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An Astrological Overview of January 2023

An Astrological Overview of January 2023

As the editor of the Astrology Arizona newsletter, I compose an overview of each month. Today we take a look at the primary factors for the month.

The Overview for January

This year the month of January is a swirl of activity divided into two halves; the first half when Mercury is retrograde and the second half when Mercury is direct.

During the first half, it makes several aspects to other planets as noted above; during the second half, it makes the same aspects but in direct motion rather than retrograde. So we get two different angles on the messages, signs, and signals Mercury is sending us this month!

Along with Mercury retrograde, the big news is that just a few days after the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 17 Capricorn on January 7, Mars finally goes direct at 9 Gemini and begins to re-trace the shadow zone span from 9 to 26 Gemini a third time which will give us all a sense that things are moving forward. Hopefully what we’ve learned about a healthy Mars in Gemini expression in our charts will be made manifest in positive ways! As Mars is ruled by Mercury all month, and Mercury’s in Capricorn, the sign of Mars’ exaltation, this should be an excellent month for organization, reorganization, and renewal of our group intention and effort.

This month brings another period of maximum compression of planets between Capricorn and Gemini, which is not as narrow as those of past years where all the planets were compressed in a span less than a trine! The inner planets in Capricorn and Aquarius this month are now entering the outer planet occupied zone of Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Aries, and Uranus in Taurus, so regard this period as a time of spiritual harvest for the year.

We stand on the threshold of renewing the yearly cycles of each of these outer planet spiritual heavyweights between January and May, so don’t be surprised when some things end and a new focus of spiritual energy begins. The inner planets transiting the outer planet span is a time to pull the energies inward for the next few months, with the Moon the key to effective expression. When the Moon is between Capricorn and Gemini, we’ll feel more “enclosed,” whereas when the Moon is between Leo and Scorpio, it will be the focus for all the other planetary energies as a nozzle pointing us to right action.

Remember this month is under several influences which began in late December. We had the second Mercury/Venus conjunction this year just hours after Mercury went stationary retrograde at 25 Capricorn. As that is the degree theme for all of 2022, and the degree of two Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions in 2020, this month brings us insights, signs, and signals about the seeds of expansive purified energy planted then which we’ve been practicing ever since. The Mercury conjunct Venus fused the rulership energies of our Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Libra sectors in a new cycle of Mind and Likes. This Capricorn energy will be very dominant in what manifests in coming months.

Besides the above influences, January is under the influence of both the Solstice chart and the late December New Moon at 2 Capricorn, helping us to see the truth of things and the need for wise use of power. The honesty of our Primal Innocent archetype has been on display since then, coming to some public expression at the Full Moon of January 6 at 17 Capricorn/Cancer. That will assist the New Moon energies to shed inhibitions and reconnect productively with our way of contacting Source set into motion about 2 months ago.

When Jupiter entered Aries just hours before the Solstice, we launched into a new era which is flaming on quickly, renewing its fiery expression and accelerating like a rocket ship on its way to transiting its May 2022 conjunction point with Mars at 4 Aries between January 14 and 20. That conjunction began a 2 year cycle of learning how to enjoy life more naturally on our own terms. Once it transits 4 Aries it’ll be on its way to another major long term healing and mentoring cycle when Jupiter conjuncts Chiron in March at 15 Aries, setting a 12 year cycle into motion. Jupiter moving through Aries gives an Aries backdrop to planets we have in Sagittarius and Pisces, as well as the houses where we have these signs on the cusp.

Saturn is now at the end time of its transit of Aquarius. Its entry into Aquarius between March and July 2020 shook up the world and galvanized us to action. Its re-entry in December 2020 preceded Jupiter’s entry into that sign by a few days, and their conjunction then created the Grand Mutation at 1 Aquarius. That conjunction ended a 200 year Earth era and began a 200 year Air era, and set the social-cultural conditions for the greater Aquarian 20 year era now developing.

During all of 2021 and 2022 we’ve been learning how we want to contribute to a greater future-oriented vision, and how to manage our feelings and our individual spirituality. This month Saturn continues to crystallize what we need to learn about the second half of Aquarius, with the theme of “Management.” Its October station encouraged us in November to rise to some type of urgent need, “emergency,” or “an exaggeration of life problems.” The first week of January is about training, the second week is about finding genuine dispassion and using our past experiences to teach others, the third week plus a few days is about being consciously volitional rather than reflexive in our responses, and the last week is our final exam in the skillful use of spiritual energy.

