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Starseed Series: Sirians

Starseed Series: Sirians

Starseeds: Sirians

The third segment within the Starseeds series shifts its focus to the Sirians, another significant soul group believed to have arrived on Earth via non-physical means, potentially from higher dimensions.

Unlike the extensive information available on Alpha Centaurians and Hadarians, there is relatively less documentation in the Akashic Records concerning the Sirians.

The current discussion centers on exploring the origins of the Sirians within the context of various starseed groups. Notably, Sirians' influence has been substantial on other starseed groups, warranting attention despite the limited available data in comparison to Alpha Centaurians and Hadarians.

It is widely believed that Sirians played a crucial role in the creation of etheric implants, which have subsequently caused various complications and disturbances.

Sirians and Etheric Implants

Sirians boasted highly advanced technology and a superior spiritual understanding, observed within certain factions. Among their technological innovations were etheric implants, imperceptible energetic devices operating akin to remote control systems.

Initially, the Sirians crafted these implants with benevolent intentions, aiming to elevate the spirituality of less evolved segments within their population. Despite this altruism, the invasive nature of these implants raises ethical questions. Moreover, the absence of safety measures compounded their potential risks.

Over time, malevolent entities became aware of this groundbreaking technology, exploiting it by manipulating and replicating the implants to serve their own agendas.

Etheric Implant’s Influence

Etheric implants continue to impact numerous souls in various starseed groups. Among those affected are:

  • Sirians: Virtually all Sirians bear etheric implants, ranging from the original to modified versions.
  • Hadarians: Many Hadarians acquired etheric implants during their enslavement by negative entities, which execute manipulative programs under the control of these entities.
  • Mission Realmers: They, too, received etheric implants from negative entities upon their arrival on Earth. Additionally, reports suggest that some Mission Realmers possess Sirian etheric implants functioning as surveillance devices.
  • Pleiadians: While the majority of Pleiadians seek the light, a faction has delved into negativity and experimented with implant technology, resulting in their own iterations of etheric implants.

Furthermore, etheric implants played a role in "star wars," yielding catastrophic consequences that affected not only Polarians but also Earth souls due to planetary changes.

Sirians’ Ideal

Sirians are familiar with the complexities of advanced technology, yet their adeptness in technical and analytical thinking is often hindered by a reluctance to fully embrace their potential. This hesitancy stems from a deep-seated fear of success prevalent among them.

Trust poses a significant challenge for Sirians, as many struggle to place wholehearted trust in others and even in themselves.

Their aspiration revolves around leveraging their expertise to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of the world, despite grappling with these inherent challenges. Despite sounding pessimistic or doubtful at times, many Sirians exhibit a sincere desire for self-improvement and the advancement of the world around them.

Sirians’ Gifts

Sirians exhibit exceptional aptitude in analytical thinking and possess strong organizational skills. They often display a natural inclination towards managing programs, effortlessly coordinating dates and logistical aspects of various events.

Their innate drive for improvement is unmistakable. While many Sirians may currently find themselves in a state of self-reflection rather than making significant changes, they cannot resist their inherent urge to adjust and refine things subtly. Their pursuit of enlightenment remains a distinctive trait among them.

Sirians’ Challenges in Loving Relationship

The discussion around loving relationships is not commonly associated with Sirians in the available insights. Direct personal connections with Sirians are not part of the individual's experience, limiting the depth of information shared.

Sirians are perceived to struggle with emotional expression, often leaning towards analytical thinking. This inclination may present challenges within romantic contexts. Contrary to Alpha Centaurians, who share a similar tendency toward analytical thinking, Sirians demonstrate more refined social skills but tend toward solitude.

Furthermore, a notable observation indicates that many Sirians exhibit a lower alignment with Divine Truth. This tendency might lead them to assert their correctness, utilizing their analytical nature to construct compelling arguments. Such behavior could potentially strain their interpersonal connections.

Sirians’ Challenges in Career and Finance

Interestingly, among individuals identified as Sirians, those engaged in the science and technology sector are notably sparse, with a solitary exception—an individual working as a psychologist, a field deeply rooted in understanding human behavior. Sirians showcase their analytical prowess across diverse professions such as accounting, teaching, and seemingly unrelated non-technical roles, where their meticulous approach finds application.

Their penchant for creating detailed plans, replete with dates and actionable steps, underscores their organizational skills. However, while effective, this tendency to adhere strictly to their plans may hinder adaptability in evolving situations, potentially leading to career stagnation.

Notably, many Sirians might find themselves immobilized in their careers as they rigidly adhere to preconceived plans. Their apprehension toward embracing success and acknowledging their full potential poses significant challenges, particularly for those aspiring to entrepreneurship. This conflicting behavior—meticulous preparation followed by reticence at crucial junctures—can be perplexing to observers, creating an aura of uncertainty around their career trajectory.

Sirians’ Role on Earth

Some believe in the purported unique role of Sirians in the Ascension process. Patricia Cori, known for channeling the Sirian High Council, has authored several books, including "Great Shift, The: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond," a compilation of three writings regarding 2012, where she is one of the contributing authors. Within this work, Cori suggests that crop circles may be crafted by non-incarnated Sirians observing from the ether. While this perspective is not endorsed universally (given the existence of hoax crop circles), the formations remain intriguing, prompting contemplation about the potential capabilities of the Sirians.

The belief persists that Sirians possess advanced technological prowess, although the responsible use of such advancements necessitates a conscientious regard for the free will of others.

It is acknowledged that learning often emerges from mistakes. The invention of the etheric implant by the Sirians serves as an illustrative example, demonstrating the opportunity for growth through acknowledgment and rectification of errors.

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January 12, 2010

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