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Starseed Series: Blueprinters 1, Originators And Designers

Starseed Series: Blueprinters 1, Originators And Designers

The Starseeds Series delves into the intricate concept of soul blueprints alongside Earth's blueprint. Three upcoming posts will explore the role of Blueprinters responsible for these cosmic designs.

Acknowledging the sensitive nature of discussing one's own group, the author, being a Blueprinter, approaches this topic with caution. However, due to numerous inquiries received, the decision to compose these posts aims to provide clarity on Blueprinters' essence and role within the cosmic fabric

Blueprinters are often classified into distinct subgroups for better organization and understanding. These classifications typically include:

  • Blueprint Originators
  • Blueprint Designers
  • Blueprint Technicians
  • Blueprint Deliverers
  • Blueprint Changers

This categorization system, although personally not preferred in some aspects, offers a structured approach to understanding Blueprinters' roles.

In her book "Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul," Susann Taylor Shier presents an alternative classification for Blueprinters, dividing them into three subgroups:

  • Blueprint Originators
  • Blueprint Translators
  • Blueprint Deliverers

The efficacy or direct correspondence between these subgroupings may vary depending on different perspectives. It's important to note that diverse perspectives exist on how to categorize Blueprinters. For those seeking further insights into Blueprinters, exploring Shier's book may offer valuable information.

Where did the Blueprinters come from?

Blueprinters originate from a dimension beyond our current universal frame of reference, differing from most starseeds whose origins are tied to specific star systems. Unlike Mission Realmers, whose home in the angelic realm is known, the home of Blueprinters remains an enigmatic mystery with no clear connection to Earth.

This higher level of mystery surrounding Blueprinters suggests that, when Earth was envisioned as an experimental domain by a higher power, Blueprinters were entrusted with a divine mandate to contribute. Initially, Blueprint Originators conceptualized the overarching ideas, while Blueprint Designers focused on the aesthetic elements. Blueprint Technicians handled technical specifications, such as the chakra system. Subsequently, Blueprint Deliverers were responsible for delivering and continually updating the blueprint, akin to the ongoing service provided by Blueprint Changers.

A prevalent characteristic shared among Blueprinters is their profound understanding of these blueprints at a deeper level. This doesn't imply an ability to articulate technical specifications like a mechanic would, but rather a clear comprehension of the original intentions behind the designs implemented on Earth.

The Earth Experiment

The Earth serves as a unique platform for souls to inhabit physical bodies, allowing them to manifest their creative potential in a tangible manner. Despite its intended purpose as an exciting and enjoyable experiment, numerous negative influences have led to widespread fear among its inhabitants. Blueprinters, individuals sensitive to these issues within the Earth experiment, feel these impacts profoundly.

Within this context, many Blueprinters dedicate themselves to reinstating the original blueprints of the Earth. However, this endeavor often draws attention from negative entities. Consequently, some Blueprinters experience significant challenges in various aspects of their lives, particularly in interpersonal relationships.

Blueprint Originators and Designers

The Blueprint Originators and Designers are intricately connected groups within the Blueprinters, with Blueprint Technicians forming a larger subgroup that holds unique attributes. Subsequently, the discussions on Blueprint Technicians will follow in the subsequent post, while the subsequent one will delve into Blueprint Deliverers and Changers due to their interconnectedness.

Visionaries define all Blueprinters, particularly the Blueprint Originators and Designers. The former conceptualized the Earth experiment. A fraction of identified Blueprint Originators or Blueprint Designers within Akashic Record Readings exhibit minimal past life experiences, having observed Earth for extensive periods with affection but initially hesitated to incarnate. Frustrated by deviations, they ultimately chose human incarnation. Among them exist exceptionally ancient souls.

Upon their incarnation, they become bound by the same physical laws as everyone else, posing a significant challenge for Blueprint Originators. Their intended plan was to live joyously, setting an example for others to return to the original blueprint. However, they aren't proactive in rectifying glitches. Despite noble intentions, navigating the harshness of this realm often leads some to discouragement, causing them to forget their inherent power and adopting roles as disheartened outcasts or reclusive hermits.