Planets Slowing Down, Speeding Up, or Shifting Signs

January shows all of the above in major ways! This month Mercury slows down through January 7, then speeds up. Venus remains at maximum cruising speed, Mars goes direct and slowly speeds up from here, Jupiter’s accelerating by the day, and Saturn’s picking up speed. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all direct and also speeding up. On January 18, all the planets will be in direct motion, with none going retrograde until Mercury’s next retrograde which begins in mid-April.

In January only two planets change signs. This month the Sun, ruler of Leo and Cancer, will give us two (Capricorn and Aquarius), and Venus, ruler of Taurus/Libra, will give us three (Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces). By March, we’ll see SIX planets changing signs in one month!


Mars begins the month slowly speeding up as it prepares to go stationary direct at 9 Gemini. It’s going to be in Gemini through late March, so adapt! Mars in Gemini is versatile, but can get too spread out in “multi-tasking” mode. Expect that a lot of things on hold before now will finally begin to move forward, slowing but surely. Expect to continue to demonstrate good juggling skills, with a theme of being a Zen archer, sure in your aim as a result of your training these past few months.

Mars is activating the house(s) where we have 9 and 10 Gemini. The blessings of this Mars retrograde period are the long running tredeciles and trines to Saturn in Aquarius, showing that time, maturity, and patience are our allies in receiving serendipitous gifts and opportunities. Mars made the first biseptile to Saturn in late August, followed by the first tredecile in early September. They settled into a trine from mid-September through mid-December when they again made another tredecile for the rest of the month.

January begins with Mars tredecile Saturn, followed by a powerful biseptile for the rest of the month. Expect major turning points, choices and changes related to any planet you have near 23-27 Aquarius, 15-19 Aries, 7-11 Gemini, 29 Cancer-3 Leo, 21-25 Virgo, 12-16 Scorpio, and 4-6 Capricorn. The time trigger will be the period when Venus conjuncts Saturn and both are biseptile Mars, involving the rulers of half of our houses! Some of these “forks in the road” will manifest quickly when the Sun and Mercury transit the Aquarian zone in February.

Because Mars is still retrograde in early January, keep it slow and focused, taking a look back via Mercury to see what needs to be reorganized or re-thought in some way. Some things we began in late August, September, and October have been “put on hold,” giving us chances to revisit and/or rework what we need to before we can resume action this month and move into the next phase in March.

The entire month (except January 31) Mars is in the first decan of Gemini, ruled by Mercury with an extra dose of Jupiter. Because of the favorable aspects from Venus the first three weeks of the month, expect very favorable connections and easy interactions, especially for planets we have in Air and Fire signs.

Because Mars occupies only 9 and 10 Gemini the entire month, it will agitate those with planets between 7-12 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This will revert back to the usual movement in February, when those with planets between 11-19 of those signs will be agitated.

Because Mars has been in Gemini for many months, the position of Mercury has been and continues to be important in how Mars expresses its energies. As noted earlier, Mercury in Capricorn brings a very favorable organization and discipline to Mars, since Capricorn is the sign of Mars’ exaltation, or “grounds of greatest growth.”

As I’ve offered before, when Mars is within a degree of forming or separating from a hard aspect with a planet, slow down and show deliberation and caution in how you use force. Hard aspects to/from Mars always require that we moderate or antidote impulsiveness and impatience.

Sign Focus

This month the sign focus is on signs within the outer planet occupied zone. The first two weeks has a heavy Capricorn emphasis which immediately shifts to more of an Aquarian emphasis. While Mercury maintains a Capricorn energy through mid-February, when the Sun enters Aquarius, we’ll begin a major concentration of that Air energy.

The end of the month shows Venus heralding this year’s Pisces experience. So we’ll continue to have at least one planet in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, with the primary emphasis on Capricorn and Aquarius.

We’re Actors On A New Stage With A New Set

As I mentioned earlier, the Grand Mutation of Jupiter conjunct Saturn at 1 Aquarius began a new 20 year Aquarian Era in December 2020, as well as a new 200 year Era, moving global energies out of Earth and into Air. We’ve begun to grow beyond the materialism of the past 200 years and have entered two centuries of Air emphasis, with its qualities of relatedness, receptivity, versatility, movability, lightness, and cooperative ideas, visions, and ideals.

