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How To Reconnect With Your Starseed Memories And Your Star Family

How To Reconnect With Your Starseed Memories And Your Star Family

As Starseeds, when we come to Earth, we pass through the "veil of forgetfulness." We lose touch with our Galactic Soul Family, our spiritual gifts, and the reason why our souls are here. As Starseeds, we also often feel like we don't quite belong here on Earth. And rightly so because we aren't meant to "fit in." We are meant to stand out and make a difference.

How to reconnect to your Starseed mission?

We often don't follow our soul's calling because we feel lost, confused, or even powerless. Sometimes it takes a serious crisis or a traumatic event for us to get past the daily distractions of the physical world and find our true purpose.

I know this because I had to go through the pain of losing everything, I had built in my 3D reality in order to wake up and step into my full potential as a Starseed.

Thankfully, you don't have to wait for a crisis or a traumatic event to wake up to your divine purpose. You can start right now by deciding that you want to connect with your Higher Self, your family, and your spiritual gifts.

You might wonder, "What are my gifts?" Who is my soul family? Where do I even start?

“You are more powerful than you realize”

This is a message I kept receiving over and over, from the Sirians, the Arcturians, the Pleiadians and the Galactic Federation.

As a Starseed you are a powerful, multidimensional being.

You have innate spiritual gifts ready to discover and your Galactic Family is waiting for you to reach out to them! You may not know who they are, but nothing is stopping you from putting a call out there and asking your Soul Family for help and support.

In fact, it has been made very clear to me in the course of many connections with multiple Star Races that they are proactively searching for their Starseeds to activate and equip them for their mission here on Earth.

Your Galactic support team is literally waiting for a signal that you are ready to claim your heritage and fulfil your mission. As soon as I reconnected with the Arcturians, my Star Family, they guided me to prepare a free activation for other Starseeds to help them to the same. This guided process puts a call out to your Soul Family and sends a frequency out into the Quantum Field that you are ready to connect. You can access this brief but powerful immersion for free here.

Is it possible to remember your Soul contract signed before incarnating here on Earth?

Absolutely!  Vivid memories of signing mine came when I was reunited with my Galactic brother from a previous lifetime on Arcturus. When we found one another again, he merged his energy field with mine and showed me our life together.

We lived on what I can only describe in 3D human terms as a ‘small holding’. I remember looking up at the sky which was a beautiful turquoise, purple colour. I looked at a new moon and memories of my lifetime started flooding it.

My brother then showed me a significant moment which occurred during my soul’s lifetime there. My father had a role of significance. He was a part of a strategy committee which was assembled to discuss human ascension on Earth. He knew I was a gifted individual and as such put forward the suggestion that my soul and consciousness could be incarnated here on Earth to assist with humanity’s consciousness opening up.

For this to happen, there had to be agreement, and a signed contract had to be in effect. I was shown that Arcturian technology is so advanced that they can take other Arcturians' souls and consciousness and reincarnate them on Earth in 3D.

For this to happen, the soul and consciousness of the person who will be incarnated here in 3D on Earth must agree to it and want it to happen.

In fact, many souls on Earth came here in a similar way. They were Arcturians and people from other races who agreed to help humanity rise, and they all signed energetic contracts.

These energetic contracts aren't sealed by a signature, like they would be in 3D, but by the party's intention. In 3D, it is possible to force, forge, or fake a signature. An intention cannot be forged. If there is no intention, the contract can't be signed, and it won't happen. So, energetic contracts that are sealed with intention are the purest and finest contracts there are. You couldn't make a better kind of contract.

You can access details of your Soul contract either through connecting to your Soul Family or reading it in the Akashic Library.

What if I don’t know my Starseed origins?

There are many ways you can find out where you descended from as a Starseed. One of the most accurate ways is by accessing the Akashic Records. You can also do so by learning various energetic signatures of different Galactic Races, connecting to them directly and asking the questions. Very often, when you do get in touch, your memories from past incarnations will naturally flood your system.

One thing to remember is that no online test can accurately tell you your Starseed lineage, because stepping into your Starseed destiny is all about energy.

That’s why a more accurate method of establishing your Galactic lineage is to come into contact with unique energies of different Light Beings and check how they make you feel.

Are they familiar? Do you feel emotional when hearing the Light Languages of these Races? If you want to learn the link between the LIght Language and Starseed origins check this article and if you are ready to listen to clearly labelled sounds of various Galactic Languages, check the free Light Language library here.

How do you distinguish between different light beings?

When you first start connecting to higher realms, it might be hard to tell the difference between the energy signatures of different Light Beings. But once you start making friends with people from different races and "hanging out" with them, you will never mistake an Arcturian for a Pleiadian or a Pleiadian for a Sirian.

They all do things in their own ways. For example, Arcturians have a very strong sense of humor, even though they are wise, experienced, and know a lot. When you get to know them well, you can exchange banter.

On the other hand, the Sirians are quite serious. They’re really matter of fact. They do have a sense of humour too, but it is very direct and quite dry.

Having worked closely with various Interstellar Beings, I know that no amount of online research is a substitute for coming into contact with their beautiful energies.

How do I learn to connect to Light Beings and channel?

People channel in different ways. Some people allow other entities to inhibit a portion of their consciousness or energetic aura. Others ‘trance channel’ which means that they go into trance and allow different beings to speak through them. In that case you will often see people’s voices and even facial expressions change as another entity uses their physical body as a vessel.

I do things slightly differently. I elevate my consciousness to higher realms and then my consciousness simply asks a question. When I hear or see the response, then I verbally repeat this and pass the information on.

Sometimes when I meet Light Beings, I sit in a classroom and am being taught things which I pass on. I call this the Galactic School. Sometimes I am being taken to a boardroom or onto a spacecraft or another location.

I am still in my own body here in 3D, but my consciousness simply travels to different dimensions. I can do it with my eyes open or closed. Often when I am driving long distances I get into that same zone where I could easily communicate with Light Beings but then I remind myself to concentrate on the road.

What is most important is that regardless of the setting it is always just a conversation. I never allow my consciousness to be used by another entity as I firmly believe that we are all sovereign beings and I want it to stay that way. I treat every Light Being I meet with respect but also approach them exactly in the same way as human relationships. I ask questions, I listen, I am curious. I encourage you to do the same.

Aeron LazarAbout Aeron Lazar

Aeron Lazar is a channel to multiple Races of Beings of Light, mentor to starseeds, coaches and lightworkers and an expert in the field of the Akashic Records.
Apart from channelling messages from the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Pleiadians and other Races, Aeron also has the ability to transmit Galactic energetic codes and upgrades from higher dimensional beings.
Aeron’s passion is sharing all that he has learnt from his Galactic Guides and training the next generation of lightworkers on becoming masters of the energetic realm.
Read more of Aeron’s channelled messages on http://aeronlazar.com/blog

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