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Starseed Series: Blueprinters 3, Blueprint Deliverers And Changers

Starseed Series: Blueprinters 3, Blueprint Deliverers And Changers

Blueprint Messengers

The third segment within the series on Blueprinters delves into their distinct attributes and functions within the starseed context. Starseeds, representing highly evolved souls with unique roles on Earth, introduce newcomers to their essence through this post.

The term "Blueprint Deliverers" might not fully encompass the ongoing involvement of these individuals in shaping the soul's blueprint. While some prefer the term "Blueprint Messengers," the familiarity with the former term persists, leading to its continued usage.

Notably, Blueprint Changers represent a rare and less-explored category within this framework. Their role, often likened to post-delivery services, involves alterations or modifications to the established blueprint. Despite perceived differences, the duties of both Blueprint Technicians and Deliverers also encompass substantial follow-up and rectification work. This similarity often leads to the perception of Blueprint Changers as a specialized form of Blueprint Messengers due to their scarcity and perceived overlap with other categories.

It's crucial to highlight that the observations presented here originate from limited experiences, particularly concerning Blueprint Changers. Individuals falling under this category might find aspects of the discussed roles relevant to their own, aligning with broader descriptions of Blueprint Messengers and their associated responsibilities.

What is a Messenger?

Messengers often operate behind the scenes, their contributions vital yet often unacknowledged. Consider the impact of Barack Obama during his 2007 presidential campaign: his speeches were powerful, reshaping perceptions of societal change. Initially met with skepticism regarding both his potential success and the feasibility of his proposed transformations, Obama gradually swayed opinions, instilling the belief that change was achievable.

It's important to recognize that while Obama articulated the vision, the intricate details and strategies for execution were crafted by a team of experts and advisors. While possessing intelligence and familiarity with the subjects, he doesn't claim expertise in every area he addresses.

This highlights the role of messengers. They may not devise the plans like a Blueprint Deliverer, but they inspire and guide with their insights. While change can happen without messengers, their influence and visionary perspectives often expedite and streamline the transformative journey.

Blueprint Deliverers’ Ideal

Blueprint Deliverers possess an understanding of original blueprints and human potential shared by all Blueprinters. Their distinctiveness lies in collaborating with souls significantly misaligned from their original blueprint. These individuals might range from societal underdogs to affluent professionals disconnected from their life's purpose. The Blueprint Deliverers dismiss the misconception that spirituality is exclusive to certain individuals, recognizing that all are spiritual beings in physical forms.

Their core aspiration involves guiding every soul to discover their rightful place in the world. Proficient at identifying the inherent gifts within others at a soul level, Blueprint Deliverers excel in assisting individuals to practically harness these talents. Their value extends beyond spirituality, envisioning an organizational landscape where Human Resources incorporates Blueprint Deliverers' expertise. They recognize the tendency within corporate environments to prioritize career advancement over self-fulfillment, advocating for the pursuit of roles that resonate with an individual's strengths rather than societal status or financial gains.

In the ideal paradigm of Blueprint Deliverers, emphasis is placed on celebrating each soul's unique contributions, valuing personal essence over social or economic stature.

Blueprint Deliverers’ Gifts

Blueprint Deliverers possess a unique insight into identifying ideal job matches, career paths, and societal roles for each soul, contributing significantly to society. Their practical approach sets them apart from Blueprint Originators, who lead by example, Blueprint Designers focused on creativity, and Blueprint Technicians prone to introspection. Instead, Blueprint Deliverers prioritize learning practical methodologies to aid others in radiating their spiritual essence effectively.

Curiously, despite their role, Blueprint Deliverers may not outwardly exhibit overt spirituality. Some may display a keen interest in business discussions, a stark contrast to conventional spiritual stereotypes.

However, a potential challenge for Blueprint Deliverers lies in avoiding disillusionment with reality. Engaging with less spiritually inclined individuals and confronting harsh truths exposes them to distressing experiences. Some may even deliberately choose challenging life circumstances to comprehend the divergence from their original soul blueprint.

Maintaining alignment with Divine Love and Light remains crucial for Blueprint Deliverers. Succumbing to disillusionment can render them bitter and challenging to interact with, as observed in various contexts.

To serve as effective spiritual messengers, Blueprint Deliverers must preserve their clarity and shield themselves from the negativity they encounter while assisting others.

Blueprint Deliverers’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

Blueprint Deliverers possess insights into optimal job fits, career trajectories, and social roles for individuals. This unique gift serves as a valuable contribution to society.

Individuals embodying this role often face challenges in relationships, particularly during their youth. These difficulties align with their purpose of understanding misalignment with the original blueprint, allowing them to later assist others with gained wisdom. Empathy is extended toward their experiences.

As previously mentioned in the post on Blueprint Technicians, it's important not to be disheartened if relationships established by Blueprint Deliverers diverge from conventional norms.

Blueprint Deliverers’ Challenges in Career and Finance

The success of Blueprint Deliverers in their career and financial endeavors hinges on their ability to maintain a clear awareness and memory of the original blueprint. When adhering to this, they demonstrate remarkable proficiency. Furthermore, their realistic and pragmatic approach allows for the potential to excel as entrepreneurs, leading to natural abundance.

However, when they succumb to the bitterness prevalent in the world, they invariably encounter challenges. They might attribute unfortunate events to mere luck, yet, in reality, they unknowingly attract such circumstances themselves.

Blueprint Deliverers’ Role on Earth

Messengers serve as catalysts, playing a pivotal role in enabling transformation. Their absence might impede or slow down change, highlighting the significance of their contribution.

Earth is currently amidst a profound transformation. Blueprint Deliverers emerge as leaders, guiding and steering the masses through this impactful process of change.

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December 28, 2009

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