The 2020 Solar eclipse on the Summer Solstice has accompanied a grand reorientation where we have been accepting new allegiances and life directions, while the December 2020 Solar eclipse at 24 Sagittarius is still helping us remove blocks to our happiness. The June 2021 Solar eclipse at 20 Gemini has facilitated the end of irrelevant and extraneous ideas from our decision making process, and the extremely beneficial Total Solar Eclipse at 13 Sagittarius in December 2021 gave us a promise of major gifts and unique interactive opportunities which will be perfect for whatever we need. Rewards have come and more are coming these next 3 years!

We’re still "under the beams" of the Solar Eclipses we experienced in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, and these “cosmic recyclers” continue to remove all that we no longer need in our lives. Take note of where you have 1 Cancer, 24 and 13 Sagittarius, 20 Gemini, 11 Taurus, and 2 Scorpio, since 1 Cancer aligns us with a larger reality, 24 Sagittarius helps us find happiness, 13 Sagittarius gives us a new identity and love, 20 Gemini removes what cannot be assimilated or communicated, 11 Taurus will help us remove “weeds from our garden of Life and Mind,” and the recent one at 2 Scorpio is helping us release attachments from the past as we enter a more complex social experience.

Last May’s eclipses with Sun in Taurus have begun to shut down old value systems in that sector, as well as the Scorpio sector via the May Full Moon Wesak Festival eclipse. November’s Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 17 Taurus/Scorpio is helping us tap our spiritual power and focus it through our “hearing our inner God” and allowing our Higher Self to transform our lower self and worldly expression. You can find out more by going to the articles posted not long ago.

As we study how successive Eclipses have affected various areas of our charts and lives, we can get a sense of the utility of these “Cosmic Recyclers” in removing what we no longer needed in those areas, creating a void which attracted new life experiences. They invite us to look back, and then forward, to see the continuity of “letting go, taking in, letting go, taking in” across the years.

The Grand Irrationality

In January, the 7-pointed “Star of Destiny" I’ve termed The Grand Irrationality is in play when Venus forms a septile to Neptune and biseptile to Uranus during the first 6 days of the month. These will activate all 7 zones, making early January very intense as we move through the interactive choices and changes indicated by these aspects. This will be replicated by the Sun when it transits late Capricorn and early Aquarius.

All of the septile-series 7th harmonic aspects from the inner planets to the outer spiritual planets represent turning points at the hard edge of revolutionary change we’ve been going through for a while. Obviously, this is activated every time the Moon moves through one of the seven “hot zones” of this evolutionary configuration. All septile-series aspects are irrational points representing “forks in the road of destiny” in any larger cycle. If you have a planet or point near any of the seven zones, your life is sure to be affected. In December these zones are around 1-5 Aquarius, 22-26 Pisces, 14-18 Taurus, 5-9 Cancer, 27 Leo- 1 Virgo, 18-22 Libra, and 9-13 Sagittarius.

During the periods these 7th harmonic aspects are in play, if things get weird or crazy, be clear about the choices you’re making. While a lot won’t “make sense,” it doesn’t have to; just be clear about what you’re doing and why. Even though there may be interactions with unreasonable or irrational people, we still have the power to respond in productive ways.

As with “hard” aspects to and from Mars, if that planet (or really any planet) is involved in any non-rational aspect, whether one to our natal Mars or transiting Mars making a non-rational aspect to one of our natal, progressed, or solar return planets, it’s a time to be cautious during the period when the aspect is within a degree of forming or separating. Things have a way of getting strange during 7th harmonic aspects, so those are times to be especially deliberate and thoughtful in choosing our responses.

Primary Action Beats for the First Half of the Month

January begins under the influence of the late December New Moon at 2 Capricorn, putting the spotlight on that house in our charts. That New Moon was on a degree of protecting our work from life’s random destructive forces. We are “narrowing all things to their point of greatest personal significance,” and learning what we want to demonstrate to our world. Coupled with the square to Jupiter, this month is about finding what role(s) we want to play, and keeping the initiative in our own hands.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the first half of the month Mercury makes aspects while retrograde, and then the second half of the month Mercury makes those same aspects while direct. Don’t be surprised if some of the returns promised by Mercury retrograde seem very familiar, because they will be! We have a trine to Uranus all month, as well as a quintile to Neptune. This is very favorable for getting accurate signs and signals from Spirit.

