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The Jupiter Return : When Will Yours Happen?

The Jupiter Return for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces - When Will Yours Happen?

We’ve now moved from radically expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius (November 2018-December 2019) into the Jupiter in Capricorn year, lasting from December 2019 through December 2020. Everyone has had a Jupiter return in the past 12 years, and everyone will have another one at some point over the next 12 years.

Yesterday I explained what may occur during the Jupiter return, and some of the things Jupiter brought me during my 2010 Jupiter return. I offered a bit about what Jupiter in each sign since then offered us, with the hope that if you have had a Jupiter return in the past few years, what I wrote may give you a fix on what renewed and when.

Please study the sign qualities of your natal Jupiter to know more about what you can expect to come forth when your Jupiter return happens. On a related note, Jupiter’s expansive principle that opens wider doors during the times it conjuncts itself can also be applied to the planets in your chart. By noting when Jupiter conjuncted the various planets in your chart, you can see the varying cycles of expansion for each part of YOU that are happening at the same time.

Every part of us is at its own phase of expansive development! That’s what happens when Jupiter conjuncts any of our planets. Each part of us has its specific and unique 12 year cycle of growth, expansion, finding truth, and knowing when it’s time to end.

Also, remember that Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces, and therefore has a primary influence on the houses where we have these signs, as well as any planets we may have in these signs. When transiting Jupiter changes signs, it changes the lessons and energy around those houses and planets. Based in our own natal positions, we also feel a shift in how we experience and express those signs and houses in our lives.

Now we’’ take a look at the dates of Jupiter's occupation of the signs. If you were born during one of these periods, you had a Jupiter return at each subsequent period.

It should be easy to see how these times marked major shifts in your life direction. It could have affected anything symbolized by Jupiter, such as your view of your future, the lodestar of your life, or where you knew you had to seek a greater set of opportunities and a more free existence. You would have learned and responded according to your Jupiter sign, in the life area (house) occupied by your natal Jupiter.

As an aside, these approximate 12 year cycles can be seen in terms of 4 quarters, or "seasons." The 3 years after a Jupiter return begins the pattern that emerges from 3-6 years after the conjunction. 6-9 years after the conjunction the wave culminates in a public way, and the last 3 years of the cycle are the harvest, breakdown of the old forms, and closures/rewards that prepare us for a new Jupiter cycle.

I discuss this “whole cycle” in detail in my book Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend, Those of you who already have the book can find more about these “stations” at the conjunction, squares, and opposition in Chapters 6 and 7. All you have to do is substitute Jupiter’s qualities for the Saturn qualities described in those chapters to see how the Jupiter cycles have played out in your lives.

The following time periods are somewhat approximate. I chose to begin with the 1920s since most who were born before that are very old or dead. I closed with the position 5 years from now. If you fall near the beginning or end of a period and are in doubt as to where your Jupiter is, please consult an ephemeris, astrologer or the many websites with free chart calculation service:

Those with Jupiter in Pisces were born during the following periods: 1-6/27, 9/27-1/28, 5-7/38, 1-5/39, 11-12/39, 4/50-9/50, 12/50-4/51, 3/62-4/63, 3/74-3/75, 2/86-3/87, 2/98-2/99, and 1-6/10, 9/10-1/11. Future transit to come: 5-7/21, 12/21-5/22, and 10-12/22.

Those with Jupiter in Aries were born during the following periods: 6-9/27, 1-6/28, 5-10/39, 1-5/40, 4/51-4/52, 4/63-4/64, 3/75-3/76, 3/87-3/88, 2-6/99, 10/99-2/2000, and 6-9/10, 1-6/11. Future transit to come: 5-10/22 and 12/22 to 5/23.

Those with Jupiter in Taurus were born during the following periods: 6/28-6/29, 5/40-5/41, 4/52-5/53, 4/64-4/65, 3-8/76, 10/76-4/77, 3-8/88, 12/88-3/89, 6-10/99, 2-6/2000, and 6/11-6/12. Future transit to come: 5/23-5/24.

Those with Jupiter in Gemini were born during the following periods: 6/29-6/30, 5/41-6/42, 5/53-5/54, 4-9/65, 11/65-5/66, 8-10/76, 4-8/77, 12/77-4/78, 7-11/88, 3-7/89, 7/2000-7/01, and 6/12-6/13. Future transit to come: 5/24-6/25.

Those with Jupiter in Cancer were born during the following periods: 6/30-7/31, 6/42-6/43, 5/54-6/55, 9-11/65, 5-9/66, 1-5/67, 8-12/77, 4-9/78, 3-4/79, 7/89-8/90, 7/01-8/02, and 6/13-7/14. Future transit to come: 6/25-6/26.

Those with Jupiter in Leo were born during the following periods: 7/31-8/32, 7/43-7/44, 6-11/55, 1-7/56, 9/66-1/67, 5-10/67, 2-6/68, 9/78-2/79, 4-9/79, 8/90-9/91, 8/02-8/03, and 7/14-8/15. Future transit to come: 7/26-7/27.

Those with Jupiter in Virgo were born during the following periods: 8/32-9/33, 7/44-8/45, 11/55-1/56, 7-12/56, 2-8/57, 10/67-2/68, 6-11/68, 3-7/69, 9/79-10/80, 9/91-10/92, 8/03-9/04, and 8/15-9/16. Future transit to come: 7/27-8/28.

Those with Jupiter in Libra were born during the following periods: 9/21-10/22, 9/33-10/34, 8/45-9/46, 12/56-2/57, 8/57-1/58, 3-9/58, 11/68-3/69, 7-12/69, 5-8/70, 10/80-11/81, 10/92-11/93, 9/04-10/05, and 9/16-10/17. Future transit to come: 8/28-9/29.

Those with Jupiter in Scorpio were born during the following periods: 10/22-11/23, 10/34-11/35, 9/46-10/47, 1-3/58, 9/58-2/59, 4-10/59, 12/69-4/70, 8/70-1/71, 6-9/71, 11/81-12/82, 11/93-12/94, 10/05-11/06, and 10/17-11/18. Future transit to come: 9/29-10/30.

Those with Jupiter in Sagittarius were born during the following periods: 11/23-12/24, 11/35-12/36, 10/47-11/48, 2-4/59, 10/59-3/60, 6-10/60, 1-6/71, 9/71-2/72, 7-9/72, 12/82-1/84, 12/94-1/96, and 11/06-12/07. Most recent transit was 11/18-12/19. Future transit to come: 10/30-11/31.

Those with Jupiter in Capricorn were born during the following periods: 12/24-1/26, 12/36-12/37, 11/48-4/49, 6/49-11/49, 3-6/60, 10/60-3/61, 8-11/61, 2-7/72, 9/72-2/73, 1/84-2/85, 1/96-1/97, and 12/07-1/09. Current transit to come: 12/19-12/20.

Those with Jupiter in Aquarius were born during the following periods: 1/26-1/27 (same stationary points as 2009!), 12/37-5/38, 7/38-12/38, 4-6/49, 12/49-4/50, 9-12/50, 3-8/61, 11/61-3/62, 2/73-3/74, 2/85-2/86, 1/97-2/98, and 1/09-1/10. Future transit to come: 12/20-5/21 and 7-12/21.

Enjoy tripping through your various life renewal periods. Jupiter symbolizes life's adventure toward ever greater horizons, truths, and freedom. It is that within us which always sees a wider view and a greater possibility. If we embrace the best of our inner Jupiter, we'll definitely live a very exciting life!

Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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