pleiadians’ Ideal

The existence of a common ideal among Pleiadians remains uncertain; however, they are known to uphold their own distinct ideals with great significance. There have been instances where Pleiadians aligned themselves with darkworkers in pursuit of their ideals. Although anyone may be susceptible to engaging in darker actions for immediate personal gain, Pleiadians seem more inclined toward this behavior.

Nevertheless, it is strongly advised against delving into such realms. There exist alternative paths to manifesting ideals, albeit potentially taking longer. Involvement with dark energies yields consequences not worth encountering. Entanglement with darkness, while initially granting quick desires, eventually reveals its adverse effects.

Pleiadians’ Gifts

The Pleiadians exhibit remarkable communication prowess, excelling as innate marketers and adept salespersons, whether promoting business offerings or advocating their visionary concepts. Their penchant for sharing ambitious visions with unbridled enthusiasm and a delightful sense of humor is a defining trait. Their charm and entertainment value are undeniable.

However, the Pleiadians burdened by the collective karma and etheric implants of their kin present a different picture. These distressed individuals recognize their inherent potential but struggle to operate at their optimal capacity.

While some might perceive the Pleiadians' inclination toward immediate action as a flaw, when aligned with Divine Light and Truth, it manifests as a remarkable gift. Serving as catalysts for change, they inspire others to break free from inertia, functioning as a powerful force driving progress.

Pleiadians’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

The unique demeanor of Pleiadians makes for engaging company. Inviting a Pleiadian to your gathering ensures a lively atmosphere filled with laughter and flowing conversations.

Navigating relationships with Pleiadians presents a distinct challenge—there's little middle ground; admiration for them is unwavering, while others may find it best to keep their distance. Attempting to alter a Pleiadian's nature proves futile; they are steadfast in their purpose to catalyze change.

Comparatively, relationships with Pleiadians differ significantly from those with Hadarians or Mission Realmers. While not superior, understanding these differences is essential before engagement.

For Pleiadians seeking to influence their partners or friends, patience is key. Recognize that their pace might differ, requiring more time to adapt than the swiftness Pleiadians themselves exhibit.

Pleiadians’ Challenges in Career and Finance

The Pleiadians demonstrate remarkable proficiency in sales and marketing endeavors, often venturing into entrepreneurship with boldness. However, they encounter challenges when confronted with the practical aspects of daily business operations and life in general. Tasks such as meetings, administrative duties, and bookkeeping are not their forte.

Their strengths lie in setting goals and embracing excitement, but they may benefit from collaborating with individuals adept at handling detailed, step-by-step work—such as the Alpha Centaurians, Sirians, or Polarians. Outsourcing could yield mutual benefits; for example, Alpha Centaurians possess a penchant for meticulous attention to detail, fostering synergistic effects.

While specific financial details of Pleiadians remain unknown, it's plausible they lean towards carefree spending habits. Outsourcing to a trustworthy and detail-oriented professional to manage their finances might be advisable.

Moreover, cultivating appreciation for the support received from others is essential for Pleiadians' growth and success.

Pleiadians’ Role on Earth

The presence of Pleiadians on Earth during this era is believed to hold purpose within the ongoing process of Ascension, marking a significant shift in ages. Their influence is considered invaluable in this transformative period, encouraging humanity to embrace the rare opportunity it presents. The Pleiadians serve as inspirations, urging individuals to transcend past narratives and embrace progression.

While the portrayal of Pleiadians may suggest a diligent and recreational lifestyle, it's important to note their diverse inclinations, with some deeply engaged in spiritual pursuits.

Moreover, there exists the prospect of an elevated role for Pleiadians in the Ascension process. Amidst a time where many individuals on a spiritual path find themselves somewhat isolated, Pleiadians could potentially serve as effective facilitators, utilizing their visionary outlook to unite and organize these communities.

Recognizing the distinctive contributions of various soul groups, each possessing unique gifts, Pleiadians are seen as complementary forces whose presence enriches the collective journey of human evolution.

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January 12, 2010

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