Blueprint Designers, encountering similar physical challenges, adopt a distinct approach. Their focus lies in crafting what they perceive as good and beautiful. Unlike Blueprint Originators, they actively engage in creation within this physical realm, a process demanding time and effort. Given their role between Blueprint Originators and Technicians, they excel in coordinating individuals and projects.

Reports indicate a decline in the frequency of Blueprint Designer incarnations. However, observations reveal occasional incarnations—albeit fewer—showcasing a level of comfort and practicality within the physical world, albeit in a manner unique to Blueprinters.

Blueprinters’ Ideal

Blueprinters collectively aim to reinstate the original blueprints, emphasizing love and creative joy. Different subgroups pursue this common goal through distinct approaches. Blueprint Originators seek to inspire through leading by example and providing gentle guidance. On the other hand, Blueprint Designers focus on the tangible act of creation, such as crafting artwork, communication, writing, or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Blueprinters’ Gifts

Blueprinters possess a unique insight into the original blueprints, understanding them intuitively. They recognize poverty, disease, hate, fear, and various struggles as anomalies within this world.

Their grasp of the original blueprints encompasses extrasensory and psychic abilities. These individuals can perceive, hear, and sense phenomena beyond physical presence. They possess the capacity to access information without physical means, whether pertaining to unfamiliar individuals or future events. Moreover, they exhibit potential for instantaneous telepathic communication. Despite this potential, many Blueprinters have forgotten how to utilize these abilities.

Similar to others, Blueprinters also experience a 'veil,' limiting their current ability to employ these skills universally. Nevertheless, they retain the awareness that such capabilities are entirely achievable.

Blueprinters’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

For Blueprint Originators and potentially Blueprint Designers, understanding human emotions presents a challenge, particularly within the context of affectionate connections where perceptions of separation and limitation often arise.

Questions like, 'Why does this person display insecurity? Why can't they comprehend my affection?' can bewilder Blueprinters. The manifestation of insecurities in individuals genuinely perplexes them.

It's essential to note that Blueprinters themselves struggle with their emotions, as these are closely linked to physiological factors like unfamiliar hormonal responses within their bodies.

Additionally, Blueprinters tend to attract negative energies, making nurturing positive relationships a daunting task. Detachment and embracing a broader, unconditional love seem crucial. Consequently, the resulting relationships may diverge from conventional romantic norms, as Blueprinters aim to reintroduce original blueprints rather than conforming to societal standards.

Blueprinters’ Challenges in Career and Finance

Blueprint Originators typically exhibit reserved tendencies, often observing life rather than actively engaging in it. Initiating their own business venture poses a significant challenge for them. If they do pursue this path, it tends to be driven by a sense of service rather than personal gain. Alternatively, they might opt to support others from within a corporate setting.

For Blueprint Designers, their creativity transcends the traditional realms of design and artistry. They might venture into pioneering business ideas or innovative approaches, explore fields like music or literature, or even seek their own unique niche which they haven't discovered yet.

Regarding financial matters, monetary concerns often take a backseat for Blueprinters, as their innate belief in their ability to create abundance remains deeply rooted.

Blueprinters’ Role on Earth

The concept of Ascension often represents a new phase or the advent of a fresh era. Yet, it can also be perceived as a return to an original, harmonious plan—a restoration of a golden age. Blueprinters hold unique roles within this transformative movement.

An evident sense of urgency surrounds Ascension. The swift execution of this process appears imperative. This urgency might be why numerous Blueprinters frequently appear in Akashic Record practices. Recognizing the necessity to shed personal baggage for effective involvement in this movement seems intrinsic to them.

For individuals identifying as Blueprinters engaging with this content, your perspectives are valuable. The aim here is to maintain objectivity, avoiding personal biases, while acknowledging the potential of overcompensation. What has been your experience in embracing the role of a Blueprinter?

If the term 'Blueprinters' is unfamiliar, please feel free to ask any queries in the comments section. Your curiosity is welcome and encouraged.

Continue reading here: Starseed Seriesi: Blueprinters 2, Blueprint Technicians


October 4, 2009

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