The first week begins with Venus conjunct Pluto and Mercury sextile Neptune. Pay attention to your inner voice and when in doubt, remember that postponing is not the same as abandoning something. The Sun in a waning square to Chiron tests us to show how we’ve been mentored, or is a culmination and turning point in our healing process going on at 12/13 Aries. Venus enters Aquarius on the 2nd, followed immediately by the Moon’s entry into Gemini. There are a lot of extremely favorable aspects in play January 1-5, so make the most of them!

The 5th brings Sun trine Uranus, powering up and illuminating the understanding being triggered by the month long trine to Uranus from Mercury. The 6th brings the Full Moon, with themes of shedding inhibitions and embracing a form of growth. As the Full Moon occurs about 14 hours before the Inferior Conjunction of Mercury with the Sun, Cancer/Capricorn is the axis of awareness, cut into a sextile and trine by Uranus, opening a favorable void at 16/17 Scorpio. This initiates two weeks of illuminated group work focused through a self-nurturing integrative growth.

The second week of January opens with some very favorable Lunar aspects coupled with Mercury exactly trine Uranus. This will be a very beneficial time for those parts of us represented by planets in the middle of the Earth and Water signs. January 9 brings Venus trine Mars, anticipating the Sun trine Mars at the end of the month. The 9th also has two quincunxes and an opposition to Saturn, creating an off-set “dual pulse” Yod with the Moon as the nozzle. Because the Sun is conjunct Pluto and both are in wide sextiles to Neptune, it creates a spread of “Finger of God” energies affecting almost the entire last decan of Leo!

The Moon’s in Virgo January 10, 11, and 12, with a square to Mars on the 10th, so keep calm and carry on. The Moon makes favorable Grand Earth trines on the 11th and 12th, coupled with Mars going stationary direct, which marks a sea change in the pace of what we’re doing. We have Sun sextile Neptune on January 13, with mixed energies from Moon in Libra square Mercury and opposed Chiron, challenging us to integrate the energies in terms of what’s needed and what’s not. The Moon trine Venus leads to quincunxes with Uranus and then Neptune before the Moon trines Saturn on the 14th, just before Venus squares Uranus and the Moon squares the Sun and Pluto. Go slow, take it easy, and make adjustments before the unexpected arrives.

Primary Action Beats for the Second Half of the Month

The second half of the month begins the Moon in Scorpio forming interlocking off-set Yods as the nozzle of Mars sextile Jupiter and then later that day sextiling Mercury with Mars as the nozzle. That should be excellent for spiritual breakthroughs on every level! Mercury quincunxes Mars on January 16/17, with a heavy atmosphere due to the Moon square Saturn on the 16th.

The mood will feel much different with Moon in Sagittarius Jan 16-19 as Mercury finally goes direct on a degree of attunement with our invisible helpers. We’ll all be given a technique to attune emotionally and/or socially with the invisible world which will help us attune to “All That Is.” Of course, that Mercury direct station will be a very heavy time as the Sun conjuncts Pluto at 29 Capricorn, a technical degree of personal spiritual power expressed through a group work.

January 20 brings the Sun’s entry into Aquarius, again illuminating and powering up the themes of the Grand Mutation at 1 Aquarius. We’re all being led into work which will outlive us if we choose to participate in the emergent Aquarian collective field. And just as Mercury quincunxed Mars on January 16 while retrograde, it makes another exact quincunx while direct on January 20. As the quincunxes take place from 9 Capricorn to 9 Gemini, productive growth can be found in eliminating the obsolete and doing forms of repair work, as well as focusing our emotional intensity creatively to use our “spiritual Breathwork” to create beauty or express our sense of it.

The fourth week of January brings the New Moon at 2 Aquarius, the same degree Saturn went stationary retrograde in the Spring of 2020! The themes of that New Moon involve being “galvanized to action” through “spectacular developments” which may be challenging, and are definitely electrifying. That will initiate 4 weeks of exceptionally productive work which furthers the Aquarian ideal taking shape in our lives.

January 22 brings Venus conjunct Saturn and Uranus going stationary direct! As always, be careful a couple of days before and after the Uranus station, as these are major points of shift in the invisible spiritual field. Venus is the first inner planet to conjunct Saturn this year, setting the year theme of these blended energies. As it happens at 25 Aquarius, in all relationship and money matters this year, be less instinctive and more volitional. Choose how you want to respond rather than allow your feelings to lead you to that response.

Uranus going direct is a big deal. It’s on a degree we’ve dealt with before, which is about “braving the storm” to build character. So the good news is we’re almost done with our “character building” lessons which began the Summer of 2021. There is no bad news.

