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Starseed Series: Nihals (Indigos)

Starseed Series: Nihals (Indigos)

Starseeds: Nihals (Indigos)

Nihals and Indigo Children

Nihal, located in the constellation of Lepus and also known as Beta Leporis, remains shrouded in mystery regarding its native existence due to its recent arrival on Earth's plane. Adult Nihals are a rare sight, with an increasing number making their way to Earth in the past two decades, often referred to as indigo children.

The term "indigo children" originated in the 1970s through Nancy Ann Tappe. However, its precise definition remains ambiguous. Tappe, who experiences synesthesia, associates indigos with the life color indigo (dark blue). In her book, "The Indigo Children Ten Years Later: What's Happening with the Indigo Teenagers!" she distinguishes life color from the aura. Synesthesia, a condition causing sensory perceptions to intertwine, allows individuals to see or hear smells, or even sense touch. While some consider this a brain disorder, others view it as an advanced cognitive process.

The term "indigo" has created confusion among many due to differing perceptions of life colors. Some associate it with individuals having indigo auras, but this interpretation remains unclear for most who don't perceive auras.

The understanding revolves around indigos being highly psychic souls currently incarnating to aid humanity's evolution. Symbolically, the indigo color links to the sixth chakra, known as the third eye, enabling perception beyond physical sight. Those attuned to this vision tend to express truth directly, functioning as innovators and trailblazers, unswayed by societal norms or compromises.

Observations suggest a connection between these indigos and beings from Nihal. However, it remains uncertain if all indigos are from Nihal or vice versa, although a significant correlation appears evident.

Nihals’ Ideal

Individuality and strong self-esteem characterize the Nihals, who also exhibit a profound commitment to global betterment, evident even in their youth. Caregivers and parents of Nihals should regard them with respect akin to young adults, avoiding attempts to control them through fear, guilt, or shame-based tactics, as Nihals possess an astute awareness of such strategies.

In "The Indigo Children Ten Years Later," Jennifer M. Townsley, Ed.D., shares an anecdote about first graders in an art class. When asked, "What are you here to do?", their responses reflected remarkable maturity:

  • Contributing to the world's good
  • Absorbing knowledge before departure
  • Effecting change
  • Building friendships
  • Assisting others
  • Embracing enjoyment

Their profound understanding of life emanated through their gleeful and enthusiastic responses. However, when redirected by their teacher, asking, "What are you here to do at school?" the children's enthusiasm waned as they were guided to provide more constrained answers:

  • Spell correctly
  • Listen attentively
  • Avoid conversation
  • Sit quietly

Such restrictive approaches do not resonate well with Indigos (Nihals). While the precise purpose of Nihals remains a mystery, the children's initial responses perhaps portray a glimpse into their vision of an ideal world.

Nihals’ Gifts

Nihals demonstrate a heightened psychic sensitivity that allows them to perceive the concealed fears of adults, often leading to challenging circumstances. This unique perception sometimes leaves many Nihals disheartened by the realities of the world. Despite this, their psychic abilities are regarded as a profound gift both for themselves and the world they inhabit.

Additionally, Nihals face distinctive health challenges. Preceding their mass incarnation on Earth, early Nihal forerunners were dispatched, now adults experiencing considerable difficulty inhabiting physical bodies. They frequently grapple with perplexing chronic health conditions that might benefit more from energetic treatments than conventional medication.

In contrast, recent Nihals seem less susceptible to such health struggles. Nonetheless, numerous indigos among them receive diagnoses of ADHD. The speaker, not a healthcare professional, expresses uncertainty about the ADHD diagnosis and its treatment, expressing hope that Nihals are not being treated solely due to their differences.

Nihals’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

Exploring the Nihals' character reveals a deep sense of caring often juxtaposed with a lack of familiarity or naivety regarding social norms. This unique trait can pose challenges within their social circles, offering an alternative approach to interpersonal relationships, free from conventional constraints and centered on individual distinctiveness.

The scarcity of adult Nihals limits insights into their romantic involvements, thus limiting comprehensive observations in this area.

Nihals’ Challenges in Career and Finance

Individuals identified as Nihals often encounter challenges with authority figures due to their inclination to question established norms and resist conformity merely for the sake of societal expectations. Their unconventional perspectives and lifestyles often hinder their integration into corporate environments and their compliance with hierarchical structures. Starting their own business might be the most suitable path for Nihals, leveraging their inclination to innovate and disrupt established systems.

Nihals seem to possess a purpose of dismantling ineffective paradigms, not only within their professional realm but also within broader societal constructs. Given the significant role work plays in their lives, it could be mutually beneficial for both Nihals and society at large if they choose the path of independence, challenging and reforming outdated systems.

Nihals’ Role on Earth

With the increasing incarnation of Nihals, a transformative shift in societal dynamics emerges, challenging traditional structures that delineate individuals by age, gender, and social standing. This period of dismantling signifies the essential phase in ushering in the New World, albeit accompanied by discomfort.

Observing the maturation and evolution of the younger generation of Nihals promises to be a fascinating journey in shaping the future of our world.

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March 24, 2010

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