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Starseed Series: Blueprinters 2, Blueprint Technicians

Starseed Series: Blueprinters 2, Blueprint Technicians

Blueprint Technicians constitute a subset of the Blueprinters collective. They collectively share numerous characteristics.

Following the efforts of Blueprint Originators in conceptualizing the Earth experiment and the work of Blueprint Designers focusing on the aesthetic elements of blueprints, Blueprint Technicians are responsible for delving into the technical aspects of blueprint creation

The scope encompasses the Earth's energetic grid system, the human body's chakra system, meridians, and twelve strands of DNA, among other elements. Blueprint Technicians demonstrate a natural aptitude for comprehending energy anatomy, finding these subjects a matter of recall rather than requiring extensive study from the ground up.

Blueprinter Technicians’ technical yet creative expertise

Blueprint Technicians demonstrate strong technical and analytical thinking abilities. Unlike Alpha Centaurians and various unstuck Sirians who tend to approach practical problems in a hands-on, solution-oriented manner, Blueprint Technicians thrive in theoretical and abstract thinking. Their meticulous attention to detail enables them to formulate impeccably structured theories.

Interestingly, individuals identified as Blueprint Technicians often express surprise at this characterization, asserting, "While I possess technical thinking skills, I consider myself more inclined towards creativity and intuition." Subsequently, they inquire about scenarios such as, "I diligently complete the 21-day clearing homework every night before bed. However, due to an upcoming business trip across different time zones next week, I may miss performing the homework for over 24 hours. Would this pose an issue, and how should I approach it?"

Such inquiries exemplify the quintessential nature of a Blueprint Technician's thought process.

The diverse professional backgrounds of Blueprint Technician clients substantiate their inherent creativity. Ranging from conventional technical roles like engineers and physicians to occupations in business analysis, market analysis, philosophy, and notably, music, these individuals showcase the breadth of creativity within this category. Notably, a significant number of professional musicians, directly or tangentially associated with the music industry, fall under the Blueprint Technician classification. This alignment underscores the idea that music, fundamentally, is a form of mathematical expression.

Blueprint Technicians’ Ideal

Blueprint Technicians, driven by their quest to restore original blueprints, actively engage in various methods to promote the realization of human potential. Advocating, coaching, writing, and encouraging are among the strategies they employ to enlighten the public. Additionally, their focus extends to repairing and enhancing systems and processes.

Striking a balance between the intellect and emotions poses a significant challenge for Blueprint Technicians themselves. In their initial blueprint work, an excessive emphasis on rational thinking led many individuals to identify more with their thoughts (or ego) rather than their soul. This neglect resulted in the disregard or disdain for the vital role of the emotional heart, which serves as a gateway to the spiritual realm.

Recognizing this issue, Blueprint Technicians are actively involved in rectifying it. They acknowledge the mind as a tool of the soul, albeit a remarkable one. However, they emphasize the distinction that individuals are not solely defined by their brains or thoughts but encompass the soul, accompanied by the faculties of the thinking mind and feeling heart.

Nonetheless, this poses an internal struggle for many Blueprint Technicians who continue to grapple with an over-reliance on the thinking mind. These individuals, characterized by seriousness, lack of humor, and limited self-forgiveness, are in the process of stepping outside their cognitive confines. Acknowledging the necessity of addressing their own inclinations is crucial before rectifying the blueprint issue at large.

However, some Blueprint Technicians are making strides in achieving this equilibrium. Upon mastering the equilibrium between the head and heart, Blueprint Technicians become profoundly empowered.

Blueprint Technicians’ Gifts

Blueprint Technicians exhibit a profound comprehension of the human potential and its original blueprint, often substantiating their insights with robust analyses and theories. Their approach involves a balance between analytical prowess and a desire to integrate emotional intelligence, presenting an intriguing challenge in harmonizing these seemingly divergent facets.

Blueprint Technicians’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

The characteristics observed in Blueprint Originators and Designers often apply to Blueprint Technicians as well. Their distinction might lie in their demeanor—regardless of appearances, Blueprint Technicians tend to exhibit seriousness and an inflexible nature. While this trait signifies reliability and stability, it may pose challenges in romantic relationships that operate beyond rigid rules, where emotions play a central role.

It is deemed crucial for Blueprint Technicians to embrace the notion of having fun, relinquishing control, and adopting a more relaxed approach. Despite the complexities of troubled marriages frequently encountered by Blueprint Technicians, there remains an imperative need to prioritize enjoyment, laughter, and channeling energy towards the heart.

Similar to the advice extended in the initial post regarding Blueprinters, it's advisable not to conform strictly to conventional relationship and family norms. Blueprinters have the capacity to pioneer new relationship and family models that align better with the original blueprint of love.

Blueprint Technicians’ Challenges in Career and Finance

Blueprint Technicians typically possess a strong sense of their strengths, minimizing the need for extensive career guidance. Roles involving refining imperfections and enhancing perfection in various aspects—be it individuals, processes, or objects—tend to align well with their skills.

However, a crucial aspect for them revolves around harmonizing their understanding of abundance with career decisions. Societal norms often dictate specific job roles and their associated financial rewards. This can create a dilemma, as professions like medicine are commonly associated with high income, while others like life coaching may not receive the same financial recognition. Individuals transitioning from medical fields to pursuits emphasizing human potential, such as life coaching, may fear a potential loss of income, influenced by these societal norms.

Yet, breaking away from these conventions is possible. It's plausible for someone to thrive as a successful life coach and achieve significant financial success. However, succumbing to societal stereotypes can restrict one's perception of abundance. Blueprint Technicians, despite their inherent capacity for original blueprint creation, can still fall prey to these biases, given their analytical nature—an ironic circumstance.

Ultimately, challenging societal norms and recognizing individual potential beyond these constraints is pivotal for Blueprint Technicians and others alike, allowing them to transcend these limitations

Blueprint Technicians’ Role on Earth

Blueprint Technicians form the fundamental core of Blueprinters. In contrast to Blueprint Originators' reserved nature and detachment from reality, as well as Blueprint Designers' continuous creative process, and Blueprint Deliverers' strength in delivering messages but lacking comprehensive technical understanding, Blueprint Technicians diligently focus on their mission: repairing original blueprints using their analytical expertise. They represent the largest subgroup within the Blueprinters.

Tasked with repairing corrupted blueprints affected by negative forces, Blueprint Technicians often encounter numerous negative souls in their line of work. Many of them bravely embrace this challenge, displaying a courageous and bold demeanor reminiscent of angelic warriors, albeit in a more humanized form. Alternatively, when their more mundane aspects prevail, they resemble individuals working within security systems—metaphorically speaking.

The hope remains that an increasing number of Blueprint Technicians will awaken to their inherent soul gifts, contributing significantly to the ongoing shift of ages. This period of Ascension relies on the collective contributions of awakened souls, where Blueprint Technicians play an undoubtedly crucial role.

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November 1, 2009

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