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Mary: Stop Looking At The Path Of Others

Mary: Stop Looking At The Path Of Others

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARY!

Once again I bring my mantle with me, but I bring a mantle for each of you who are here at this time, and I place it over each of you.

It doesn't matter who you are. It does not matter whether you are of the Light or not; My mantle is available to all and I will always love you all equally.

The time you are going through is a turbulent time when it seems as if a great cauldron is boiling inside your bodies. I can see many here responding, "Why the cauldron? A cauldron is for a witch, a sorcerer, and I am not that. Notice how you put the force where you do not have to put it. A cauldron is any object that can be filled with water and boiled; Why does it have to be a witch's cauldron?

And then I ask you: Are all sorcerers and witches evil? Many of you were witches or witches in previous incarnations. Why so much judgment? I'm not going to change my image; It is a cauldron, boiling, beneath each of you. What happens when it boils? The water turns to steam and rises.

Then I will increase this cauldron; It has no water, within it are all the feelings, everything you have lived, all the energies generated. So, this cauldron is boiling and the energies are rising and will continue to boil until there is nothing left to sublimate. What happens when energies sublimate and rise? They take over your consciousness and somehow you will have to deal with them, you will have to look at them and depending on your choices and decisions they can disappear; Transmute and no longer be part of your cauldron. Or not; You can solidify it again and it can return to the cauldron, only with one difference: it comes bigger, stronger, deeper.

So right now, you are dealing with very strange feelings, with feelings that you don't understand, with feelings that make you doubt whether you are really on the path to the Light. And how do you know? Not running away from those feelings, but looking at them without fear. They may look ugly, they may grimace, but they are the fruit of your conscience. So, who's in charge? Well, look at them with Love, with tenderness, and you will see how they lose their strength and become small and easy to solve. Or don't, put more fear and anger on them and they will become little monsters. The decision is up to each of you.

My sons and daughters, the cauldrons are boiling, drawing out feelings, and rest assured that you will encounter so many horrible feelings, and you will say, "No, this is not mine!" I'm sorry to tell you that it is, and you just have to look at it with Love and affection, and it will simply disappear when you understand what it meant.

My sons and daughters, many obstacles will appear along the way. Look at them with resignation, with acceptance, with the understanding that the world does not revolve around you, that this problem may have been caused for a lesson, not for you, but for the other. And unfortunately, you were in the path of that other and received a little of that lesson. So, if you accept, you understand, it's okay, you collaborate with the lesson of the other; Now, if you receive with anger, shouting, complaining that lesson that was not yours, it will become yours too, because you have attached yourself to it, you have joined the lesson of the other. Now you have 2 problems: dealing with what did not happen for you and with the feelings you just generated.

So, when things don't go the way you imagine, don't complain. There is a conspiracy in the universe for everyone's journey. Your journey is intertwined with the journey of many and the lessons of others come to you; It's up to you to get involved or not. If you accept it and let it go, then it didn't hit you; Your ego couldn't make you believe it was meant to hit you. You understood that it was just a setback and that the other person is the one who needs to learn something, not you.

Oh yes, I would say that you learned to realize that the world does not revolve around you, that many times setbacks are not for you, but that you have to learn to accept them, to understand the side of the other. Try to think about this, before judging, before criticizing the other and end up absorbing a lesson that is not yours, it is the other's.

So, I go back to the cauldron. The feelings are there, coming out, all of them, and I would say sometimes they all come out at once, and it's hard for you to deal with all of them. I say again that you ask for our help so that we put some things back in the cauldron and you can take care of each one in due time. But you forget. All you do is complain and get angry because you can't take care of everything at the same time. Too many problems at the same time is a sign that you try to carry everything alone. Ask us for help.

Here we are. I am not going to tell you that we are all the time doing nothing, sleeping in a hammock, as Miguel says, waiting for your call for help, but I can assure you that when we hear your call, it will be our priority; and we will be willing to help you. Ask us for help and we will put some cold water in that cauldron so that it boils more slowly and you can face everything that is happening calmly and calmly.

Do not judge yourselves, do not despair because so many problems appear. They need to get up to leave and the right way to say goodbye is to look at them with Love, with affection, with acceptance, Not with anger, not with judgment.

I can assure you that none of you are having an easy time. Some are fine, but every now and then something comes up that still needs to be resolved; Others are totally caught up in everything that is emerging from the cauldron. Each of you is living your moment. Each of you is living your evolution.

It is a pity that many, instead of looking at themselves, look at the other, look at the path of the other. They criticize, judge, attack the other, when the time is to look at oneself, understanding that if the other is doing something wrong, he will reap the rewards ahead; It doesn't need your judgment, your criticism, you’re pointing. Each one reaps what he sows. Now, your judgment, your criticism, your pointing will surely hit him, because you have thrown an energy at him; Do not forget that this energy, according to the form and intensity you have emanated, will return to you. No matter when, but it will come back.

So, what good has it been for you to criticize the other? You are only adding more negative energies to your cauldron, which I assure you, must be very full, because if it were empty you would no longer worry about the other, you would only look at yourself, at your path, which is what every son and daughter of this planet, at this time, must do.

It doesn't matter what you think, what you think in relation to the other; Nothing will change in relation to what you think, because it is the other's walk, not yours. So, look at your path, forget the path of the other. You haven't learned it yet. Remember, there is a boiling cauldron, vomiting all the feelings that you need to transmute, and when you judge and criticize the other person, this is another feeling that will go to that cauldron of yours, because you have invaded the energy of the other person, you have emanated something bad in relation to the other person and this will come back to you, to your cauldron. Is this good? Ask yourself if you're removing feelings from your cauldron or adding more each day.

My sons and daughters, everything is going too fast. Look at your own ways, forget the ways of the other. No matter how much in your conscience you think, believe, that the other is wrong, it is not your problem, it is the problem of the other; He will be attracting to his cauldron the actions he makes. So, stop filling yours; Take care of what you already have there. Don't increase your problems. Don't forget.

Everyone must take care of their own path. And I'm not worried if the word "cauldron" seems strange to you or not. I feel the energy of some. Do you judge me or do you judge the speaker? It is my word and I bring it here and now to test each of you. How far do your beliefs go? How far does belief go? How far? Start listening to what we say from the heart, otherwise every day more doubts will enter your mind.

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Angels and Light Therapies
Vania Rodrigues

Founder and Owner of Canal Anjos Luz e Terapias, Projeto LACAM and Um Toque Colibri, totaling more than 110,000 subscribers to my Youtube Channels, in which I share Channels and Messages received from various Beings of Light.
Founder and Director of the Nova Gaia Association - NGO in order to bring Christ Consciousness to the hearts of all.
Training: Magnified Healing® Course, Professional Radiesthesia, Crystal Therapy, Facilitator and Akashic Records Reader, Reiki - Level 3A and 3B -  Access Consciousness® Bars Practitioner

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