As Mercury and Mars are now in forward motion, things should be moving along quite nicely, even if adjustments and sacrifices have been required up to this point due to the two-week long quincunx between these planets. January 24 shows Sun sextile Jupiter, with very favorable aspects from Moon in Pisces that day, and in Aries on Jan 25-27. January 26 features Venus’ entry into Pisces, its sign of exaltation, promising more empathy, depth, and compassion in our Venus experience of late January into February.

The end of the month is very favorable on a practical level, as the Moon in Taurus makes great aspects on January 27-29 accompanied by Sun trine Mars, favoring all planets we have near 8-12 Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. The month closes with the Moon in Gemini making a run of very favorable aspects, so get a lot done!

Evolutionary Development

This is the twelfth month of the North Node in Taurus era! We’re now in a time of our greatest development coming through the sign of appreciation, value, and enjoying the best life has to offer. The recent eclipses are already assisting us in letting go of strong feelings related to the past, as well as all which blocks us from going deeper into our connection to Source. With Taurus growth and Scorpio release, keep it simple and steady, showing what you know by releasing what needs releasing and attracting what needs attracting.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries in late May began a 2 year adventure in opening to new ways of enjoying life and new freedom to be as authentic as we need to be. This month our wise friend Saturn continues to help us manage Aquarius energies in our lives, with training, transformation, conscious choice, and the final exam on the skillful use of spiritual power on the table. This will be a turning point type of month, with the potential for major accomplishments.

As planets in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus this month and next, it will bring tests of effective use of how we dealt with the two years of non-stop friction of Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. These squares challenged us to see what mattered and what didn’t and eliminate all which was irrelevant to our greater role to play in the future. The square helped us build heart strength and focused spiritual expression, and be aware of our inner Spiritual Warrior which can never be overcome.

Our recent Aries initiatives will expand quickly in early 2023, and this month helps us quicken our pace as we rise to the promise of a wider view and greater life adventure. Everything leaps forward this month, with the first dawn of the 2023 Aquarian lessons and challenges brought by Venus. The Mercury retrograde will give us a look back at our achievements since 2020 with a promise of greater things to come.

The Sun in Capricorn is a time to see the Light of “claiming our responsibilities to the tribe” on material, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of life. This is a sober sense of our power in a societal context which gives us a sense of investment in the larger group work we’re doing. What was bound in Scorpio “explodes into space” In Sagittarius, and is crafted into forms of personal power in Capricorn.

As Capricorn is the 12th sign from Aquarius, it represents the harvest, the karma, the motive, and the completion of Aquarius, where the ideal achieved sees what will be brought into the future and what cannot be brought into the future. We now explore our ability to “take charge” of something with public or group significance. The personal power we find and practice in Capricorn is what creates the substance for the new Aquarian expression. Since both signs are highly active this month, enjoy finding ways to make more significant contributions to a greater group work.

The promise of the 2022 Aquarian energies are now being fulfilled, and the larger Aquarian pulses that were set into motion in 2020 will be renewed in the next few weeks. This completes the Aquarian lessons of 2022, with a lot of productivity happening now as prelude to the rapid developments to come in 2023. Because Jupiter is in Aries, face the future and don’t clutch as things rapidly accelerate. This broadens the Aquarian vision through direct action, and guarantees us a rapid expansion of awareness in our Aries sector in 2023. We are unique sparks of Light which are part of the greater infinite Light Field. The vision of 2021 has now manifested in a new iteration, with new visions and harvests coming the next few weeks.

As we’re now at the end of the second year of a new 20 year and 200 year cycle, remember a new era has dawned. Have courage and take the initiative to leave the Earth and fly free into the Air of what’s opening as the Grand Mutation expands its promise into the Divine transfigured ideal of a more just truth and future. This month brings the promises of greater adventures to come as we continue to build strength and resilience and demonstrate gratitude for all we have and all which has brought us to exactly where we are, for better or worse. In any case, we stand at the end of the Pluto in Capricorn era, and soon will begin to experience the dawning of the coming Pluto in Aquarius era.

The 2022 Capricorn and Aquarius transits began a new chapter of utilizing forms of personal power in Capricorn to serve the emerging Aquarian ideal. A huge part of the past died earlier this year and a new expansive inspired energy came in via the Mars conjunction with Jupiter in Aries. Capricorn and Aquarius transits fulfill what began in Aries, and re-set the long wave Saturn in Aquarius lessons at this end of the beginning of the new Aquarian 20 year era.

