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Sacred Gaiametry


All is energy!

All is vibration!

All is frequency!

All is geometry!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes."

Marcel Proust, 1871 - 1922, French novelist


"Living in the world without insight into the hidden laws of nature is like not knowing the language of the country in which one was born."

Hazarat Inayat Khan, 1882 - 1927, Sufi

Sacred Gaiametry: Sacred Geometry for Personal Transformation

By Jim Albani

In our reality, energy, vibration or frequency all range from a high of God/Goddess to a low of matter. Rising from matter we have levels of sound, light and the unnamed; which may include intention. All of these are organized in patterns and these patterns are the essence of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is the organizational basis of all that exists, has existed and will exist.


Found within these patterns are both two and three dimensional shapes which carry archetypal memories. The pineal gland holds the memories of these archetypal experiences and serves as an 'akashic record' within for each of us. The akashic records are often described as a huge library in the ethers containing all of the experiences of all souls through all incarnations. The pineal gland is the master gland containing all of the records for an individual's various incarnations.

For some a study of sacred geometry is a study of sacred sites such as Machu Picchu, Tikal, the Great Pyramid or Serpent Mound. For others it is a study of architecture found in the churches of Europe. Still others explore sacred geometry to travel to other dimensions.

The wisdom of the Masculine Mystery Schools of Geometry combined with the Feminine Mystery Schools of the Earth create a variation termed Sacred Gaiametry (Gaia being the feminine form of Geo). Gaiametry studies the patterns of sacred geometry and pulls the power and meaning of those dimensions into our lives now. It is a fifth dimensional experience best described by looking at the concepts of third and fifth dimensional ascension. In third dimensional ascension we die and go to heaven whereas in fifth dimensional ascension we bring heaven to this earth walk. Thus, Sacred Gaiametry brings other dimensions to this 3D reality.

Sacred Gaiametry is supported by the seventh ray and is described by Djwhal Khul as the "ray of the Divine Ceremonial." It provides insight into the true meaning of "Law and Order by governing the relationship between spirit and matter and the working of the one through the other." Seventh ray energy is connected with the channeling and expression of the Life Force into and through substance of all kinds. St. Germain is the ascended master guiding the seventh ray.

Sacred Gaiametry takes the Universal Law "As above, so below. As below, so above," and restates it to say "As inside, so outside. As outside, so inside." This fifth dimensional understanding recognizes the 'god within' each of us and the 'knowing' that all work begins within each of us. We must heal ourselves first and this experience, in turn, will heal others.

A few of the shapes and forms to explore and experience are: circle, vesica pisces, tre-vesica, platonic solids, star tetrahedron, and star octahedron. The circle teaches us of the principles of unity, equality and expansion. Many cultures celebrate this form with circle dances, medicine wheels and council meetings.

The vesica pisces has many teachings. One is the relationship of surrender, trust and gratitude.  It is also a model for growth and healing --- birth and renewal.


Detachment and the 'witness position' are illustrated by the three intersecting circles of the tre-vesica . Detaching from ourselves and others and witnessing our interactions as a neutral third party is a needed mastery for the evolution of our minds.

Each of the five platonic solids carries special teachings. The tetrahedron invokes the power of manifestation and the cube grounds that creation in our bodies and this reality. Our core heart is found in the octahedron as an expression of self-love and compassion. Prayer is invoked in the form of the icosahedron. The twelve faces of 'God within' are discovered in the dodecahedron.

The star tetrahedron is a wonderful metaphor for us to work with and understand.It is two tetrahedrons joining and becoming one. One of the tetrahedrons represents heaven and is moving downward while the other tetrahedron represents earth and is moving upward. As they become one the star tetrahedron is formed with an octahedron internally present. The octahedron is the symbol for our heart.Thus, the metaphor is: "Heaven and earth join to form heart." Each of us is a star tetrahedron. A combination of heaven and earth whose expression is us, expressions of heart.

The number thirteen plays an important role in Sacred Gaiametry.  Buckminster Fuller's demonstration of "closest packing spheres" illustrates twelve spheres strategically placed around one sphere. All twelve touch the 'one' and all of the centers are equidistant from the center of the 'one.' The concept of 'twelve around one' manifests itself in many different ways: the twelve apostles and Jesus, the twelve meridians around each of our bodies, the twelve signs of the zodiac around each of us, and many more.

Four of the five platonic solids radiate the number thirteen. The cube and octahedron have twelve edges or lines surrounding one center. The icosahedron has twelve corners around one and the dodecahedron has twelve faces around one.The only solid not supporting this is the tetrahedron and when two tetrahedrons are joined (star tetrahedron) there are twelve edges around one.

Sacred Gaiametry explores all of these concepts and then brings it into this reality. Each form, each teaching, each realization and each experience asks:"How can I use this information on this earth walk?" As our journeys expand, our remembering is initiated.

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