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The Cube (hexahedron) naturally corresponds to Earth. It is stable, the basis of western architecture and salt crystallizes into cubes. It has six faces, making some groups attribute it to Tiphareth. The six faces naturally fit the sephira, and can of course be linked to the planets except for the sun, which is placed in the centre.

Another natural link is the folded out cube, which forms a cross.Unfolding Cube

Hexahedron - the matrix of Light in the body of form, this geometric is a quaternary of the "Foundation Stone" embedded in the principle of earth as a nesting of the human experience within the spiritual/physical universe. The cube gematria conforms to all things which are spatially equal in their parts (metaphorically and symbolically as well as physically). It therefore sets the standard of inserting Spirit into form in perfect equilibrium.

Hexahedron - The Central Core of the Cube - this is the "Light Zone" where all forces of the complete geometric unite and become a living flame of the Greater Universe. It is this core that connects the "Foundation" on earth to the "Foundation" in heaven. The outer edges of the planes of the cube serve to ground the "flame" into the realm of substantiation.

HexahedronThe eight corners of the cube neatly correspond to three complementary  dualities. When two dualities interact, the four elements are created. Now the four elements are dualized again, and we get eight corners representing the relative absence and abundance the each element. This is naturally dual to the faces of the octahedron. In the same way the six faces correspond to the six vertices of the octahedron (i.e. meetings between two quadruplicities). It is however not possible to arrange the three quadruplicities along the edges to enclose whole faces without overlaps. Does this signify the imperfections and limitations of the material world?

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