Our wisdom is taking shape through our power to attain freedom of movement despite limiting conditions. We have been through a time of finding “spiritual linkage through emotional stress” and “the blessings which come after the end of old ways” since June, and now stand on the threshold of transfiguration. Find your heart strength and open to finding new forms of genuine happiness appropriate for who you are now, and who you are becoming relative to just a few months ago.

Our wisdom is taking shape through our power to attain freedom of movement despite limiting conditions. We have been through a time of finding “spiritual linkage through emotional stress” and “the blessings which come after the end of old ways” since June, and now stand on the threshold of transfiguration. Find your heart strength and open to finding new forms of genuine happiness appropriate for who you are now, and who you are becoming relative to just a few months ago.

We’ve ended many things and began a new expression these past six months; the past is over and we all have begun our trek into a new world of new potential, new adventures, and new ways to enjoy being ourselves while, doing our work of Destiny. Open to the abundance of the process of growth, since we are all on a rocket ship to the stars!


Since I also include this in the newsletter, I’ll offer it to you here:


SUN – 11 Capricorn to 12 Aquarius
MERCURY – 24 Capricorn back to 9 Capricorn then forward to 17 Capricorn
VENUS – 28 Capricorn to 6 Pisces
MARS – 10 Gemini back to 9 Gemini then forward to 11 Gemini
JUPITER – 2 Aries to 7 Aries
SATURN – 23 to 26 Aquarius
URANUS – 16 to 15 Taurus
NEPTUNE – 23 to 24 Pisces
PLUTO – 28 to 29 Capricorn
CHIRON – 12 to 13 Aries
TRUE NORTH NODE – 12 to 9 Taurus



(Bold entries are the ingresses, stations, and lunations. Non-bold are significant aspects.)

MERCURY STATIONARY RETROGRADE; December 29 at 25 Capricorn
VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO; December 31 at 28 Capricorn
SUN SQUARE CHIRON; January 1 at 12 Capricorn/Aries
SUN TRINE URANUS; January 5 at 16 Capricorn/Taurus
FULL MOON; January 6; Sun 17 Capricorn; Moon 17 Cancer
MERCURY TRINE URANUS; January 8 at 16 Capricorn/Taurus
VENUS TRINE MARS; January 8 at 9 Aquarius/Gemini
MERCURY SQUARE CHIRON; January 11 at 13 Capricorn/Aries
MARS STATIONARY DIRECT; January 12 at 9 Gemini
VENUS SQUARE URANUS; January 14 at 15 Capricorn/Taurus
MERCURY QUINCUNX MARS; January 16 at 9 Capricorn/Gemini
MERCURY STATIONARY DIRECT; January 18 at 9 Capricorn
SUN CONJUNCT PLUTO; January 18 at 29 Capricorn
MERCURY QUINCUNX MARS; January 20 at 9 Capricorn/Gemini
NEW MOON; January 21; Sun and Moon at 2 Aquarius
AAZ Meeting; January 21
VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN; January 22 at 25 Aquarius
URANUS STATIONARY DIRECT; January 22 at 15 Taurus
MERCURY SQUARE CHIRON January 27 at 13 Capricorn/Aries
SUN TRINE MARS; January 29 at 10 Aquarius/Gemini
MERCURY TRINE URANUS; January 29 at 15 Capricorn/Taurus
SUN SQUARE URANUS; February 3 at 16 Aquarius/Taurus
VENUS SQUARE MARS; February 4 at 12 Pisces/Gemini
FULL MOON; February 5; Sun 17 Aquarius; Moon 17 Leo

Again, please consider joining Astrology Arizona to get all this and more delivered to your email inbox at the beginning of each month. And members get to advertise their business on our website for free!

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Reprinted on with written permission from Robert Wilkinson. Copying this article to other blogs is strictly prohibited. It is copyright protected. 

© Copyright 2023 Robert Wilkinson


© Copyright 2023 Robert Wilkinson -

About the author:

Robert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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I want to welcome all to drop by our Facebook page at Astrology Arizona and join the social media initiative going on there. Please feel free to contribute a topic, ask about a topic, or anything else related to our new group. See you over there!

Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith written persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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Sun in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius

An Overview of Sun Sign Characteristics for Sagittarius At the heart of Sagit... Read more

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