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Starseed Series: Procyans

Starseed Series: Procyans

Starseeds: Procyans

Procyans, as rare starseeds, possess distinctive traits that make them easily discernible if encountered.

Limited information exists regarding Procyans due to their scarcity, resulting in minimal discussions about their origins.

The specific star from which Procyans originate remains uncertain. The name 'Procyan' has been mentioned, although upon cross-referencing with known star names, the closest match appears to be Procyon.

Procyans and Breatharianism

The home star of Procyans emanates brilliant, luminous light, hinting at their preference for sunny climates. Those identified as Procyans tend to reside in sun-drenched regions such as Florida, Hawaii, California, Arizona, and India.

Sunlight holds vital importance for Procyan well-being, as they naturally absorb its energy, much like the subconscious assimilation of nutrients in digestion. This inherent process fuels Procyans' vitality, positioning exposure to the sun as a necessity rather than a luxury.

Intriguingly, this solar reliance mirrors a form of breatharianism, a lifestyle centered on deriving sustenance from light. The evolution towards becoming lightbodies, discussed in relation to broader light spectra beyond sunlight, suggests potential lessons from the Procyans for human evolution.

Given their solar energy absorption, Procyans exhibit a reduced need for excessive eating, maintaining a naturally slender physique. Appreciative of their physical form and the sensations it provides, many Procyans excel in athletic pursuits. Notably, several individuals of exclusive Procyans origin pursue careers in the fitness industry, showcasing their inherent athletic prowess.

Additionally, there are accounts of Procyans possessing enigmatic and captivating eyes, although without personal visual verification due to the distance nature of the readings. Consideration of requesting photos from Procyan clients may offer further insight into this intriguing aspect.

Procyans’ Ideal

Procyans embody an appreciation for the present moment, urging a focus on simple joys like basking in sunlight, relishing physical activities, and recognizing the goodness in life often overlooked amid hectic schedules. Divided into two groups based on their purpose on Earth, these beings originate from a star system that implemented isolation measures following Hadar's invasion by negative forces.

Individuals from Procyans residing outside their home star, such as Earth, fall into two categories: volunteers collaborating with other starseeds and those stranded outside the protective shield due to its implementation. Those who volunteered hold a strong commitment to aiding others and emphasize the importance of embracing life's pleasures. However, Procyans who found themselves stranded may grapple with a sense of purposelessness in their Earthly existence.

The recent policy shift in the Procyan home star, lifting the shield, has stirred excitement among its inhabitants. Many feel an unexplained exhilaration coupled with an urgency to complete ongoing projects before returning home after their current lifetimes. Unlike certain Pleiadians, Procyans display a tendency to see through their present life cycles on Earth.

It's worth noting that when stating, "Procyans plan to return home after this lifetime, marking their final incarnation on Earth," it doesn't impose an absolute departure. Free will remains inherent, allowing individuals, including Procyans, to choose whether to stay or leave. However, attachments to earthly life might predominantly stem from the mind rather than the soul's desires.

Procyans’ Gifts

Many Procyans exhibit strong psychic abilities, characterized by a unique kinesthetic form of psychic power.

Psychic and spiritual development is commonly linked with tranquility, such as through meditation to quiet the ego's chatter, enabling one to listen to intuition. However, a prevalent issue arises when we perceive our physical bodies as inferior to our spirit.

The reality is that our physical forms possess untapped abilities and serve as a gateway to the spiritual realm. Ultimately, all physical entities consist of energy—the essence of spirit.

Procyans offer a distinctive perspective in traversing this path to spiritual development. They serve as catalysts to transcend the dichotomy between body and spirit, bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.

From a practical standpoint, many Procyans demonstrate a penchant for exceptional physique and athletic wellness, reminiscent of ancient Greek culture.

Procyans’ Challenges in Loving Relationship

In Procyan life, the perception of "challenges" differs significantly, reflecting a distinct approach to adversity. This starseed group may grapple with a sense of being unique, potentially experiencing inner isolation and a lack of understanding. This sentiment is common among starseeds due to their minority status on Earth, yet it can be particularly pronounced for Procyans, who are exceptionally rare and may not encounter others of their kind.

The Procyan starseed group, while rare, is not alone in its uniqueness. Other uncommon starseed groups, such as Spicans, Arcturians, and certain subsets of Blueprinters like Blueprint Designers and Blueprint Changers, exhibit similar rareness. However, the understanding of these groups is a work in progress.

Procyan individuals appear to value loving relationships greatly and are presumed to excel as partners. Yet, an excess of sexual drive might potentially pose a challenge within this group.

Procyans’ Challenges in Career and Finance

Voluntary Procyans exhibit a strong inclination towards assisting others, often manifesting in entrepreneurial ventures. Their affinity for freedom frequently draws them towards freelance work over corporate environments.

Procyans maintain an open perspective regarding finances, unlike many who harbor apprehensions discussing money, leading to financial strain. Procyans comfortably engage in money discussions, treating it as any other topic. Despite not necessarily being affluent, they demonstrate generosity, possibly viewing it as a means of mastering financial dynamics.

Procyans’ Role on Earth

Procyans offer a distinct perspective on Earthly existence, advocating that life isn't inherently a struggle but rather a journey filled with accessible joy akin to sunlight. This unique soul group can serve as a catalyst in transcending our dualistic perception of body versus spirit. Encouraging a more physical approach to spirituality, they highlight activities such as eating habits, exercise, and intimacy as integral parts of our spiritual journey. Contrary to some religious teachings, Procyans emphasize that our body's sensations are not inherently 'low.'

This perspective represents a different understanding of existence that challenges conventional beliefs. Further insights or contributions from individuals identifying as Procyans or thoughts from others on this unique soul group are welcomed in the comments section for a broader discussion. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.

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January 12, 2010 

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